Did texting ruin your relationship?

Friday, February 23rd

Texting etiquette may matter more than we think. Can the way you text ruin things?


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You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning I do every morning I would do it every time that he PX why the number one music station. Deficit Whitney Phil and inferred TP XY would Carter Kory Mitchell. Mentally and all weekend we haven't gotten fired yet is a miracle in today's the day that was wait for Friday rates it was I had. Yeah Monday late you get tired Friday afternoon at 430 a seizure happens you have won't I won't be here for a day so you get we'll get hired well let me get your early years. Then they can't fire us. It front of the building they can't fire threat that exactly perfect and here's the question this morning. Is it possible can bet your last relationship it's possible that your last relationship didn't work out because we texted but the person. Or if you were talking to somebody receding maybe didn't even get to the relationship. Like part in Los exactly because you're texting. Etiquette was still. Off it was scope back your game was so bad I. I feel it definitely your theories about as a feel like you you think they're texting etiquette actually matters. Wait what I thought it. I think I think I feel like you do right because it's it's definitely yeah as the U rip me apart effort even just the way that I responded once laughing I. And iPods and ha ha ha and elect how dare you give me can you laughter I now want. And I do you know which is funny his in general lake I'm like that would you but like what if I'm dating I am actually. Very much the opposite like a very needy when I'm taxing the U unlike me right now. But the need is an understatement reckons that I not answer you right away let's let's call let's. But what I'm eating I'm actually more like I get I get like suffocated very easily so like for instance we were talking about this art fair. The good morning smiley face Tex I can't stand it I can't stand it is down. Sweep up and away. You know you look over and it's like all good morning you know it's almost like as if you guys were together in the same bad. You would turn over to the morning right but it's so overuse I would rather somebody say something weenie or like relevant topic goal. Think Stephen news just started 88 knock knock baby I started out with a joke yeah I don't know it just like. The good morning Tex I'd be like anyone who's ever done that in my personal history. Has been the type of guy that like once to textile today. When he maybe Mary calling allowing the tax holiday mightily when jumpin the phone numbers to two to 9800 Horry college Texas 20 yeah at 69822. I yeah I don't like I can not do with the old texting. I don't know what you are trying to arena it's yet and I think part of it is because it kind of takes away the value of the conversation for me oh yeah because if if all day long we're taxiing onto every single thing you've been doing. Saul you're really doing anything or you just text me out you know I mean then when the end of the day comes and we found see each other again it's okay how's your day right you know everything they have. Since it's now yes I lost my that would attack someone all day we will talk lesson person. Ironically has been less the chatter about yeah. And then and then obviously that feels like a lack of chemistry then and and that can lead to you not date the. You are you running the break up also lake. Let me this year you know give me a chance to miss you because that's the point. That's the thing like I you know I was talking to this guy past is probably three years ago now who. Wanna do like tax all day and it was kind of long distance so like I get sick it made a little bit more sense but still it was like. But I just can't do it I can't text all day every day and especially like even the most interesting. People in the most Tina so when you might normally have a very interesting conversation with it dies it dies after awhile. It is good BYU and I are both along. Well you know what. Better alone than talking constantly and just wanting to de Faire.