Don't Force Your Kids to Hug Family

Monday, November 20th

People on the otherside are making the argument that this is disrespectful. How do you see it?


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They're alert for you don't screw up. The latest one. I never heard this before but apparently this has been bubbling under for awhile and a lot of parental experts thank mrs. this is true. You should never force your child's. Did you hug. Their relatives. Something that he probably as a parent. Paddle done at some point airline and. Especially on the holidays museum relatives that you haven't seen a lot of drag all. All get ingredients that someone Celeron get a chance I'll I'll I think they great uncle so and so firm for the toy you just got give McKesson. Let us by the girl scouts of America are us setting this important reminder. Because they say that it's important like child now they don't owe anyone a hug even relatives over the. Holidays in you I mean not usually asks yeah. I can I can tell that your elected not to as a spy I completely understand this I wondered why I I I do so he actually in this day and age. I do see the logic. That they're trying to spin. But I also am incredibly. Uncomfortable with lumping all affection into one jumbled ball that blurs the lines even more I honestly think. You can debate on this he wants you parenting experts. But you are creating a more dangerous situation yeah for children because George doubling those lines of of affection. So elated that that you're teaching your child that everyone it's a predator. It is pretty deep down I think that's an drumming up in a world appear where you can't trust anybody on. Healthy I don't think that's what you're teaching them I don't think that's the anyway and see what you would think that see it that way. But I think you're you're teaching your kids mart first of all there's so many more lines. These days and there were these when I was a kid when it comes to you autism when it comes to people who don't like to be touched there are just people in in our lives in Beverly you're actually just hanging out. We had eight celebrity. Here in the studio and we were warned ahead of time list and he just has a thing he just doesn't like to be touched he wasn't a jerk about it he wasn't anything like weird about it he's just kind of OCD kind of German Pope doesn't like to be taxed and that was a pack. So we didn't make an effort to out touch him now if she were forced to imagine putting push came out of his comfort zone. Tim let force himself on other people to make him like I got a hug grandma grandpa he got a hungry and also itself. Like charm for somebody who just can't do. NASA because there's some people in this role there's some children this order are autistic that means no one should hugged her bra. Isn't just a small part of it yeah 88 ass it's teaching your kids. That their bodies there's and they can do with them they don't have to hug a relative to app Corey like you don't have to force yourself a hundred rounds of big he's not comfortable. I think. Are a lot I. More. In tune with some of that stuff than than we are as adults because we've been trained to kind of not pick up on those nuances. But sometimes maybe your shade takes up on something odd about. Your brother in law or your great uncle. That we tell you might be a creditor. Are anything but maybe she titles too much and makes them uncomfortable maybe he does a little too tight and it's and it hurts it for the person who doesn't like it. Our maybe editor and they're picking up on that late we'd listen nor are smarter than we give. And credit for it I just love the argument it's it's their body and there are a lot to do with a one million. Every example. That that is not true parents have never experienced something known as. Billboards. When your kid wants to go to that stroller but they're fighting you and that is going to end up. I want Agilent there we don't you do you forced him and that what you're kids wanna Wear socks you forced them to put socks up I mean it wouldn't it to a degree they are not. In control completely other body I. I think they're two different changing your kid being a brat. And your kid being uncomfortable. And I I shudder at. The stories. Jerry sandusky or seen Josh daughter it's up and Blake being forced and I think it's if your kid is straight up uncomfortable around them when you shouldn't force then. To interact with them beat Bratt yeah. I standards that's different. Making the analogy okay this is they now that I wanna make four for the pointy dismayed. So if if you're going to look at cases like same dusty and and those kind of things that is like saying you can't leave your house because you're afraid of terrorism because that happens. And I know we are not teaching like kids don't hug anyone I don't think that's not what they're saying I they're saying listen to your gut. Kids it's a completely sincere guy it's OK to feel uncomfortable with someone and not want to hug them it's okay to not. Have to hugs and like because your parents force them to its teaching them to listen to themselves and listen to their own instead of. There are also children and you think you mean we talk about this all the time about being in your comfort zone right so you're in your comfort zone. What are you have to have happen all the time being pushed out. -- job is to push their kids out of a little bit or the girl like me where it takes months and. Like when you force students to submit to a faction that they don't whine. Just so they don't off that someone at the even if it is a friend or send your teach them like let's say push aside your own feelings of well feels right. And is doing and that's. That's not cool that's weep and I mean. We get our trouble all the time as women for teaching herself how to do that like all media. This makes me completely uncomfortable but I guess I'll submit that our president god hugging me and putting his hand in my life even though it feels uncomfortable in the my gut says it's Ron I don't wanna be a jerk about it. You're you're instilling that was it lessen the really really young so if I'm not sure I like make a big deal out of nothing where it's your problem now. That may do you look Letterman hi how are behavior started and we religious affairs it's your problem now. Let's let's put our children and bubbles and don't they can do anything don't wanna deal. And how. It's all about Craig Corrie forcing kids to touch people that they don't. Wanna touch is OK it's one thing if it's one thing if it's. Stranger in his job and you need to express you know good touch bad touch lately and we all of that conversation when their parents were growing up and a lot of parents that their kids now that it's very important. But also it comes to look for certain family that's. Data how they act today when you see that you critic that's part of societal Lee collier family accede to socialize your kids and doing. Or some people now for every one everyone is different and I put back inside that police. That tell you when you're uncomfortable that we teach ourselves not to listen CEO it's fighter like Corey inside. Art got straight as to let us know when we're in that situation in Iraq and when you teach a little kid to ignore that. Instincts that tell later life they can get travel. Would just rather let them know that it's okay not CO. Like I'm not gonna force them to you when they're that young. The and find out in a situation and that it's too late. Yes I understand that I do and again I see a lot of they're trying to make for the rest. But also at that did the same point like it's you're teaching your child to your everyone I think that's what's scary for me is we're teaching our kids never on the threat. Your completely connector on. They're not teaching your kid to be afraid Irma you're teaching you to listen to themselves to listen to their gut. So Casey your kid doesn't want to hug anyone does on a touch anyone that's fine. Nobody can and in the grope with intimacy issues later in life because they don't know how to express themselves. I'd rather have that Anna had I have my future daughter be like had sex with a boy different she feels bad about it because she hugged her when she was three. Every parent. Like every parent expert says like yes it does is go bad we've Beckett at best ordering your kid a hunger is an adult but they don't want CO teaches them to use their night to clean you Ortiz someone else. I now sound ridiculous to think about it think about it. I happen it doesn't particularly if it doesn't let that's why they and that's your thing that I wouldn't ever want to put my kid whether they're five years old or whether they're sixteen year old to feel pressure to reciprocate. Any sort of on when he physical match. That's. I just think it's taking some and innocent and make him as something very decent set a certain lines of choice in prison but I IDC due season people time and include the explicit text on six funny too TO. I thanks Paul Ceglia. Tutu to not get this proceeding it's lights and ends. Hugging someone you don't hug. Will under current in the now I have to do it and I think that they element about corporate. And Alex and the brat is read with Matt and Mike. Me and human test sites and seeing and happy teacher Kate to go on even though it enemy compared. Can't uncle now when you can't encryption out yeah. I Nike and I can't. I tried. You know you don't have to like typically air act like make sure that you're looking adopt in the eye and say hi how are you at heart you're a part and guys are here. Backcourt and it got what you're saying like X eighteen letting your kid be rude and and and forcing you to do something you want to. Yeah I I agree and I you know because I and you know like this that and yeah they're they're strong and re hot and and belt out now and Courtney. And insecure and they don't know where at that moment on one goal you know like clay and then about. I'll I got. Yeah but it's also on the parents to let into Reno teach them the difference between. Some who say even if you're lookalike. I are serious thing about like the kids in tuition like maybe they're picking up on some thing. But also again that's also on the parent like you need to be obviously. Very alert when it comes of that it is on the scene well. Looked like that yeah exactly the parents argue that these packets. Yeah. Next on how you like majority of the time things like that happen like it not answering your heart is gambling number it is kind of like. When you wouldn't it I mean you know when you find out like oh my out of it no light. No well. Your apps lire that is gas statistics say that it's usually somebody who's very close to family that you know when these things out and sound and I think it's it's not teach your kid to be rude or letting them do that if they want and love that but bear parenting. And I do like your ideally you need to make sure they're polite and welcomed me on the right now aria. Yeah everything okay back howry and art at how many you look like in your you know like teaching not like. It in your attic being. Eric or is that like you're caught. In light khaki jacket as anchor of the decree world and they got out and read everything. Let's. Out Neil. We appreciate there are at a.