Debbins and Whitney hijacked the morning show today

Tuesday, February 20th

Everyone is off this week for President's week, so Debbins and Whitney decided to take over the morning show without their boss knowing. They're probably getting fired. Oh well! :) 


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Why didn't. Way beyond. I think she's my first name. You are relief whatsoever because need guidance because there's a million and one person is still on the planet. We're reason we need to click rooting out any time someone called me Chris she looks at me like I'm lakes. Sicker suffered. Wait for us yeah and honestly I am Miami Chris about your other element like where's crest where it's right here yet so here's what happened. Meg in Corey everyone's obligation to his presence week. And we decide to hijack the morning show that president. Do not like it like presidents day yup everything I want all the everyone in high school has off friend. President's week that would raise its winter break. And Paul to break it look at what's wrong so it's technically neither congress and no this is because my dad's birthday is on George Washington's birthday. Homosexual Abraham Lincoln's is the twelfth. Mixed those together that's why this is always the weak interest and yeah there's space my brain that can be used for other thing for some reason that the net today. Yes we don't know who we are which you probably don't it make up right now and you listen to PXY Illinois honest money is Devin I do the afternoon show on each on three to seven. And with the young usually on what ten to three. The three and the mid day mid day gallon when I'm not un the mid day show I'm calling DeVon stirring his show up ranking him. Q does that make pizza delivery called him when he did that mean last week I mean why not nothing else to dale. It was the worst and we should play this audio later on him if we divide it it was the worst prank call I ever heard in my entire life. 'cause they know here you can only do credit. 'cause it was both the best and the worst because it was the last night knowing the it was you you really can do the voice he did. And I like to order at Pete's though it she's pressed it sounds nothing like the rate they are it was great it had no punch lines so it was like it was like someone's it was like babies for sprint call. It yet help flat yeah fortunately because I was confused I was waiting for you to know that it was meat so this is the other thing like in case she didn't know which you probably didn't but. Ire kind of like the resident best Steve's here at my excitement to think that I care. I mean it just I'm gonna say that we are officially the resident ST I'll. I like that still for you to not know was my bullies that maybe that's why it was like waiting and then like keeping a peninsula and US. It's so it was a little it was. Usually people call so if you if you listened and done pretty call think back to. Any trickling ever done right there's a joke in there it's like right O is refrigerator running early insert you know corny thing yeah. What we needed is what he called and she had played whenever and that really good fake boy I think I I think to order cheese pizza. And hey it's not so serious I said did you mean to call and TP XY radio station radio station and get we get wrong numbers of time right on and she goes yeah. And then I'm like OK I try to play along with a little bit as they are what you want the pizza and you're like. Pepperoni. And sausage and concerts and she's got I think great dealt. That was it and because like I just. Yes so that Alec yeah we well young. You think you normally about me but dale. I don't think you do we're talking about this the other day we need help me bottled water. And she's like and point she's like stop me she's the reason from the top from the bottom of the top six dummy when like I meant to the point in the bottle well I know this much about you. 'cause one holding the line up right now and right now it's fall and and you know full bottle water I don't think I know full bottle of water but I study. It's around its liquor on the and halfway utility B two thirds mark anyway. Yeah okay I know for instance. I know you love bananas. I really do Lebanon's I know you you still have Cheerios beef kind of like taken a freaky like retired a little. I'm on oh you're out and here's why. OK okay it's delicious and it's good for you can accuse me full Cheerios yes I'm not kidding you I can eat four to five doubles as an appetizer and the hungry in an hour right. And with with open I have a big ball on the to lunch I had that for breakfast I like it because it like it like settle your stomach click it. That's the home in east the tone for good digestion. That truly can you can't stomach exactly. Calcium I know you don't eat or drink anything containing caffeine. That's true I really don't and that's because it just makes me super weird right. Which is that they mean and you don't need to be any more weird and you are without candle is the guy I'll certainly twitch gene hears a we think is nice streak like Kathy Lincoln high school. I almost think I like overloaded or caffeine what you school and college to appoint or like I say they broke whatever tolerance. I had it in high school when women when in high school eats crap your food PS2 right so nice to have strawberry frosted mini Wii its cost could with a side of Red Bull. At 6 in the morning. I don't think you can ask my mother it was she always did his weird look if she's drinking like coffee with him yeah American but. Got an answer to get really bad heartburn and then I realized I was anxious all the time and I was like well maybe it's the Red Bull at you know 6 o'clock that could do it so that could be. Everything about me you just on the other day that I went to Catholic school. Yeah I still can't get over that I'm envisioning you in a Catholic school. All lake outlet. The funny thing is I have warned that I did it clear. Where that when I went can't agree it's cool but I did do. So seat in Catholic school the school racquets and bright in and they do a lot of events throughout the year two months ago there and I hate I ante stuff. And they did as a bit one year had anywhere but the jumper. There's pictures out of the Vlad you're in the yeah deeper like the balls on my FaceBook there is a picture of it and it was it was actually not that bad is pretty comfortable. Do I put that on until xmas faced a page everybody sees that it's. That's one thing yeah really one thing I didn't know about you out of like every thing right now here's some of that. That you probably don't know but people listening mites cat does that have talking with us on the radio before and I have to you viewers. You know that. It. I've never heard of that in my life it's late in the 2% of the population has it you view you know with the big I think that you're feeling is yeah. Has still weird I had to so when you go to the doctor and nearly gullet sepia struck out I. And then it's like two year deal Tuesday to think too little nailing that yet yep and I got all the jokes the chemical he's got to move you know because they look kindly. My doctor though my doctors acumen pediatrician also had to you viewers might what is this underground society apart I will I'll show you got the break we so getting fired for taking on this morning Charlie you we probably won't be here tomorrow. That's okay that's right it's not TP XY with Carter or course an excellent.