Corey the Cable Guy

Thursday, March 1st

Corey's girlfriend St. Courtney joined the show to tell the tale of him attempting to hook up her new HD conversion cable boxes. If your guy isn't very handy this is something you'll be able to relate to!


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Did sly. And your PX like Corey James Whitney Young. Hey you for the chance at a thousand dollars and thank you cash coming up this morning in less than twenty minutes to listen to that keywords. At 8 o'clock we need to bring in a special guest on the show them do you. My dear loving girlfriends and court him. Adding it's like the president. We get the music that's cool I have them on the music part of this twit. That's my radio I now I don't have anything music poll that's fine it's fitting. So we needed to address. Something. If you are a spectrum customer you may have noticed that. What they've been telling you. Floor I feel like a year now has gone into effect that if you wanna keep your cable you can't just get it from the law anymore you have to get one of these boxes from the wall. Yeah like you just to have the coax cable and he connected from the Walt the TV. I get that anymore. Because it's it's all HD got so. My. Loving girlfriends and Courtney. Give me frantic text the other day say might. Hi it's. I'll app then when her on. That well and Mike on my power and better a lot. About the problem. Cell eyes she asked the pocket help quick. Order ordered the the boxes you know they showed up the other night I was over. Now I was there to be the hero now. Hero. Like Superman music you can blame I you know no no your son of equity would be doubling in just like it's like it doesn't it. Definitely not as. Or. Are all. Let's session of the area a case so it may have taken me. A little longer than just its own supplies. You are in London at ambulance in and this is our. Cable boxes and amount. LA. And you need it at night and it does not work and at a but that is like an opt outs. I believe that you heard your techie nerd can do that kind of stuff. And I. Are. And it an enemy act that that are quote unquote beast that app on my countless spirit in idiotic that I'd. Been back and but now. Not from my darling well well. The about it. No you don't get a tackle defend myself. I. App and end up in it. My patent law and great and well I'll let worry at its creditors. It. Hair and a I. I don't end there and it does admit that I like the works or not in app at all. That's your credit is set up camrys. Box. HDMI cables and the other actor collects all and that the power source. Comment on. Can I just I'm so glad you guys have been dating is like yeah is that this is like weeks ago I think it might be a deal breaker you know she's very aware of minuses. Okay. Well and it everything and at the moment. As. And I come back and one apartment later at a bank ever worry and it acts. I know I'm back now all our and I I now. He needn't turn out that amounts. And backed by the way out being a problem that. Beat the map like instructions that they're cousins look. Now I have the map like one that I like nineteen pages long I have get to you this coded this and put this in there and try to decipher or not it's working some -- frustrated. Now now I. I. As. Here and that that line. In the back. Now and 08 you all own number. And. I was distracted by the map like that not read the gigantic. It's literally the size of the box. Literally and there it is it is a giant cardboard peace. Roll. Out why. They're up at. Night. And turned out. I. Know I mean. Com. I had acted. Out. At me I'll. Surely zealot that's on simple I just say two things. Number one Courtney you really are saints and number you cori yet don't for your sake IKEA never comes to Rochester because I shudder to think of yeah. I answer now and all that bad comedian of our relationship and on that battle he added I'll.