Do You Suffer from Return Anxiety?

Wednesday, May 23rd

Whitney Young added to her growing list of anxieties! 

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All the things still anxiety about. Why is the site one of them and understands. The lead as retail exile idea. Because Larry. I feel I'm being just Thomas gone back if you knew what an honor and cheating yeah this is done when I'm not. Stared off. Steve PX wide body PX like retain steer you judge me Darren you're judging the fact you don't stuff. Exactly just do it is you get angry at people that get angry about everything now we don't judge me for feeling jut no. It's quite the conundrum known you for Iguodala you do. I'll be honest I've never returned any thing these online before. I. Well. It doesn't have to be online to be any media the online thing those pure laziness sometimes it will return things did but I bought her life to scum I. I feel like bellies now I think it's not get laziness you hate confrontation yeah. And I drink you're saying it's pleasing is bigger and I'll know it's and it's also definite laziness it's 'cause it's easier it is to not do it. I and trying to think of the times that return things in stores. I never felt any judgment like that's it just happens it's one of the things that you working customer service you're gonna resell I've worked great tell. And as a teenager works for navy I'd I never judged and let that stuff so I think you're just in your head right now. Well. I guess if I really think about it if it psychoanalyze this thing I think. It's it's if I feel guilty. For some reason about what I'm returning it for instance if I buy a shirt. Somewhere and I take it home and I laundry they usually washed up before it where it and just like other people trying to terms exactly egg to chemicals like yeah you know you washout that. Stuck in the shirt can never be that and and yeah I was sitting around I got usher yesterday that literally were on store anyway. I don't I. Well. So anyway if I wash it and then it's like. Goofed up after I watch a follow the instructions clearly something's wrong with the sure yet another return it but public waiting for them to like smelled a laundry detergent and the like lasers golf. You're on April color did not accept item that's been scared of. I don't know anyone who's filled with more anxiety over ridiculously stupid things and I don't. Know. Else feels this way they did return anxiety yes they do on the tax time somebody said she is far from alone why are you encouraging her. Why miss you talented this terrible terrible underlings like you could be a little bit more understanding. Until we're sensitive. It's got the CT exceed 9800 Janice firm Breton listing PX like good morning. I'm Tony and stay at. Turning diet is open. And I only apple was playing out my room lady. Like hurting out there. And alert aren't there are important department spirit. And I am it's. Cremation. Miss. Well this is funny because I I worked in retail when I was in college you know and how are really give somebody returns something it was only gets sketchy bag Billick wasn't the store brand it is like I. There are trying to steal. Assume they wore it and then their plan was to return or something it well. I've had them pretty exceed the trees yet I don't play. There's only eat right of return that I was there like we don't there is. I. It's a clothing at the mall is several years ago this woman brat something and it she had bought it like a year earlier and I was like. I'm tired yeah. Ever do anything like best. And and people who. They're they're they're they're a bad example the back on us. And now we have to automatically assume the worst of every one of its August society.