Do You Know What "Black Panther" is About?

Monday, March 12th

Corey's girlfriend St. Courtney was a little confused as to what the movie Black Panther was actually about. 


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Steve PX line and buddy PX likely James Whitney Young tennis know most neglect cancer crush and yeah her a million dollars. We'll line yeah it's getting up amazing reviews. See over the weekend. Yeah last screaming at bringing a special guest for this my lovely girlfriend. Zocor and hey you. I don't know. I the more I and her morning. So over the past couple weeks. Saint Courtney has been sent him which the movies yeah I'm. Sure it's black panther move. So we finally decided on Saturday at the that was the debt. House they were gonna see black panther. And as we get in the car. We were driving there. Sentencing Courtney. You know I didn't peg you as someone who really. Really enjoyed superhero movies. And what did you say dear. According. Again it is said this movie Israel you know and in the billion dollars commercials four everywhere and what did you think. The movie was about. Black there are that out of whack at RT. You're real. But not about that I'd I'd like going to lack about carrying. No one now. All right and weeks what did you stop the car on I got another I wanted still she said that. And iPods for expected. Is to let it register. About the said that she thought the movie black panther the superhero movie spent ever again she's under the impression. That does not activist group. The bloc had their X. Okay. I actually can I cork gritty and they make you feel little battery now. I thought it had to do with the pink camp. And does the black Panthers and you pick up there it's like it's news that legacy well yeah. Get it. My. How do you go to the movie happen. Common surrounded by. So many people that. I don't understand adjustments. No. What did you say you if you're happy that I and formula it was actually about because you see that if we had gone into the movie theater parties parties kicking myself. For saying anything is in the good been hilarious reaction. Definable it happened when you saw you know on the screen it was not. About the activist group the black and there. You. Ain't. And I am and you like you really chic. Superhero. I know how it went and like I am. Oh lead like Aung. I mean no other. Apps and a hand on I would at island my brother was fast but that we lack. My goal. O Leary and missile can't believe I'm not in a superhero movies either actually cut. Not me there and that at the end of that app and let them and that stability and and I it will go well we're not going to be back. Yeah that was it that was in that. Zelaya and sent to insult read sparrow. Luckily sink or he didn't think it was about bird so I can I help.