Eating Thanksgiving Dinner Out is Wrong

Wednesday, November 8th

Do you think it's wrong to eat Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant? 


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Yeah it's gonna become a couple weeks Rickey believed this already reached a hotly eat out on I think that's Turkey. Staffing costs and components Alan I'll probably have to make because linking him trust me when. No meant no mega now there's stuffing Turkey mashed potatoes and re fit that's and it you don't like Eddie Sutton gave to. And. Julie in Brussels sprout and a Thanksgiving dinners at the realistic game corn Brad is only so much room. Needed just a couple of bands involved it so I usually go about three helpings of the main floor so that right out like all that. So Dutch the other day I mean to suggest to Frontline and true is nine months pregnant. Putts out and she the one who always post Thanksgiving I had her place she's obsessed does it I don't know what to do because. I want cooked Thanksgiving for my at least I am not literally she's due at like that week after Thanksgiving how are we tough. So I'll. I need a suggestion. Shouldn't have to cook and do that nine months pregnant why don't you just go to a restaurant. And she. Looked at me like I had urged her unborn child's she was like. It's yeah well. Excuse me excuse me for our first majestic. View Thanksgiving dinner in nine months pregnant instead of going to a restaurant. I'm not a woman I'll never be pregnant but if I had the choice of cooking Thanksgiving dinner and islands pregnant vs going to a restaurant. Coca yeah writes. Well. Ever understood why it was epic in fact just looking at people were looking for suggestions of where to go for Thanksgiving just pleased that I'm Rochester that you an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. I am shocked mega I'm asked how he will do this 10% of Americans actually eat their Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. I think giving veteran struggled for only one splash and bad. I'm also on the side not a statistic cut 10% of Americans also have reference are scrambling to invent and they're okay thank. They think it. Perfect especially if you have the big thing lead to go to our strike everybody can get the day. Bonds but all the she stepped everybody has now one person's gluten free another person's begin this week another person doesn't like dessert and wants Turkey the other person only wants Turkey dogs are and it's just sell. Much hectic and ice and everybody is common spent time together and did I hit spot by a waitress. The law committee colleague traditionalists if you want to but the idea of having Thanksgiving dinner. In a restaurant sounds like the most depressing thing possible. Hey you can rationally family any time Thanksgiving there's something about not just the meal of course the meals fantastic that the meal is my favorite the entire year. But it's not just that. It's the memories it's the bonding it's it's the chaos. Happens when you have your entire family there in your in the house and everyone's doing their part you know like what I remember very distinctly when I was little my grandmother she was the one that would. Would get up at 5 o'clock in the morning start cooking and never will insert coming over and my mom would helps set the table and you know they're I would be picking up Turkey immigrant Brothers yelling at me for dealing in a it's so it's kind of memories that you're not gonna get. If you got to a broad. Strong let's I don't get to see my family that out because they're not here in in the Rochester area so we all I wanna be able to have like a nice com. Time and and enjoy being with my feet when it deals enjoyed that time because I don't get it that often. And when I go home for Thanksgiving. Half that time. Is me listening to my mom my cat swearing. Like. After some things how much time something's door to door trying to swap ends and going down the street to use my grandfather's other incidents like. Just a giants to Rex ball a little out yet I have. Again we just out. Everybody enjoy their food and enjoy time together without. Thanksgiving dinner I don't know any family who had stress free Thanksgiving dinner you do all the cooking years. But that's the good stuff that is the good that's another number. That's is so if you remember like you that you just it was like you were there you know. In your head is brutal like a bigger even tents are not thinking about it. Lest it says these memories there will be eager to remember for ever an all right so you won't have an ice com. Easy Thanksgiving dinner so yeah. You guys gonna extra time on because you're not gonna be occupied you know making the dinner and getting ready on time. For more discussions about politics perfect it's gonna be dragged. I don't hate that I would rather have that then I would have a calm discussion about politics and my family at W. Reaching out they can't find the ice cream it's a but he brought over the put in a different freezer. Or it's starting to melt on Clark they don't have the right and it's great. The cut that debt be because cut that daddy only lets orange soda we don't have more so now we only line so now I got some at Augusta are we not get ours is its cars out of the way down. Restaurants make it's they want but he's com east this is. So many good restaurants in Rochester. To giving dinner well. Look is this the compromise. If the chaos of having all that happened because you're making a meal more about catering it in having or delivering having delivery or whatever so the meals done for you but it still. See there's hot there's something about opening up your home to your fame your going to your family's home and having. This it's a do it all the tradition and that's a whole other thing it's not just stay up that stressful all of the cleaning all the throwing crap in the closet making sure everybody has their area picked up the date at a time that's an excellent yeah. All of that plateau. Without it really is that's all part of the tradition that's all part of it Gigi you ash Ricky and Stacy are team PX lie and you wanted to comment about having Thanksgiving. In a bed in a restaurant that radical even that's been. I'm I'm in the car with my wife right now I'll let you hear all Ers back at. Us. So they're coming from the person actually dug up in and also employees watching a ball. Do it at a rock struck it big night. I want that while it a great. I can't beat you all the shopping preparation. Book. You know and all that but I don't have to actually do all that the Brea be able to pick out. Don't walk away able locker burned out and watch football. You know spend time with your family but yeah. Tim Cook Moya donate your priorities are hooked up. Into perspective what is your right about this. I am not. I don't pay. Well yeah all of you're at it and that's going out you know crap I have a. Could it eat at its deal it speaks lebed saying is it's not just the meal. It's the entire process and it's the bonding it's you know my dad being indicated yelling at him members yeah. That's XX. Lovely experience your family it was a little mega those memories it's it's picking. We're ready immigrant father yelling at me for that. And wiping it may be giving it ain't got a hat and something out. Don't and I know it's a pain in the but added to cook my daddy doesn't sounds rats and if anything like Mike Finley but in doing so much more if we just. She. Restaurant which we don't really it's often anyway but here's the thing don't you appreciate that meal. More than any other meal of the year of course I did you know because I it's just going to. How much our family is the one like stressing about getting everything on the table on time and making sure everything's out on time and make sure everything's clean up the dishes are done and everybody's running around like chickens with their heads cut off on Thanksgiving went. Nice relaxing and we put in our family time magazine did that make it nice and relaxing or not the holidays are out. I. We've got to wait all what we do we've got to wait one or better yet they are being optimistic. They're. That should light up now in the year Geary on the pinata it is called in an. You know we we do what they do a great record Barry and I think if we don't do things right we went away with outlook that it barely but it our immediate. We got to watch the meat. It's great. And everything it would don't enjoy don't add up we all stole every year we all wait for it then they can't beat a B and Tripoli all operate doing. And don't regret the stage. At any different stopping. This year we goal weight per. Week go down the bullet or got it back here we come back in Albert like I'm there are out. In the year there we travel around government out. I have great upper one well that they are all born over a actually get sort of or. Thank god the. It would actually a great. Break it all work. Bellboy. Yeah it's a year due to nine. Day each that it Thanksgiving for our current party he got it currently. I actually they're here or there giving it I like our mother's side of the gambling adapt the the prepare the meal I am looking at me all were between when he argued thirty. They get better. I have a bomb why. You know hurt in all that and are they giving way. Are roasted Turkey point copying. The other half want me to use my eight cooking ability they Diana and fuel an agent right Byrd. By Fred bought it don't think I'm really doing two different type the guilt. Reported by the thirty. Holy crap and it brought in food allergies and some someone's begin this year and make sure. Currently Arab yet desserts for everybody look. Man like I. I appreciate your ability but I'd I don't feel sort of be free because he did this to yourself don't be so good at cooking.