Death to Wedding Registries

Tuesday, May 15th

Whitney Young explains why she's completely against wedding registries! 


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It's going to be fun TVX live on 98 PX line to Pete was talking about Eddie Royal wedding happening this weekend's end up about three notes. No phones. No gifts no swords. So random. The one I gravitated towards the new sorts one destroy the old it was. They know kids I think this is very charming the fact that. They are planning instead of accepting gifts they're telling their gas they would rather have them donate to us seven charities and organizations. But they have. Deemed worthy of receiving all this rich beautiful beautiful who let me battle jester. Sure it's their royals have more money thing god they're gonna be just fine but. At that is wedding chat room wedding registries in general. Should go. Well. It's it's not a case by case basis but I should. Have been invited to a fair amount of weddings in the last couple of years. Completely slipped in what it would take your helping these these this couple start their lives together all our lives together because Corey it's not the 1960s anymore. We're like people get married right out of out of high school and are absolutely nothing to their names like my grandparents. They had nothing. Great help them out but. Our generation is we're waiting were getting married later are typically feature typically typical and that's why I said case by case basis but. If you already have a solid career and you together making six figures yet. I think it's a little it's a little pitch it's a little much hey you're letting your feet goodbye asked. Letting invitation. That's kind of the did the payoff now that's kind of the deal because you're going to this giant party which cost thousands. Upon dollars in okay dollar. That's not my well I didn't say I got. Little wedding and spend 90000. Dollars. And I don't and I don't by not sure we're getting married later. Typically it's it is it's not like it wasn't our grandparents got married. And maybe it's not your first set of items but I don't know I'm 34. Never been mayor needs a lot of possessions that I have. Are like my grandmother's hand me downs still like why don't deserve to get some new stuff. Okay you'd do well but you can bite yourself because you are 34 years old and by the time you get married you'll probably be 45 and you have a didn't even catch that I'll. Not flooding itself and and well liked by the time you do get married you. You've already got this put at curry for yourself and you know what's what's. More. His biggest gifts. Well my god I hate your here's the thing now guess fine given gifts but I think putting the wedge just for the wedding registry. On the invitation and leading like that like. Hey you're invited. By best stuff convinced this little this. So it's I mean it makes it does it make it easier 'cause and you know what to high. It makes a batter the Kabul because they're not gonna get a bunch of garbage the knock any use it it's Super Bowl parties and here's the thing. This our business and here's ultimately lie and sell against I don't care how rich you are I don't care how well I don't care what you have already if you're throwing a letting people are coming to it they should bring gaps and I think about it this way. It's like Social Security. Your entire life you go to weddings you've been buying into this system. You've been giving people a hundred dollar check her spending iron fifty bucks on this or doing this or that or this or that and then it's your turn to edit it you like. Not no thanks. I'm just saying I'm not even I'm not honestly am not even saying you shouldn't get a gift to your wedding. From money whatever it's it's the wedding registry so it's something a ballot. The way he's able Clinton. That we go to the wedding registry on this 88. Or so and it. Well you know. So well and also out. The items themselves tend to ease some of the most places like this things I've ever seen. Like these Egyptian cotton 1000 thread count today I actually thought. Don't really does this might inspired granite fruit Butler. You know what else your doing what neon lights. You or Robin. The man. All the joy. Of the wedding register because one of the most fun things every single guy who's been married that I talked to one of the most fun things like that things that makes up for all the didn't do the garbage meetings you sit there about all of this joins me this collar voters because got a bit. Care. Lloyd things makes up for it. And get that registry gun in your hands and you're going around Bed, Bath & Beyond it's like a while while west and well yeah mother did it oh yeah let's get back. Okay how about that how Beagle Lisa laser. Yeah. Some tweets come at their Embree got put our wedding website on the back of our saved the dates that put our our website registry on a separate piece of paper in the invite Uggla up. And out of the actual invite registries are popular and easier to give it that way than have every single person ask Leo well that it is game. It's not Rihanna saying there so can do it because you don't want to fourteen different stores looking at. Every little thing deciding what's best to get someone not knowing that actually use it or like it it's their day it's muzzle against something that they want that a reasonable price. Yeah milk and art carpenter I'm sure sure there on your side sits here until now ID 800 Jeanne his team PX like Gina. Do you agree. With the Whitney's ridiculous statement. I you'll. It and every regulating payment is and I get dull yellow because I've eaten up anybody in my wedding in I don't want anybody else. The sell this thing. You know my.