THE FEED: Friday July 20th

Friday, July 20th

Today in THE FEED: An alarming number of millennials are experiencing home buyers remorse, Harry Styles did something EPIC for a fan during the final stop of his tour, the tragedy that took place in Missouri on a tour boat, and Kaci Jones from News10 NBC joined us to give an update on the manhunt that's currently going on in Livingston County...

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PX life has what do you need to go to start yeah. This is CE. Yeah ninety PXY millennial and exactly jumping for joy after purchasing their homes. About four intends already are homeowners according to a news survey done by bank of the last it turns out that 68%. Are feeling some buyer's remorse. Almost double the amount of baby boomers who say that they have regrets not hurt the home of the biggest reasons overspending on a down payment. Apparently went through millennial cited ticketed their retirement accounts the paper there homes. Not ready to buy a home if you have to dipping your entire gain as you know that there's I've never been a financial advisor would say yeah latest. Retirement Social Security but. The reason and understanding ongoing costs. The millennial understand basic costs like your heating and electric bills that many Phil to consider how much time and money. It could take to mow the lawn cleaning house ordeal with a leaky faucet another random things that break him. Man and then I'll snow settling for something. That's just not right what it finds that they were frustrated by damages they found after moving in well Ali said they discovered the house didn't end up working well for the family. Is why you have like that person come and look at the house of free events like this that's. Things like badly usually is Jen yeah and I am maybe there is so excited about the house and and and install and illustrate its. It's old and preventable falls over yeah. Well on the final stop of he is she wearing Harry styles did something pretty epic. Mid concert Harry noticed a stand with an eye catching sign in the audience the sign read quote I'm come out to my parents because of the left. Gary addressed the stand personally in the crowd asking if he could read the poster allowed. And then ask don't read the girl's mother was to reach Europe led their mom was at a hotel. Few miles away so then pretending to address the fans mother Tina Geary said this. The fan in the audience shared her mom Tina its response to coming out on her Twitter tweeting your mom was quote overjoyed. And says that yes I do love you and you can be whoever you want three also made this comment to the fan I. Big bat out he said we're all a little bit gay rights to which the crowd erupted in cheers and applause which does. A lot about where we are as a society. Well we certainly come a long line and ginger although I didn't put it in perspective he Clinton said pretty much anything and it would have you Terry Stotts net. You can. But out of it we have a long way mean especially just. In the past ten yeah yeah actually this weekend is Rochester Pratt is the threat parade I believe is too much. Outlining asserts a 1 o'clock tomorrow. Hi this is very sad story out of missourians eleven people were killed. And several others are still missing after a tourist ride the ducks boat carrying 31 people including children capsized and sank yesterday evening. And video you may have seen it circulating online show gut wrenching episode shows the two duck boats. Rocking and tilting committed thunderstorm that turned the lakes ripples in the huge waves there was actually people. That were out filming and watching as the boat went down. Okay. Officials say that one of the votes made it back but the other sank like jackets were on board but it's unknown whether people were wearing them or not. A severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued is in Princeton shortly. About a half hour before the boat capsized dive teams are currently on the scene and six people are being treated at a nearby hospital. It's just a terrible story. Hobble a manhunt is still under way. As of Wednesday this has been going on since Wednesday for a man considered armed and dangerous. It started in Livingston county. David Clyde at Morgan a 49 year old from Wilmington, North Carolina reportedly. Pointed a gun had an officer during a traffic stop on route 63 in Genesee hill on Wednesday. According to news ten NBC an evil did a cornfield hasn't been seen since. The manhunt is urgent in part because the man hasn't violent past a sheriff told reporters the guy's serve time in prison and has had weapons charges. Civilians are instructed by police not to approach the guy if you think you see him call 911 and he could very well be dangerous you don't wanna. I messed around with that residents of Genesee are encouraged to keep their doors locked and Sunni Jetta CEO engine and the Genesee a school district. Canceled classes and activities yesterday. While the investigation was going on other female passenger who was in the car with Morgan is in custody and will face charges it's unclear at this time what kind of charges. And deputies and swat teams are still. Searching. Really all over the place the search has expanded beyond Tennessean he could be anywhere at this point. Yeah and not get a little more into this wanted to bring on Casey Jones of news and NBC good morning. And that low. Casey we gotta get updates on this story Livingston county this manhunt continues to to go on. So what is that the search Bellic an abrupt like the police helicopter and pulled out all the stops it should find this. Lights NA you know we were talking earlier and he does have a violent history so ask you know of course authorities are are very worried about him being on a list right now. Court yesterday they grow. Up eight bad people out of that we're like. If it. These are leaning up looking at that they're not bad but let it out the air it battered. Now they're at the court you are there are areas that ilk. There's a lot of places where he Indian air they're not hot at it it act where yesterday they are you. Wooded areas aren't via. A lot but actually they clear area actor redo it is an improved that area. That make it more difficult. And it didn't violate history east that are more than fourteen years and it 211 on. Yes I'm bored Europe art is keen was let out on parole black art. Oh. And that was it. Active we know that he was living in North Carolina. Anytime you leave this state without permission girls that apparently you know we have have. At the now police believe that pot that there are a warrant out for rack which is why eat the box so quickly. So Casey authorities have a of course Ben advising people and did a CO2 was to lock their doors on no classes were canceled at the college. And nine summer school at high school. App and if that could be anywhere they did. The act is that is an idiot it and they a lot of your listeners out there police you don't want people who. Stay on the alert. And it's expected. About five. How he ball. Mean is it. He had if caught that. Anybody who catalog like. It is better they are active morning I'm out here. Is that pretty that this is the way that although her. It in the BO but they're the man who are the flag meat now. And yeah at 4:30 in the morning that Apple's big red black army that ball. Yeah eighth spot wow I didn't care. And I caught. It is at it requested they spent about deputy as the area where eight it is I need. But they're they're not bad about it. They want it on and it it eat on. That really terrifying I can't believe you you had had an encounter with I mean you know attack potentially. So is are we now. We aren't open their equipment that was and I really really weird that somebody that I had. And port there in art he said was. Yet I would route I'd edit it out on. So I was I was gonna ask you know what the current search area is now could because there was obviously Genesee yesterday. But how is it like has it opened up now to a large. Definitely yes hey open that they and they got out without. Adding it is they're in and out or is that they an alcoholic cop out or it and there. All of that. Didn't I don't they're making other areas accord. Today. I believe belated update this year was that they're not at any major wrote quote that hat yesterday. He was but they are an amber will be rolled out on dateline. Looking for an at will that they what areas they're hot but again. I mean didn't it could be anywhere by now that a lot of. A lot of dark is. How it went in that group so you know we could be anywhere but the there will definitely expand it. On state tilts and again I get those tapes and if you do you think he spotted him outlets in KC Jones news NBC these latest update. On the manhunts that began at least accounting. Could be an or at this point and a case that he's what's tickets dot. Tiger right but.