Elf on the Shelf Retirement

Monday, December 11th

Has your Elf on the Shelf not been moving around this year? Maybe it's because he's now retired! 


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Hey Corey and body PX lie and parents can you alarmed by a holiday tradition that might a little bit different this year. Is your health on a shelf. Not moving around I hope I know and on this Bennett thing for several years now making off the shelf. Swear its means and I'll be there to make sure that your kids are behaving so they can be on the nice list and all the toys from Santa. Right distant to let in well. That is why didn't she likes to move on to publish it spotted remark blogging and meg in the L flies back to the North Pole that Burnett's report back to Santa. Let him know what's up gas but there's there's I think that's happening when these elves. Megan there entering retirement age. Oh no I don't yeah others actually acts a one a woman from Illinois. Actually shared the letter that she got from Santa Claus yeah. Geez I knew this was coming happy and well and I know connect every that's really quick assurances from the desk. Of Santa Claus this is important this is very very important if you have help on a shelf and maybe. As we move around as much a recently missed the explain exactly why. Zelaya says Doug drinks from the North Pole. I'm very busy preparing for Christmas but I did wanna take the time to write you an important letter about your scout elf George elf. I think you'll be pleased as a permit to learn that George elf heady very very special Christmas wish this year. He has enjoyed you three girls so much this is to the the the woman's three children. Over the years that is only wish for Christmas this year was to be a real polite in your house. It was on the set you see Scott L sells to fly back and forth to the North Pole he sent to report to meet or something kind of new. When your mommy and daddy were little they didn't have Scott elves like George L beaten a few years ago I had a great idea and wanted to try using scout elves to help. We decided who was on the nice list and who was on the not. Right because as you know back then when our parents technology wasn't as an actor. Active you know that I'm sure that's got upload a how to walk up noble way else to report that canceled now I just fire that night. Ya I'm so he goes on and says George elf and all the other scout elves have been a big help. Some scout elves love their jobs on keep flying back and forth each night but just like people each elf is different. George elf one of more than anything to be played with like a real toy. He saw the excitement it. And happiness in your eyes each morning when you found him and he wanted you to be able to touch him to play with them like your other toys. He asked me if I could make this wish come true for this Christmas. And I said yes and Ollie yeah this was true. Sell. If your health may be isn't moving around as much this he or not at all. It's just because elves are entering retirement years than they just wanna be played with as always it's like the baby boomers about its attack. Happenings and now elves are going to retire yet so this would just always ends up to parents that yet don't freak out it's not a huge deal just explain that your kids that well. Georgia health or kill Al for bill elf for whatever else is this for. No parent you don't have to get up early in trying to find him wondering where seeing. These children in the hot tap ya mean like get ready to go to out of Florida with the other the other Skelton go to that capture the welcome Michelle retire at all. Exactly yup it's all on the shell being dumped just wants to Wear a B elf on the shelf wearing Tommy bahama shirt and that's what you ask so how many years why is it George the L on a shelf in commission official. Oh that's a good question I believe Georgia elf bomb all these these children are. Have had him for three years but I mean who knows what other families he spent if there's been assigned to. This is never recent sell Ari you get to work for three year. Travel all the time you see the world share again. And then retire to meet meet amazing people and then retire after three years what do you think the benefits packages you think they're universal health many of you are thought.