Is Corey James Whipped by His Girlfriend?

Wednesday, May 16th

Completely whipped or just being a good boyfriend? You decide! 


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It is an offensive term mean. Yeah well it's accurate news hiking. Being and we have to sixteen PX why nobody PX alive Corey James. Whitney. Is that necessary and that really. Really necessary why everybody there really get them my beer yeah Erica Pratt. Now where it's a lot. And we are dedicating its opinions on this I don't I don't believe I'm whipped by any means whatsoever you called this show. Tsetse TO -- 800 can win in the country excessive tax line six and 8222. We need to review we need to do a quick little review okay yeah I'll follow that this I'm so we're. Yeah writing done. Yeah so worried has been dating the lovely saint Courtney who I adore you guys at this has nothing to do Cink were in everything through Corey. Is done. The following. He's run several aaron's yeah. Serve don't call it relationship doesn't run. Well boyfriend what beyond the line what a lot of parents a lot of parents have been run capture. He has gotten make up at support his braved. The terrifying still are they did it for men that all of then but he saw a man like query that is supply has braved it and gotten make up for his girlfriend Asher and recently. He got his girlfriend's. Breast pedals. He went shock thing that that. They're actually they're nipple paddles technically in recovery and apples they are rest metals and he went and he got those for his girlfriends and I'll. And you see granite reasons to grand story and Ellis I near its answer he texted me a picture. Of and other identifiable. Item. That he had spray painted it gold in his the yard of his bachelor add. There won't do. I don't I don't see why you this makes me winds your Corey. You are whipped and this now aren't. I have a loving caring boyfriends. When I'm gonna help out my girlfriend I am more than willing to do whatever it takes on this when he go to extra outlined. I think why did as a negative thing lighting I exercises are if anything I should be validated and heralded prevents. Yeah that's where I want truck did someone playing in my honor. No. I'm not doing not. You're here's my thing here's my little bit at that you've been sacrificing. Certain. Basic needs like your nap and got yes there have been sacrifice single thing but I. Certain about the net app actually just dumping your not back at a golf so that's probably not it's. Such it's. I'm worried that you're not napping. Because you're doing things and that that's where that's where it he gets into the territory up. How wit is to win. And they're saying you won't do. The relationship Rick Perry you know. Or relationship. There's certain things that if she had active she ascended to do them I would say noted under certain lines lot. I mean if she asked me to get rid of nugget my cat. I'm not a not gonna do that sorry I mean that she's not really a cat person I hope so it's packaged just understand that. But so okay so in theory because she's not a cat person she has not asked this of you but theoretically you like she could at her she could have yet. And you would say no. Pat him for five and happier. He's your ABC my little miles per child's ball up sell out some of course there's certain things about lately about the beard shaved the beard. As you said you said now you your guns here because you've said that you will never shave the beard I saved it wants you want to say that you want. I saved it once I shaved it for kids with cancer literally saved it for charity for kids with cancer so what does that say. The idea I like Mike maggert stand as she likes the beard does not garlic so there's like it if it it. Meaning wet urges me just first up being smart's. I'm not just doing this for her by the lack. I mean the old adage of happy wife happy life is incredibly accurate and true yeah. If you're like hey honey could you dog run to the store in and and pick up some make up for me acid Knoll. The battle that would cause us hold our big Smart a Smart cards here is Ellis has come out you know nothing to do the wit. What about like I said I go back to the nap that's something where because we get up so early. You know sometimes I mean it's very important that you get your sleep it's a very important that if you didn't get enough sleep tonight before you get your happens that you're giving up you're giving up. Well that's part of your well be up. It is selling them giving up the now. Every day all the time that this is this she's go it's got a vet coming up that she's very very very busy and stressed with so I'm just trying to help them. I don't I detects coming in LA and would love to hear from YouTube YouTube not 800 yeah attacks I've always got a problem with the term wit ha. It's it's a term that jealous people use. It when someone is trying to. Step. I'm. So well and by the way somebody on the text line that I think we need to state scrappy guy. And Blake eased a bit boyfriend that wants his girlfriend to be happy I think. Listen I'm the first person you're may dear friend and the first person to say that you yes your great boyfriend as a third party. Objection of person you are great boyfriend. But it's. Just worry about your well being I just wanna make sure you're not going too far at and sacrificing. You lower my health help us exactly how. How I feel like I'm not I'm not on the brink I'm genuinely conspired by the psychological. 'cause I'm getting grass how I yell back there was a lot of that senator. We really apps that. It lets cut its strategic your Nadia on Gillette's name or account from. I don't and it caught. My legs this situation being let. Other. Admitted it. Art. Is when it went immediate Colleen. Boyd an out of body. All out or are. Now you know I can't share. No I don't think I mean what it act on that are new aren't there and you're right. Great play that's the other thing Whitney is I think it begs the kolbe. I think it's it's when it's a one sided yeah instance I think that's when you can bring to the boom which turned the situation but just. Talk isn't something I'm here and I will rest my case I got can you give me an equivalent something that she has done for yield that was equal to you going out and getting breast titles. She literally resource my entire spring wardrobes. And check it out. Her then yeah he's been a little bit of bowl in the cargo at sun may have been a little bit of selfishness bad. Still she does stuff for me all the time and that's why don't they get a number wit it by any means whatsoever. Just trying to be a good guy.