Corey is Fan Girling Over Whitney's Dad

Friday, June 15th

And after meeting him at 98PXY Summer Jam last night it's only getting more intense! 

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He'd been getting a lot of different perspectives. From different people from last night's 98 picks last summer jam. Seem TX live the nanny picks up about electric James Whitney Young Fella he did get one more breaks the gas line right now. So. Very busy wanted to call this the higher deal and after. Many picks awesome gem last night. Movement post. Heard outside party so our. I got dots like at 915. And though it hurt it. He's been talking a lot this morning. Off the air. About the essence and we thought we'd we'd share this with Kia he added that there's a lot of amazing. Parts of that night and of course all the performers the crowd was unbelievable meeting so many people was amazing. But I think what my favorite parts. Was finally getting to meet you in person. Up. An NN I'm not exactly like not. Hook or now what. It would be or just just awesome just shear off the net. And I'm not saying it's just because father's days on Sunday. They were surely from the heart. Boy I appreciate that I was awesome meeting you there I've been looking forward for and then. It was good to finally get to shake your hand and I'm not saying hey it's possible that. I think I've also learned a valuable lessons since you know I'm working with your daughter now. On I believe you mentioned we brought the story not to long ago of when she woke you up at 4:30 in the morning to bomb to kill a spider for her. You know as a grown adult yet. There's a live on both coasts by herself on the cameraman to spider. He did kill one the other well that that those eyes and and I were sitting on the patio and outlook and hassle me about going spices that was and I am not. Moving my career in terms of their product. Well the Celeste and he told me and I aren't ya de. What you want is going to happen one way or the other either you do is doing it and get in no way or going to line. Well that's all. That's true about 99 point to them but I'm in my experience but this duplicate defining moments. Both honestly couldn't believe. Now to add just I acting before we let you down. It's something Corey talks about a lot. EG give us a quick little pilot voice that. Opinion girl he's star struck every time. It would let her look at her song played on the radio. Oh look but he. I don't know what what I say morning New York senator gulfstream by terrified Juliet surely check in in likable or one. They'll go. So I. I. Oh yeah wanna go winds and I'm in here blow bird you know on our district don't tease me. I'd Syria. They'll look Muller won it and then you can even our New York. Yeah are you sure that. I feel like one of the girls like bill yesterday.