Dividing the Household Chores

Wednesday, October 11th

SHOCKER: A study recently came out that said women are doing more of the household chores than their guys are. Do you try to keep things even in your relationship?


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Gloria navigate PX lying in all families just keep sharks of its. Dealings to make sure their split. On the middle so studies like this can stop coming out shore screaming how lazy dads are that. Here we go again this on from the journal of a sex roles on the households eligible parents who work the journal Sachs Merrill yet. I didn't exist at the end of the special in your bathroom yeah. Any urgency and need some extra reading a little light reading yeah exactly I Oscar hosts world. Is that when both parents working men tend to devote more of their days opt to relaxing compared to women who spend that time tending to child care. In house work. They acted like a minute by minute breakdown. Of law 52 different couples. On their non workdays to see exactly what they were doing when we're busy. But the kid Ed and show hours on meddling caged in leisure activities they didn't play in men are not completely lazy they were helping with these tasks. But to a lesser extent and when they did this is interest than when they did their wives are generally also doing so as well. I seem to make sure that we don't screw up. Now with the with pretty noted that. Maybe I don't you advocate the I mean frankly I think. Women no I don't we don't know I come down on the way like machines here and we'll look on how to relax. Now we do not know how to relax we just gotta keep going going going going going till it's done well I mean I've I think. Byrd for some women. Particularly Emmy for some people just sometimes doing picture or tech housework. Can be seen as relaxing. It can be seen as cathartic. Say that's like my number one choice of relaxing like you know ultimately flak. To fool some injured yeah. I know I can't see my eye can see myself get in the zone again and caddies and not touch this but Barton Dick and it's and it's a little Nowitzki meditated for me. But I would take that to relax at a picnic a bubble bath with a glass life. Dexter actually currently in Texas El Monte is something like that. And we picked it out you don't have to do clean but you know you you mentioned laundry my girlfriend has admitted that. She says she loves. To do loss Corey don't bring your perfectly shot it's the racehorse IKEA bag. And side it's weird now literally is Jen it's not a good face down on yeah. Ansari the difference as she is not doing laundry so we love doing Andre I'd a tiger there's a lot of woman listening who are on the same league. That's. It's it is maybe in May be it's not you're getting stuff done so it's that kind of satisfaction that you get from that some may assault. There and it should be shaming men. For being so lazy. Consumers don't do your leisure activities go do you go play golf. That's one eagle and with the boys all we are again it's ultimately caught saying don't think maybe we should maybe a reason. That men do less of this is because there are a lot of women who find it enjoyable. So it's not who is being hot that day. Yeah. It's it's we still showing. Dull olive view of that cell. Some other areas you're welcome. Welcome. You to know you are not in I know what it's it's it's fine you can. Not get a copy of that. I'll be terror and and roots this is an inquiry ending to this. It's best people in the gasoline on logs do laundry. She. I mean I'd things well again a little hurt a little on her putting in a B Eli and I didn't. And groups that sorry I didn't like does that work out. Now in the news a little block the process. I think every household there is a quarterback and there is you know a quarterback and keep. I think seeing that things are 5050 split all the time a 100% is. Ease under reasonable pace and people's schedules based on what people have to do based on how much work there is to be done based on them kids that you haven't already and Dowell who's got picked him up and moves closer and who's not so. 5050 is a reasonable putts. I do like that they say element help out from time to time I think women are more like easy quarterback craft you know it's you know. Spreads deep and just play the steel I don't know but well. Things is that you guys estimate better than me yeah. I'm not sensitive specialty ready breaks. Oh yeah acts to islanders sports analogies thank you. Yet again I get accurate elephant. Someone else the deleted be in charge so that's why you know add that doesn't mean that you're allowed to sit on the bench you know Kutcher to else. Thank you got to go out there and play and you on the coach someone else out. Can decide nobody. The water cooler when you are not just feels. You shouldn't have to wait for the coach to tell you should be out. And have your helmet with the united yeah I'd you don't shouldn't have to be at your butt kicked into gear one if you're watching the other game and just five.