Dirty Work: The Phone Snooper

Wednesday, December 6th

Why was Ryan's girlfriend Anita snooping through his phone? #TeamPXY was on the case! 


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Anyway yeah here's what Carter glory and any gigs like he was in dirty work we've got Ryan on the bulb and Bryant. What do you need help but now. Let me let's just ambassador here out of girls it's since it was forums that now aren't pretty pretty serious so but. Yeah. Noticed her sobs use different at all boozing and never gets. How did you get your phones. You know like we try to sit there and you know she teachers and prosecutor. Over a couple times and so you know recovered at about ten. Yeah Australian artist for almost a lot to the bathroom must respect and choose your species here. Just got sort start and there's always something had an award at the K let's. Yeah. Yes I campaign ended stoic. Reconsidering constantly able to acknowledge that the response anabolic it's a bit richer was any. Ma received it yet normal after that there was either acting kinda strange. Well I mean you know I should try actually. You normally don't like as usual in an. Have been postponed you know who you perhaps so but so high out of no idea award truth would you aren't. 'cause they're ban any hints of trust issues with you guys. Well I mean there really cater and so I mean like. You know I do not being murdered on my own you know not cheating on her or anything like that yeah she. I got the type of political and why she would then I thought I. Right yeah I can see why you would feel that whammy because if she's having their fun now that's a total lack of truck yeah dad totally eat eight. I'm sorry man Allen did you spend every cent a minute plan. Then there's more than a year for up to long minute. That's a and okay and you said he and there's been zero trust issues so far to the wrestlers did at least you know love may be there's something you spend. Pulling back in and not expressing with the and that's a possibility. I mean court you are the relationship accidents. How I am not that you try to girlfriend for three ensemble for almost left out exactly how we got it and it never did go up every night exactly. A tough time works night and we. You did that it that this is a lack of trust moved. Yes I mean Julia. I mean I'm hoping you know she. I don't know I'm just visit our content I'm a word that she didn't trust me in the head unit spiral into something a lot more. You know into bigger problems on the. All right so I'm guessing what you want our help went to figure out why Pelosi was stupid yeah. They didn't agree that. RA all of poly really guard Jameson well cholera what's her name to conferencing and you don't carry so let's put you on hold its grabber information analysts give and eat out Cognex the dirty work Wednesday TPX like. I like the that and more dirty work fifteen PX lot of gardening or an ID PX YOY. Brian even the call and why it hasn't figured out why it. His girlfriend has been snooping through his own car and terrorism stuff the other day in the other room. And Ryan I think he got angry that's never gets signed I had. Before we did as part we're gonna call your girlfriend and Anita and try to figure this out. Tell me the a 100% hottest chick you're not you want anything to hide. You're not cheating you're not anything studies Steve that wanna make you look I know it. No current or heard about parents bracket just. Parent so there on this two days ago about this we can just straight up ask her and not panic roller about it or we can go at the sneaky option. Aren't really you vineyard and from her oh. God you are yeah sneak and you know that builds trust and checking people or relationships. I know a long beard yeah it. Ryan you say client that will keep you on the line you don't say anything. And notes differ call. It. I. Hi my name is James and calling from serve Fonda and were doing some market research are rare. And I think felt that this this is beyond a couple of minutes. You can went up a fifty dollar visa gift cards. Yes I promise you can sell you a pig and not any sign up for anything I just need to answer a few questions. And I now got a lot of. Popular I'm going to be totally up front Leo this is my first week on the job and and things aren't going crates. So. Tell me how. I'm. A couple of good effort yeah. We arsenic is a much ever really appreciate it so seriously only just few questions. First one. Are you an android user or an iPhone user. And right no way I sound audible at. Annika probably gonna stop that you android but but that's fine but second question what's the last time he purchased a cellphone. Yeah I am a hockey fans to pants. OK next question have you ever snooped through someone's phone before. Look I'm misreading the questions up the screen. Recently. Yeah. And why were you snooping. Oakland at Google oracle hit ever and I was trying to make sure it was in the well it isn't happy for crap out. You do you present. Well I. It's not a big huge president. You are now all my parents are I mean what it is begging partner and will ever debt higher. Terrible telemarketer Lance shot at its origin energy the exotic matter gory Ryan reached out to us to help out with dirty work against you my friend did you just figure out why. You've always got the debt he was cheating on ignores them and. I mean I saw you at Sega demise follows is that and aren't under way. That little let's go back and yet it too why you are snooping give off that. Yeah hope the ball. I'm getting here and yes. I don't even know about now. I'd love you know I let you know I don't worry you ever in the history of it. Your name. If he adds that aren't there is Corey James is as a telemarketing job. I would hate that if you don't get. That would what I want to know how. You can't. I mean united that should you have no one big dude where they're. Their own personal. A whole lot he's he cannot be as bad. They get the brand New York you are describing right now. Well sorry have you seen her feel robbed a grocery store. Like he might wind up. Language. Thing and I'll Orleans. Yeah. A public funeral parlors are all people we're at the end it why editors. Are always. No that's my line I'm learning. And then I remember early yet. Oh that's that sits yet yet they watered murdered like. Well. If you like football. Oh hey. A road in America that are. Here and billing policy. I've got up about it. Now and they get better let's be honest batter. I. Well well well let being the butt ugly. We are there holes. Not even bought them when they're eight or didn't set. The box. But there is your sister's dodging your Bryant. They typically. Wouldn't it in baton. Have a great day. What about they doubled the Ehrlich ugly at what was the outlook. On his. And that in fact that we. Right you Sally gets weak side. You sought to do this you're terrible and it can confirm I'm right so even there is out. Because I don't either but I haven't like shipping company does but is that what life and I'm. So I might say. The war at the airport to get on the ball war. Any. Like that you need but what was ordering. And has. But it's setback yeah. I'm sorry I love you seriously. Like I Iginla. At eight it is to shop at short. But in that way. Right I know you see a gift cards and personal IQ is still practical. A little bit and Howard. At that pattern. I mean we only look how many preferred get starter ever over the things that it and. Really the legal hobbled I don't fit. I don't know that it went in the old days you know what I would love I would look at it there. Written he would say you're in the packet about an epic at. Everything about. That's fine let's hear lady Ryan. Yeah yeah. Stopped and analyze just what. It yes I would begging for their early to tell them straight up what they want workers this is even better than their secret interest sort of things they look she's literally telling you. And I know to be confusing sometimes but sometimes women actually mean that things based. It's like our work stunt here meg and gap and so is right holiday shopping hopefully I.