Cloning Your Pet

Monday, March 5th

People are very upset with Barbra Streisand for cloning her late dog Samantha. Is it selfish or are people just jealous because she's got the money to do it?


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Never experienced the heart and bring. Losing an animal it's been how terrible it is seen PX life and not you PX lines we James Whitney Young nineteen Debbie downer on your Monday morning. If you got a pat has passed away. A member of your hand. Oh absolutely. Yeah and anybody who doesn't have a yeah just can't understand tonight can I mean when buying Canada grew up with. Passed away kitty all the ripe old age of eighteen. I wrote you achieve. Can read on the radio show that I had this in Virginia you still haven't. I'd try to dig it out but I can find all kitty I may have cred on the and that's like one of the two or three times of crab meat. But it's sure it's like losing a family member that it's it's heart you know and their irreplaceable dislike them number absolutely and if you've ever like I don't know if you had to put TD downer if kitty died. Naturally but I had to put my doctor now on can answer that what is it hold itself with that in mind. What if I told you your pet live for. Is that something you'd wanna take inventory tell me more look exactly forever talking about loaning your. It's Barbara Streisand actually I was in the news recently that she clones. Actually she made two clones of her dog passed away just yet to replica dogs right now. Of the one that pence to duplicate a three legged dog Samantha that's what you love Samantha while needed to dogs replace her room. But people are freaking. Out right now and they've said that it's incredibly selfish. And that there's so many animals out there that need homes is waiting in these adoption Sanders said. Would love to beat Barbara Streisand is new that's. Now instead. Of the selfish route in Chico loans. Are dead dog looking live at. See why it's not so much for me that it's like a selfish thing because she probably. And I Felix she'd probably go get a really expensive dog from a breeder regardless it's not like she was. Going Hewitt died she's not going to means you're at your local kill shelter and right. Isn't an animal or right probably not because it looked like in the picture she had a cute little designer docs out. But for many of the cloning thing it's just it's just weird it's just weird. We're trying to play god. All I mean you can even say the same floor having influence on what gender your child does after after going through that like it's the same kind of thing you're you're playing. You are you're kind of playing has got a little we had an influence. Over the gender. There is a bully you could try at least in their Sanders procedures that can be done to try and increased the chance that it's going to be. One or the other that is so weird that freaky I. So we don't like I don't like playing got they don't like that it thinks something's needed just to let big out of thing about this thing about. George. Into her dog. You're adorable dog sure she can you imagine. He could just be there. Liked him George goes away. George goats the farm right and then new George shows up. See you wouldn't it I don't believe I don't believe the whole cloning thing it's like okay cool it's it's. The same DNA but it's not that it no is that you think personality this. And it's not as it's not this seems spear it's not the sings soul. Module and a girl deepened I getting real. Yeah because maybe physically it's the same the same physical. Entity but it's not just so just tricking yourself. Don't get a dog looks similar that seed that's that's gonna say is my family we've had three different dogs during my life and all of them had been sheep associates include all he had on so you know when we Muster enough promise I don't. She seemed she says. So when we got our third dot wick George. We were calling him. Frank which was our second dot because they looked so much light as the Joker was that it is who's gonna be is actually implement no it was like a Freddie it's what it was like I. Yeah frankly wanted to I mean Chris I got I got app as a as a real it was a real you know ninety game. For anyone who is upset. Barbara Streisand for doing this or anyone who would do this spot away and you use the logic of this is going to make it so regular people are gonna policy she's a role models. Matt pretty more and more people are gonna call other animals is to be more puppies and kittens that are gonna happen. I if you look at how much it costs. If you wanna close and your dog. And cost you 50000 dollars. To article in your cat actually 5000 I love that cat is half the price of a dog idling its PS. That's got to change to close. Land around so I think it is exports. Just put your torches in the water put them out it's gonna be just fine unlike any.