Encouraging Your Kid vs. Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Friday, August 10th

We'd all like to think our kids can end up being anything they want to be, but we all know that's not the truth...

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Or she fielded a very difficult question. And there yes you'd figure out that midtown for the are white people party. Yes and got a little early and some of the you know people that there were kind of cleared out as as some of the young professionals at the academy. Yeah they're a little early you were a little late yesterday and Alia that street. Heard interaction between a mom and Stacy was there with a friend Betsy kids to do is probably 45 kids again and they're all single week. Fashion. And these kids are probably like. 789 ball below the one kids like I don't know lol can I stay young for. Says to his mom. Not a professional baseball player. And I and I it really caught my ear eye out as a blocking behind. And and take your bicycle. On here we go here comes with the talk right all the little Johnny you can do whatever you want to beat you work really hard you can be professional athlete. Oh wait she didn't. Know and no it shocked me which she said. What she said I think that's the actual perfect way to handle this in and spot elect UT TO 9800. This is probably something that you had experience with your kid offered me it was I want it to be in movies yeah same thing or at least to start. Never something that there's a very small percentage of that happened right her response. To her little son saying money cannot be professional baseball player. She kind of took a moment. Went. That's probably going to be a long shot. All. All I applaud her and I and Lu a water. I'm sure it wasn't easy to say bubbly because of course you wanna encourage your kids annually until they can do anything they can be anything but let's be honest with ourselves now. Poll paper yeah. Or seven inch via other being a professional. Actually it's so slim the odds are forever not in your paper and she knows her son yeah bright she's probably seen her son play baseball Ian. If he even plays yeah. Staged a lot right now I want launch because shouldn't rule out. So should get like destroy his true completely. Put things in perspective because you know me yes and you love how I like to set expectations. As the lowest possible yeah. We will launch that she said. Yeah definitely. That's something that that little kid might remember his entire life but also. The principal and the bench but Little League team. To make it. No doubt because I will say. As somebody whose parents now my parents were by and ugly it's no stretch of the imagination redeem the kind of parents that were like. Just do anything to your best yeah. I think it wasn't like that but they were kind of like. I you you know what. You can do it every you wanna do so. You're gonna have to work or whatever that I can live I like you can't you can't do whatever you say your mind see you had to whatever you work hard for. Somebody whose favorite movie is Rudy I know early years I now. I grew up dreaming of going to play football at Notre Dame we you could invite you to know early and don't work and no I don't have the DNA for I don't. Have been a body out of the good Z boy. And my parents knew the. And it's that told them the ball. Let me go out there and just get destroyed for eight years. Not at all. Alex scrawny or you know I was like I'm 61 and a half and when I was in high school I was this high annihilate about a 13500. All hi guys. That is insane. It's red belt then to see pictures that never I can't even imagine that yeah I know I gotta fund beard put some more though sensible that through the proud title of my parents and drew give me here I could be playing guys that completed Notre Dame to be in a tolerate what is the. This under an estate tax line six Audi TT Derek Jeter told his seventh grade teacher he wanted to be captain for the New York Yankees. It's teacher told him it would never have. Oh geez he was so proud to previous teacher on cell okay that's again that's different that's shutting down again if you're just joining right over and over interaction between a mom and her son kids probably 78 years old via and he said mommy. I wanna be professional baseball player kind of professional baseball player and she said that's a long shot six. Under go check it out faster now. It was that I shot a big difference between your parent giving you their response the dirt Jeter got a yeah. I'd never to have an anti terror. Are added to each area a little bit less of the the psychological damage coming here that what are your parents who supposed to support Leo yeah. The percentage it's OK so for NCAA senior players drafted by the NFL it's about one and 52%. Only make and that's if you can visit. If you play a professional sport are you play professional football to get there are fewer are as a senior and the NCAA. One in fifty. It's 2% if you already play if you already are at that level which even to get there OPEC is so ridiculously hard. My cousins who both of them have Ben they were the star at the one is currently in high school the other is in college there about the stars that they're. You know their high school football team soccer team at Sadr basketball team they play all sports do that you don't travel. And all that stuff and and the workshops in the summer camps. NFL my my one cousin who was in college. He is playing college basketball at Oberlin and I think he's doing very well but. He has totally come to terms with the fact that he's not gonna play it's gonna yet and and it's gonna and the land air and that there's no doubt. All that that right there's nothing. Let me it's amazing experience that he just because not doing it for your career. You know that doesn't that's not a problem. Wouldn't it be better to know like you're coming from everywhere you don't have that the genes for every you know he it's not your athletic background they've seen what he's like on the field already like now. I thought prodigy the probably not go at it but I just happened textile and throughput explicit text line six and 8220. That was a parenting bail her son if he plays just gave up on trying very. Ball. Not necessarily she's that was a long shot and it was an Oscar has so there's a way to say. Hey you're gonna have to work really really really hard media harder than most people as you don't. The natural inclination at added that if you're willing to put in all of that her mom you regularly. You're able to overcome the fact that we give you terrible deeds and your don't come and but you've got.