Crushing on a Doctor

Friday, January 12th

Our midday personality Whitney Young is crushing on a doctor she saw last week while she was sick with the flu and needs your help! 


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Every going to be in the studio. There. How little I. How early let me tell you and how are taken over your me today's economic sector during the workday which went here and say hi expand eat cheese you know what I. Or. Yeah angry guys the story that you told me yesterday I guess at least our audience can help you know so I tried but I feel like I'm just. I'm not helping at all when it. One of the I mean it's a predicament it's one of those situations. I'm packing my inner yet to come out because. I'm Whitney hasn't crushed and we're trying to be. That right 32 on. Seat. During. All my let them out Phil aria that and it revealed an odd on the story of this this guy you met who you know out of the crash and the problem has the story goes like most stories I had the flu and I was an urgent care. And lately and adding talent every great romance begins exactly every. And absurd that I think that's could be a top fifty sheets and I think since it. The pork like I. I go in there. So wine with a mask on this is last week. Slightly mask on and I'm sitting and waiting Alex wedding no makeup on repay all its lack basic X how bad. That this we you're out for over a week I was out for over a week I was literally on my deathbed. And urgent care my dad took me like it was announced it was at sixty. A crap about how well you will feel better exactly so I'm not thinking that I'm gonna go in there and happily is hot and because you're just up the one time that I had no mascara on enlighten no foundation nothing. And have a a mascot and Dickie doctor. So gums and he also has a slightly mask on. Very and I got and I and that's that the element of mystery right. And it even more trapped exactly. That I can opt for like a hot seconds that I got to seat okay US and hiding any horrifying like blemish Israelis move. To my chiseled job leads when he took this past glory. Now I ask him. If it hot. Here that I fever and doctor I'm having hot flash and art young for that to be yes witty and it's because you're sick with Pluto and at least at the weights and beat. And out. Now I swear I swear there was some. There was a moment though we thus far I it was a moment yes my New Year's plans are like twice. And is it because you were acting so weird to me and him uncomfortable you won't. Just kind of ease the tension. Conversation. I really we really this same age and I just felt like it was a moment but here's a leg. Doctor legally cannot obviously. Get on here oh well we don't we well that right eligibility because agreement NAFTA with you bike. You. Exactly would be incredibly professional for this sound right well especially about the sexual assault stuff down and very yeah. Here here's the deal is not illegal it's it's highly. And ethical and very frowned upon you to write it day at patient it's it's it's unethical frowned upon. Every the most parts like overly majorities has like and it's nothing you should do. Not just more like morally led morally every doctor we look you like I can't get rid of his license yet. Give me he's not I PCBs not my my primary doctor snow okay it's urgent care yeah. He's got a onetime little playing urgent care I don't well I mean code of ethics he senior medical record here. I don't know but I don't think that should stop a lot yeah I can't be I don't like to have both C block yet. Think about that now that I nobody's seen my medical record in the. I mean the conversation starter wolf here's the thing always doctors are allowed to date former patients that is for the most part pretty accepted. Rule of thumb but still I would have to reach out to hit that car you're you're isn't that the problem here not and a series. I don't even know rough but she's not your hot days. I got up and when she's got us on the map. Sure yeah he's treating her I am weighing you need like is there something in your eyes that viral kids under quite as I see. I'm going to get pink eye and check out settle how and why is supposed to not reach out because it's unprofessional. Yeah she should reach out. I don't know what I I'm at a total crossroads. United Arab explicit text I and a six NET jail if if you think that. True love was sparked you felt that moment. I think the only thing you can do is become a FaceBook stalker and finds him and reach up that way. Late Whitney I'll. That's something you'd like to tell well when it like he did all right. I might do summary you know his name was there. Up. We have a mutual friend. But it random person that's not and he could like message like hey what's that day. Played an action it's icy text like 69 each YouTube making their point. Then as you're wrapping up your big day. Asked for recommendations for our primary care physician when he gets my talent you fight it convert an ethical to ask you about it. You know I'll. The energy yet to answer your genius is. What illness can be cook up or you're a quack lovesick. Corps navy I don't know if you pupil assignment. Now I think we cannot slack and that's how next between your not in stuffy office at. Nice dinner and a real conversation. About what you bought it and passed when he and dollars notes likely mast not half the real questions that. To be done in electric what was your family I. At the end it's. Above guy. When was the last time York city and like normal that there are not dating a doctor questions let me check your nose ears now know everything I. Another deliberately and like. Yeah Bianca had come and get married you could name your kid after game you're welcome.