THE FEED: Friday August 17th

Friday, August 17th

What you NEED to know to start your day! 

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PXY as what you need to go to start your day. Since this is CE. And earlier and ninety PX lying meal is coming but still very sad day yesterday Aretha Franklin passed away. At a home in Detroit the age of 76 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Her death was expected for about a week or so and loved ones and celebrities rushed to her bedside to comfort her and pay their last respects. Frankly is survived by her four sons but legacy of course live on forever one of the most iconic singer's. Ever. IR and a lot of people are of course doing tributes talking about what her music meant to then the and then there is these two guys from Virginia getting emotional few of the very emotional they were to barbershop in Suffolk Virginia. And heard about a read his death. Right after it happened. And that led to an argument between the two of them about whether Halle Berry should player and a movie about her life. The argument escalated quickly ended up getting physical at 10:45 AM less than one hour after everything had died. One guy shot the other one YE. Why not really sure exactly who did the shooting that was the gas Halle Berry should play her in the movie guy or no holly Berry should player in the movie guy. Either way the guy was shot was taken at a hospital in serious condition at a golf course it's arrested now as for their debate about the laid back and when he eleven. Read this and she wanna hide very good player to movie about her life but now you said that she couldn't sing well enough to do it justice cell lines. But the movie still development at this moment not a lack. Jennifer Hudson got the okay sounds like it and he knows the. Little would've been very very easily avoided the the little blunt search. Could go now they don't stop that shooting I can't all right Pete what's been. Whatever are still zip is like making power who is right now starting eighth actually I sort of but it's got no this is real lives is not big news is deadlock has flattery with a Japanese fashion brand. To make light of hats aprons backpack and see any tax. The collection will be available online August 20 but the preceding it at right now in purse in Iggy Pop up shop in Japan. I'm from up. August 15 to September 11. What's your life yet or yeah I'm looking. Kayak right now to see what the LA I can absolutely see you. Doing that I can go eighty rocking a zip lock mini pack. Come Labor Day I'm gonna be dat but you that you need to go to Japan to do is make your own I know I talked about that Alex sell it out on the streets like not conference. Puzzle or you go. It doesn't global hills some people sell those search advanced US zip lock clothing. Yeah in accessories it seems like a genius idea to name sound exciting news for the Rochester area the opening day has been announced that the new expansion. The Seneca park zoo. Construction is almost complete for the animals of the savanna exhibit. It'll officially opened to the public on Thursday September 13 of this year this is the second major project in phase one. Of the Seneca park zoo expansion plan violating animals the savanna exhibit is a new five acre area of the zoo and will feature animals from the African Savannah. In addition to giraffes and zebras digs it will have I ask just. A southern white rhino but wait for money favorite. The naked mole rat there could be a star I'm telling you right now gonna be the star of the entire exhibit I think it's impossible truly. Concessions area also. This party expands it will allow guests the opportunity to feed your apps. So McDonald's is targeting a millennial and trendy eaters with a major remodel and McDonald's announced that its plan to invest six billion to renovate and update all US restaurants. It's focused on him. Modernizing the decor and inventory the stores after the core McDonald's will install new furniture in exterior designs not only. Will McDonald's change it's appearance but it's also looking to make ordering easier with online ordering an island peppered Don in an eighty iPad that they have panera. So don't really stepping up their game here well let's meet fast food and answered fancier I now and I feel like the girls are gonna go out like. It is easily taking a picture and happy meal at. Then I. What filter was the best for adamantly think I don't know blood in the app that's as good or so.