Did you catch Fergie's interesting National Anthem?

Tuesday, February 20th

Debbins and Whitney have taken over the morning show since everyone is off this week! Did you catch Fergie's...unique...national anthem at the All Star Game this weekend? You've gotta hear it! Oh - and we have the remix already too! 


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As TP XY with not Carter or Korean and he gets life. Everyone on vacation so witty and I have hijacked the morning show its guidance from being tried to Whitney Young. Yeah she utterly watch basketball but I ditzy this yeah. Fergie did the National Anthem at what was of the all star basketball game the NBA all star national. Anthem game it was. Yeah it was it was and she if you haven't heard it here is you're not a highly of for he's rendition that up there that. There. And so irons. And saying. Oh yeah. Maine now who are well here at them. What right does as well watching the video they have elected him to like LeBron like a few with a glance the rapper got to like at the looks on the faces of what was she doing. I could say that is the kick the sexiest version of the national and I. It sounds like she's a look at jazz club. Let's not and it's been you know can't thumb and not cat array karaoke. Ray I know. I don't sell tickets added that he was probably a little bit out of place very unique will say is there any context or situation in which that song should be sung like that and so what is it happens because I. What I think image at a smoky jazz club when your. The National Anthem why not you wanna hear that at a smoky jazz club why not. That's right and talk India and let's hope they wrist that's my live smoky jazz club actually a lot of suede I feel like. Fergie is the friends who at 2 in the morning after like the Reebok is sodas and it's like let's karaoke. This was kind of looking karaoke moment where you're at a bar and you're like. OK you don't need it you don't need to be hero you're EB karaoke hero here. Major nature politically since it's like anytime anyone does karaoke. They take liberties that should not be take end. That's true this is what I do karaoke once we did the team PXY a years ago thanks Alan and invited you might have been made an effort as I can remember you were there for one right now okay well great excitement and what you get yours ago is that. And someone who used to work years did karaoke with me. And he took his pants off yeah. Yes is this guy he and he was nowhere near sober note very knots over Bob received I think it was take on me yeah which by the way. I've only ever done that's on the Kerio it's a karaoke song I do and we did that song together like a duet version. And I look over in half with her he is cancer off and they kick him out of course yes that was really. Unexpected and we are in airport that night that was unfair I remember when he's not welcome mat that Barton out. You have a karaoke song of choice gives the viewers go to. The only time I've done karaoke I think it was. Oh it was that big big big he can't you see. Management. Advertising titled thank you up yeah are well I would expect you to do that it was weird it was very weird it was like a Korean karaoke place in light new York and it. It was laid I don't look like you're you're at a dean had record. Well some don't want me to know I'm just. I'm buffer and what I love about when he tees is the fact that there's already re mix of for these national. Yeah and so on yeah. Hey Hilo just wait the. I'm glad my. There remakes.