Corey James iPhone Nerd

Thursday, August 16th

Whitney says doing this makes Corey an iPhone nerd! 

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I may mean and iPhone and knew I am not. Neon. Glory to hold our morals he. You know Rory finally switching over from android's. Iphones. Took forever and yeah me to look tried amnesty for years at like ten years really like to dig my heels and I don't wanna do something out. But I'm told and what I'm told to do something. Really let it maybe not wanna do it I'm the same way I thought beards to like the Jonas Brothers for years. And finally an idea yet about the let good. Got all the earlier trying to learn all the ins and outs of of the outlook and this is different. It's very similar but it's different. In and you've already pointed out in my behaviors and apparently makes it quell iPhone nerd. It's so nerdy like your car. They iPhone. How can get it I needed until then I needed to jump in by Land Institute UG 9800 in the clip you excessive tax line six NE two too excited bully. Don't Iraq Whitney get this is you assume your new iPhone then then you're over there and you're like. Do you. Siri sad reminder for a blow. All the block it's just like no one really. Does that anymore I think you know I think would series' first came out it was like that novelty this is cool I feel like. Alexa is probably I guess probably has kind of taken over some people don't I'd never see people using Siri ever. I at ardea accidentally called. Danica technical. I'm now cereal box on the wrong name. The cycled serial Lex and you get a cult like all of isn't it an answer to stole stunning government and a relationship to some that would have been. I understand why what it's still it's easy year. So it's easier just to. A series. She on. Make a reminder. Odds day around 7 o'clock remind you that Whitney's a jerk. I'm at at. Your. Done it's done. And get a life you want a mile to the front. You know my birthday go to the processor code that brought us as the bad and it's not on Sunday and less and visited it is that the bunch that went temple. Between may 26 deleted may 2017 cereal last seven point oh million month. I seven point three million monthly users. Okay yeah. Siri usage an engagement drop since last year all seen across Google is how to Syria is not being used anymore and it's just. Don't know just kind of underachieving for Italy the second you get your rival general or are we like you can you said it yesterday shell said it. I know how well she's OK she's got it spot on the reminders really Killen and the reminder game not some of the direction to upgrade its trident. Actually I wanted to go to a specific Dunkin' Donuts yesterday. And when I said it leg with a cross streets were you told he. The engineers dug donuts is blah blah and Idaho Boise Idaho 3000 miles away here but now. Yes it's got to be dinners does it does. I didn't. Up by you know let you know you're being a live villain and I had me thinks you dot protest it too much focus here's the thing there are sold many things that make me a nerd I don't need to add anymore. Well RD it you've done it yourself. You are entered and you just need to embrace in Italy you should've done when I said that should elect. Yeah. I am but now Billick and lets it know I'm sit you have silenced me right away if you just again I guess it's. I'm doing thing that's nerdy until it started I haven't finds nerdy I'm finally admitting it this I'm not that's gutsy club. Six NET UTO still use Siri for reminders and alarms alt and call and driving. On C I don't you texted dad and no. I. Just exciting to tell.