Defining "Hooking Up"

Monday, March 12th

Ever wonder why everyone has their own definition of what "hooking up" means? #TeamPXY explored why that is. 


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What is. I'll finish in. It once. I'll give. What is this all behind. We'll solve have done. Steve XY and honey PX line is great Danes were beyond. Before we get to baton down the word again for that's. Becky gash. How old age at little mind just went out HO LD Connell I. And this song it's obviously distracted it. Can't think straight. It topped the definition. Of hooking up. The horse on this interesting because. Everyone has their own definition for. Yes it's repetition my mind is all set. Really your live lives would assume you have those people can download how many different types aren't there are those people like me. Who say a whole hooked up with somebody yeah I mean that. We sub. Right OK so I'll back up a second this is what brought this up. I don't know if any have you gotten ample somebody ought to the bachelor that's listening but this season on the bachelor Beck UK was like one of the favorite or not start back and was one of the favorites. And thank you thank you and she ran a poll I'm hurt it's figuring out the story. Asking how people define a hook up. If it was kiss singer. Ends no more my horse X. The results Corey. Work 5050. Exactly stacks split right middle I'm shocked I honestly am shocked exit you're asked the. Question of why is like that why does seem that everyone has their own definition. Up and it's so it's it's so did this sit. And you wanted to explode a little bit of of what some reasons could be sent it yet there is in the spinal I know we have ours but yet there is. Always will be here commute to teach you not 800 clip Dick slicing tax line 69822. Wise it's split meet the fact it was 5050. Is pretty telling. That is crazy to me just a fact that it wasn't leaning more you know one way or the other but do you and I disagree because I would categorize it as kissing him or Brian in one of the things you thought was maybe this is generational and I. Older than you me like 25 years older we are cool though technically considered to be able ideals that's right so we're in the same generation yeah so I. I don't know because you said your parents wouldn't. Categorize that as. I would I categorize and right and you are closer in age. We don't know that I. I thought I couldn't get a cell I don't I don't think it's a generation that I really don't think it and you don't. Now an ending elicited geography IG report that G aggressive. That's the worst level. I just I just reliving it is actually learning so I'm running a poll on days like right now and I and I have live results coming a good. And so far. Everyone has said Sachs rip everyone has said sex nobody has agreed with me that it's kissing etc. and I mean here's a big let. Do you say to you just somebody and you just say I kissed we may yet you really look up. Because that's not hooking up bull but what do you what a few kids. And a little bit more is it still just we made out. I would just like that for me I would say probably just messed around. That's the category don't throw under constant dirty to me and a row. Mess around. He that would what you're done. And up that is my definition of best Acura been passed or illness. Rather say we fooled around it and whatever send me nasty mean that's messy. Here we go back now on your German audience I'm. Sure all that's one of the reasons why we'll but I mediator is a good discussion is that a gender thing. You are our guys more likely to refer to wit as looking up a sex vs women. Interest and we'll know because my mom agrees with you okay and but but this this could be a problem not a problem that dislike. The person you're talking to you could. Figure out crossed the signals. And you don't realize that is driving a big thing about like all the guys I've looked up quit tennis it's crazy to me and I. A Halloween got a little Lotta them like five god. And not possible. Where glanced in the bottle it up would like ten guys yeah me out it can get confusing really fast if you different definitions so maybe we need you mean there does need to be just my general consensus all encompassing definition well I think OK here's my. Theory as to why I think there are different definitions for it and it has nothing to deal. With the generation it has nothing to do with geography has nothing to do with gender yeah despite I still attacks -- yeah yeah explicit text line. Six and it suits you think they're not listening with the general thank I don't think so. I honestly think it comes under one thing. And it is your overall attitude. Toward sex. Interest and so if you are a bit. More OK with more of a casual attitude towards that I have that I think Europe and my boat where it's you can say oh hooking up and that's a UC minutes. Whereas a and appear more on the conservative side. Hooking up is kissing and more. That cents. Cents to that actually happens me aware. A friend you know like I've had some. Friends you. If you're a little bit more liberal than I am in that regard and they'll say oh yeah I hooked up with them and they're like oh lake where it would mean Nike but let me let you had to hit them. Ransacked did you do the saxons. I did not say I don't feel like they're like yeah its answer to vote and I'm like mostly OK I just hooking up is different. It's different it's assists. Yet and a different. Big M on to something with a site. Yeah it really as it comes down to your attitude towards it yeah 'cause I you know I'm 34 needed around a lot had orbit lassie Faire attitude so. I tortured then maybe some others I know someone who's like saving herself for marriage yeah. Yeah I'm guessing there's not one person listening who's saying an insult for marriage and your and the refer to sex is hooking up true. Oh that's so it'll let it's funny like. You give up the very innocent divide all sell like for you know I would imagine like you describe hooking up with holding hands. Yet that fingers penetrated. Like I penetrate and did not.