Does the keto diet make you lose faith in diets?

Friday, February 23rd

The keto diet is really popular among celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry. It's very different from past diets, which begs the any diet credible anymore? 


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That people keep talking about adding. I. I'm officially lost faith in any new look bad diet we teach you faster we can of diet we mean when I got okay this. So cumbersome she took a bite for Bieber saying much about like ten seconds for a lot of air and look better lake. There's no way no one is every giver sandwich in ten seconds like that there is still much peanut butter I was so much been a bottom. On my sandwich that it takes about thirty seconds to Sheila bite unless you're and the pure butter knife sticking to diets yes speak so. Do you get why by the way it is teen gets life without Carter or mining and Chris Evans had just seen that. Portable we've gotten today do you get no I'm really Whitney on now and this is dozens worked on and more than the team palms. Did you sodas diet is called the federal district seat no or cattle diet. Heat out Toledo let's say keep it short virtue or Janet is becoming popular Kim Kardashian in what do and it the Halley Berry has been tweeting about it. Basically the focus this diet is eat high amounts of facts. And then having like almost no carves whatsoever which is that's not the first time there's been like. You know cutout cart kind of diet and this one takes till like the extremely you can even have roots. And you know I love my bananas that so that's not. Not as euphemism I love no and it's really do love that is that sounds disgusting you're done eating all fat essentially. And you weekly mainly meets. Cheeses. Aegs tons of actually do not an oil so be protein. Is the protein to like Taiwan if that's the with the oils especially in the nuts. And the eggs is a lot of fat to you know and apparently it breaks your body through your body isn't weird like state of late. You know. Can tell sister something we hope to burn fat. Okay it you know how to pronounce the key to is it key town or cat. Texas' 698 CT OR Hollis gets wow I'm. We trust this because years ago was that I've ever years ago like that was the enemy right and now they switched and like now. And and that wasn't the enemy now apparently it's all you need right what what. It's and that in ten years from now that can't go back to be an enemy to even know what they're talking about look it's it's kind of like how they say this is gonna give you cancer and now it's not gonna give you cancer now this is gonna give you cancer it they do this diets too it's like this make you skinny this'll make you fat this'll make you lose weight this what I really wanna know. Is that why and this maybe is just like me you know get him my soapbox here at lake why is it's so hard for people to. Admits to being healthier he's actually. There's an easy way to do it to be healthy is healthy foods is not like you can't trick yourself and losing re just. Isn't easy hack to be healthy and losing weight that I have fat people don't wanna admit that to themselves I think they wanna see all cut up card to lose thirty pounds and then that you go back to your normal. They're looking for I think hack or like any easy way. I don't know because I don't like for me when I was younger for whatever reason I. I used to weigh more than I have as an adult cells like in my teen years I you know I would like try these different diets well. I weighed that much more I think I just wanted to be skinnier may be too because of you know he'd just comment on that impressionable age nature which really isn't important. Right so I would try you know I would have like a Weight Watchers milk shake for lunch in high school and I like this yeah like I went through some of these you know could I just wanted the easy way out I wanted something that was like. You know just simple to be the appetizer to my appetizer. Nowadays a lot of yeah. But it really I in my experience. Like. If I wanna maintain the like I've been maintaining the same weight for several years now and it's as simple as just. Eating what I want but eating less. A bit like smaller portions like portion control ice to be a lot chubby your I was never a fat kid. I like to go through a phase like fifth or sixth grade where I was united did have a lot licked Actuate. I really yet it was like about a year and a -- for puberty and my brother used to make finally like crazy all all yeah well you know whenever we're down but the difference was is I drink a lot of people don't admit that there's lot of things that we eat that are is not the press I drink a can of soda yeah. Hunted so I was all by the candies you know and it's really I think is really as simple as like let's just. That's not worry about hacking and not in getting rid of the pats are no eating too much fat or what ever. Eat fruits this is this is the Evans diet and eat fruits vegetables. A ton pig learn to love those special yeah you can make a ton of like cool this great recipes that are delicious. Ian joy eight enjoy all the protection meat put in moderation raft and then click don't touch candy or anything processed. A late to read a limited or no net. I disagree I disagree on that because I will say like I still eats. I still eat all the things I wanna eat like I eat pizza I need to read as a I want my candy every day let. Moderation eat all the it's just a map it's just about. You know prioritizing like OK if I'm gonna have. Candy. I'm not gonna drink soda or I'm not gonna like I don't mean it's like it's keeps still eating what you want but just yeah portion control and picking and choosing your battles. Yeah I don't do any candy but I do I guess where where you have candy I put bruise. So yeah. Yeah here doozy boozing it just it's cheaper adults Barbara that as many Twitter handle yet with you Barbara.