Corey James: Handyman

Tuesday, November 14th

Corey has been tasked by his girlfriend to complete what would be considered a "handy" task. Anyone wanna take bets on if he screws it up?


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TV is the starter yeah. News at this point we're. Well we like to. Yourself that the world isn't so bad. A lot worse hit your aren't welcome to Gerri near DC critics as a text like 698 GQ Kara from Rochester is excited because her car started today. Little bit different you know helping to let my dad when we say it is a good enough to be some kind of life changing all the bad. Now I hung those tiny little things I cannot separate ground quite sad that she got an eighth utterly six and a million. A little things. Awesome thing Cora Jane young is I think yeah we have confirmed launch plans and different Chris or mr. Selig. Of that getting together and old friends and that a little while beautiful it exactly that were Todd Baxter and it you know we got a got a T single answer it yes it's that well and now. Can crunch the data and yeah. The weekends let's just part ourselves there instead investments include I its accident mine is actually could be life changing this is this is something. It never I've never been asked of before. I've been asked to do handyman project. But now. Are you ready are you okay because it well. I mean history show glory that you're lost in the panel that you've police blocked its Sharia but you know what I think about a meg in you know the pyramids in Egypt they were built. With one stone at first so you got to start somewhere right. One they need breaks first and then they clean it out and then they need like an architectural. Designs for and then they got to IC is sandy. Thank you sort of yeah. That would Vietnam's complex and advance archaeological structures in history well yes that was a few more steps involved. I mean neither pretty comfortable out we're talking of the most advanced. But there are met and complicated yeah exactly it's but they were adults and that sets yet I have been tasked. I'm my girlfriend's seen carting. To drill hole in the pack overnight stance and pull our strips there so that she importer cellphone and and have some more free outlets. First amazing dad let's say Courtney. This isn't seats. For putting up with you and say oh yeah. Asking you did you use to dairy. Complex task for someone who's not really a man. I don't really tough but meg and I inherited my grandfather's power drill so it's time to go to work. I feel like I can accomplish that how hard can be used to all right hang his point new poll thing amending his portrait sure. Our simple topic is what had a nice and as it is it like real blind or is it particle barter Platt sticker what does what's it. Malone will have you seen her nightstand. Dover plains and on with the media and touch it but I know can you tell by looking at what what it is the only usually at Matt we do that matter. Yeah well sometimes it's it's particle orders of the weaker you're careful and crack. I don't know I haven't. Haven't checked that that's a fact that he looked at any have you ever used your power tour I don't forget all. Heard you're getting issued your shower that that's a Q what two hours is that shut up yeah so I'll just. It car is showing all hole so you watch YouTube videos I think this. Just. Boy oh why at all. And because you got to chargers centered houses an extension court public ticker quarter each string chargers are. Many is the chargers yeah how how would it Mike ID CE wide enough to share in yeah but have Gallagher the whole thing though liberals in the tip of the guitar drone called. Bank Jerrold that Hampton a bunch of don't wanna play and why. I'm very happy acorn needs. Got it into the drill that's. They're called yeah for every announcement of my act for your card and I. Have you enjoyed your action to sell out or will I donated strident. Just my drilling a hole. I'm a little nervous about best Nam. I mean no doubt how fate. Not seek air anybody like Haiti and expert at this no island it is on my own. On this to be my bank and don't you think and being overly cautious because you are just really the whole night stands. But you. Aren't silly. Ares I get a. Say and that but it's time did. Turn turn a new leaf magaw misses this is the first that drill through that drill goes into that night stands new man. Now here your girlfriends say corgi do. She's a saint. You just didn't want to borrow your drill into herself she is quite a DI wire herself. Now announcing. Moments. The text reads I want to drill hole in the back of the nightstand and pulled harsher threw away. Just never really did specifically asked me to do itself. A.