East Rochester is Being Featured on the Show "Tanked"

Friday, May 18th

Friday night at 9pm an episode of "Tanked" that features East Rochester will air! 

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Gotta love it when Rochester makes some national TV happening later on tonight 9 PM on Animal Planet with the showed tanks which. I gotta be honest what my guilty pleasures. We have. It's gonna be featured on the this is really exciting east Rochester. Represented Michael 'cause skin on the phone that's right out good morning Dario. Rory ordered by Laura thanks for joining us we appreciate it so you are the order of piano works mall. And correct and because amazing story. You got on the show tanks because it's one of your favorites summing that you and your son who's five years old watch. That that correct and I went there. This is all he'll idea. Well you know I would I would I would out of all well and you're not without you know worked liked Utley is back out. Can I looked at the state where with that like everything I wrote about it. I mean it was a big democratic factored into our oral what they'll Rochester I had no idea. That it. It would be we await word for you. Though there were a lot at the boat up at the very little overrated for what it means that. Didn't. Should I looked at him and I hope. That's not a bad idea. He didn't have a good I mean. Little kids just look at it is it is give it to you straight. It and it out of the at a local bank this note that your coat your app later. You know that's a lot of repeat what they tell you that that's trees out there. Yeah epidemic are out I was on the show their for the repeal. And you know posh diet but it seems that route. You know since the popular will occur that we. Oh I can only imagine yes again east Rochester being featured. On the show tanks on animal planet's night at 9 PM on the piano aquarium at 250 gallons all statistic that's a feature that piano works right now on. It'll hit the books you know. You know we wanna have the upper orbit is epic that. It's unbelievable we have below all of the current. Reform. What is the type of that they'll actually get it but it worried that they thought this got us on a slower than what they. It's cool so the that allowed on board but I'd go to the restaurant the night to watch this show and you guys. Be it about. That there in Ottawa itself. At that at bat that. That's that's kind of allowed select senator did this thing action. I can't spot forward Rick everybody that the network does that though what what's going on there there will spread that out but there. You know I had a and I expect them. Now I just it's a couple. I thought I Michael begged the list for joining us again I don't know this at 9 PM tonight on Animal Planet he's Rochester being featured costs and you know were small which you can all of course go there and see the the functional piano tank is a while right.