Everything is Offensive: Peter Rabbit the Movie

Tuesday, February 13th

Is the backlash and call for a boycott of the Peter Rabbit movie over a scene of alleged "food allergy bullying" another ridiculous example of how everything in 2018 is offensive or is it completely justified?  


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It's Steve PX line with Carter a Korea and honey PX lies great James Whitney Young in the studio with me this morning hey you can get ready fired up. During the volatile. Brady's receivers gotta get anger you might call the low outrage I'm genuinely outraged now. Purely outraged at this children's movie called Peter Rabbit. And it's important ocean land around him. I didn't see these incredibly sad I just need to keep wildlife outs where they belong instead yeah. It's a coupled with them angels this is that place. Forget these different but it won't play out this. He's got to go. Yeah. These studies is so classic. Tour yeah. I just wanna know why. Line one why they had to take this perfectly. Good in fuel or harmless children's movie yeah welcome Andrew and. And it Dave provided this movie that may 25 million dollars of the weekend about elect and that it was the biggest. Movie from the weekend but yet people are upset. People other torches they have their pitchforks they are ready to do battle there's actually a boycott being called for now. And it's only rolled over once seen one seen the little offensive well for people as bad if they say that. It encourages allergy bullying. And not just any allergy. Food allergies allergy is all the ones seen from this movie so apparently in the movie a group of Raddatz. Are throwing blackberries at the character of this or who is allergic to tell truth. Okay well you say it like that you know when you say that. What happens. I don't know how to use it Whitney let me tell. Everybody what really happened okay Sharia as the recent movement. Me. I mean I I just don't think. It's I think it's in port taste. In children's movie that is otherwise harmless and and nice and all of that. You were character is being bullied. Or having a food allergy and is in the midst. Can't galactic shock and your whole life threatening he now it's as if that's privatizing an optimum. Why is it funny to make fun of that why is it why is bullying a punch line in this I don't get it. This is best team Whitney. Ng cartoons. Forever. Pretty much forever Vick back Alley about this for a second about the cartoons we grow up quit or the cartoons before us think loony tunes that says this is example. This thing happen in there. If it was today if those were new rule. He'll be coming out public works say that coyotes need to be treated better because they didn't put stuff list. You'd think that more tallies were injured because of the cartoon. Like this is just how this works you do you really think that's going to be a problem that's gonna make. I saw them there Greg blackberries and mr. Greg Orton had to stand up and happy and volatile as I would that's my friends in the draw. You're basing your argument on the past and history right. Tapes as people. We go back and Kate you re not evolved because that's what we used to do based argument out. Still yes stick on the offensive there are a lot of things to be upset about. But this is one of them it's not funny I don't think bullying is a punch line I think it's wrong and I also. As somebody who has a very real fear of an eclectic shocks. This really hits home for me to you geographic penalties against no I don't which means I mean even pretty. It's content should be careful. About that Sony has apologized. Saying food allergies are serious issue that's right mission not a made light of them yeah even in a cartoonish. Slapstick way that you are. They are not saying it's OK to bully are over he's so stupid play another classic example of everything offensive. Ask you something the capture you and saint Courtney. And up married with children Rebecca. You feel if your child your queue already headed Childs. Guess they'll be read at catcher and iron glove I'm offended by that when you can't just assume because I have retirement total ever and have you know hoped it they had a son has a peanut allergy. And he gets me about the school playgrounds. And then some crying. And it's like that nothing yet the food allergy in the first place for. About that all have a conversation with him and we'll talk about it like at. Did you get that spot. Because they're big forced. Conversations but their kids when you saw that movie you can talk about the that incident you could say no little building little chilly know it's not allocated to that he's teaching moments with people are saying that should be a boycott it. They are there are running away from what the problem it's the fact that we don't talk to our kids enough how I use that at all. If you wanna the negative blood and at. Let's gets. Great day or not did teach anything your kid you're just gonna teach them to be angry like yeah. Defense. Why you might take a breath. OK you're very upset and I think that you're upset because your defensive in your defensive because you know that your. And best call kicks let's attacks on six and it suits Iran have you ever seen the movie on mrs. doubtfire. Yes Whitney do you did you like that movie. Mean that sounds like a loaded questions Donna. I mean I'm. Did you know. With the food allergy easy to bat. All of us he bullied or she believes yup I admit it couldn't know nobody would know. People don't ever but apparently that analogy and I've seen and and no one complaint about the bad thing it's not. About being me. It's cents or 222 and 9800 hello. Eckhard there are you know everybody get upset about those who I understand people you know you know that was certain things. But first of all the guys started being in the Bollywood the rabbits a few movies. Yeah and and the rabid right back with a hole. What is the story has. They stroke that we all got to get along and it and they are analogue so what inspires you and as. I hate all you have to have a dialogue for your kid at Denver bad. It is our hope I hope my goal late everybody you know all of that state arms that have slot but it could be. I've done it could be that I've beloved sport important AV. You bailed out of her dark. And a so deliberate acts don't. You sir are worries new best friend. Yeah I would hang out as you know your odds of. I mean yeah I'll to our I got it I edit the modality. Maybe editor rabbit through like they did something wrong. Well geez that's. We need to focus on the bad days and and rile everybody up out there. Are going to be politics are so bad. Exhibited are stupid of me.