Dirty Work: The Chili Cook Off Coup

Wednesday, March 7th

Lisa reached out to #TeamPXY for some help with a co-worker who always dominates their office chili cook off! 


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I don't like the TVX like dirty word leaks up from gates on the phone the morning police and for all you need a little help went okay co worker of yours and. Yes I use you know my goodness OK tell. You have to deal. I work in and have an equal playing every year called the chilly copped. Yeah is an average up. And yeah yours is your super intense like ours like you look at all it's really really whenever we had when just us in the studio and we wanted to let murder each other for credit for that crap about it and that's the that's I'm gonna spend fifty dollars on one back just like that yeah. Yes absolutely that's why exactly would it think it's gonna do it ain't it cool because it never went up an amazing time and there's great period at all. And it it it's so cool to be apart or environment where they do something like this you know the big morale and every. Yeah out Casey got your disclaimer out of the way I. Now what's the problem there's a problem here. Oh my goodness I don't have a probably have a lady. Where is you know a wonderful woman alone and are. Usually. We are there. You win every every year and I I didn't kick extra point though where it lacked the ball. A debate and last year people that they ignored that part because industry it's gonna let. God Wii and that any not him who means that you're right there's a lot at every time there's a tyranny in your office there's trouble and run Larry yeah. Kemp competitive scary and I know her I mean he didn't brand. You're usually peak at chilly what irony in. What is really lazy Saturday. Are then they're burning near anything I I don't urgent that are really. Really yeah. She's that sounds awesome start when I'm not the most updated sound off on a. End to red Steagall act that's. Yeah baby is aimed to put Larry it talent damaging hammer out that only want to participate. Barrel everyone knows going into this they're going for second place. Yeah as early. I mean if you guys complaint. We've been hurt and not in he. Yeah oh yeah. Oh okay and why this. We've got to OK how can we get it and not be part of this competition and lack. Mean it's isn't delicious to Dolly made it where our are we sure we're not just like deal it was and worst sports. And early everybody they're like oh yeah and how. I have I have an important question asked that I think is going to be the difference between us doing this and us not. If she wins. What is her attitude like. I mean you can play it really could turn creates a I think it. Currently any funny but it'd like to but yeah like top. This like August equivalent of like the gym class heroes and high school apps. And I was he sat on the bleachers you only bring salad and. I'm not miniature. Or I do do this mega and you want to try to convince you can he do it. Are fine but I'll I'll take this one but god I'm still rusty at that spot Lisa hang on the line. If you wanted to and you can jump bid if not I've I've got an idea. Can we can tried it can dates or color of care and to Al out of your chili cook are you can't pay her fifty dollars on his yeah on top of your to calculate. The driver and. Are got a number I would say. A I. Hi care end. I say. Hi it's Corey James and meg in car seventeen PX lie I 98 PX life little random to be reaching out GO. This morning Hampshire. Are yeah. But it's dirty work Wednesday and we he have a requests. Every quest. Based on what if your coworkers to reach out to us here wave free time zone dot. Just say it Corey do you care and what where. Will you please. Not enter your offices chili cook off and try to. We were. And what you're darker streets out. And they say that you're just huge YouTube could it. You win every year it's not fun for anyone else everyone else knows you are going for second place because we want you pizza pizza chili. And our Q you complain about pizza chilly it sounds off mega on the recipe you parent by not mean. I get it sent a ruffle some feathers because people don't want and her hands they're ill little Porsche sports leagues and it. It's. It's the matter it's just it's meaning for morale is what it is kept it doesn't matter even you can listen to I guess I don't excite. I'm sure she. Oh that's. So what care what's it gonna take. I think that it doesn't make any and I do respond in England doing it and cook I. I can't help it I'm good. You're. Helping it here. If you're a natural star shine is too. So maybe you can still do it and you can kind of have it as as I guess I think not part of the competition distanced on this. Asking you to bow out of the competition. No more. Here now or what and Longoria. We have things opera. On the C. Indeed the promotions closet or not to get too mad at me the cool. Obama what do you say what you want what you want to name it you know blood shot he did take its obligations some. In the you are always the yeah and Caron. You don't really here's what I wanna have a freezer offering things we need to do we really wanna deprived the world of carriage chilly night. Can't lessen or where there are so are we doing that and what do you do it this year I know it sounds like you mix it up every nurse out. You got a couple days and I know you've got to stay in price from month. I mean our contemporary remake America were Indian curry. Should be like HE. And you heard it is going to be good I don't understand. Why anyone would not want my terms. It is going to be good according to get outside is just crap Astec full of snow it's freezing we haven't seen this Sunday in a year feels like. A thousand Chile. I'm not saying don't. Make it. I'm saying don't enter into the competition. It's you got a taste of chili you saw in the taste of victory like border wedding over and over again. I don't rule that says someone who hasn't won anything I ever and that's I don't earn your current proposal. Well. I think now like I waited ignited when a million dollars by entering initially why do it and anyone enjoys it and I'm not a round. Can you not let it scare when I give you all the keywords. Through the thousand dollars and thank you can't help our I've got my leg and. We can't do well listen that. Listen I am no corporate dark period. Pretty stupid and childish and I'm just agreed to alienate their own people any. You do real caring where that add your daughter Wear that blue ribbon all year. All they. Yeah looking guy I hate to cut it short I actually need to get checked and get to work so I have no particular day. Commemorated. Need to grow the hell up and giggle or. Couldn't say about it myself Karen. Concern about her are you do you girl good luck on Friday not that you need it is your thing is that it's. They say not. Asked. Lisa Lisa is still there while it's amazing I'm so yeah I would be out wearing a hat epic must still expects. Singletary bank settlement the monster urgent. Yeah there are no no it. I believe in. I gave the old college. So. You have underclass. Since we did try three group we put in the effort I mean Corey and to make sure it did before. Thought after earlier took off on Friday eight do you think you can bring some of that super secret recipe Chile of the office a year and and they tested. Caller yeah. That dense enough.