Cheated on a Cheater Karma

Thursday, September 13th

A listener told us an unbelievable story about cheater revenge...

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We got to get to defeat in a second what needs now to start your day is coming up at TP XY and honey PX I had. The talk to the guy addict is called into us got a hold right now he didn't care but in the voiced anger but I lack assays and Ali for the best. You have one of the most insane revenge cheating stories. I think I've ever heard in my entire life I had to do an effort twelve years I've heard a lot of insane story is. Yours is crazy eyes so walk us through this this there's a lot. I so I have both been plagued career back Thursday that girl bottom. We've got to love it great hit of getting pregnant. And she asked me that it about it here orderly and yet we America. As. It approach then be achieved at about a month about eight months pregnant at that point. She breaks out and tell me that there but can't hit that might not be my. House halls. So we're already engaged to be aborted due to her but my parents think I'm getting narrated. My mom loved that girl. Yeah I do it goes pretty devastating for everybody especially me I didn't. I had colder weather get a hell anybody. We had talked through it we had already gotten their bar and it blew it might hit you know I said you know we're gonna just make it work. And turns out it wasn't my. And humid in this guy. For. Like Ali or months. Look like in the like well I would dating her and they were with the other regulate it's it. But she married yeah I'd boycott but there it was devastating and outline a match or American. Bald now. I that this president Dave Byrd Ben like. Three years past that I have broken up I briefly broke up with a long term relationship applied not a similar situation always add up well our. Well I've started taxpaying. My act from years back and I think did and it merry. And we've been hanging out well Mike you bet we end up we banned hooking up now at this point. And I feel. Like I feel like garbage but then at the same time at this point now. Heard her husband or whatever obviously adding it is rain and the he would tell you that. They are picky about players third they haven't done it they all that and now. I'm in a situation where I had. I know like this. That they can put it really odd. Read this article about it a lot going. I'm sort of person like reverse Carmen LA like this happened you look you know how it feels to be cheated on but now you're in the situation. But it's like. I don't now it's all very complicated. Yeah it. Well that's pretty much met and the worst they had field. It's obviously I know it's not good but now on manipulate. And I'd like the border like that bit terrible fire out and dole and back when that ball have been like after I broke up with their her. Baby daddy at the time that they weren't married yet I'm going to jail conference. Go to jail like. A four month period until like bearing that or month period in her like she hated me covered me. And we did talk about the idea of maybe. Our. Trying to work something out where we didn't and but ultimately I couldn't get over it and what they ended. Little time period I ended up sleeping where it on my roommate. And she had a body out of about it. And bill like that today in light up and we obviously deputy you know we respect each other anymore credit then it's. Now all of you cheated back. Yeah I can you do remains well yeah. Guy. He then I mean he kind of come back so I mean I guess. I know what they'll feel bad but like that you feel bad because they're legitimately married which means I'm gonna be all right here that I thought. There are not a break Barry. Yeah now. I think I think you just need to separate yourself from that situation I I know it was probably in it gave me this ticket there's a lot but I have some trotted. To keep it all straight is the same girl that had a kid right. Yeah bitter or did she originally I had like let's break it that it would mine wasn't my. And. And until time ran out and run. Runaway. I know I was are appropriate voodoo that you can't I can't imagine what it was like for you exit. Define that how I mean eight months she's eight months pregnant you're engaged think you're moving on the next senator lights and that that Kirk Balkans I don't know where it's bright and ahead. That is to take it this this is the only way you can take it ticket as the biggest blessing of your life has now I can just move the apps. Rod draw a line and you're way. It's toxic it's it's bad dude I'm telling you go to therapy. That should be stepped CO and talk this up about you're gonna have major relationship issues with any when he's moving forward because that's. That's traumatic wasn't as dramatic. Yeah there was it it it. The idea of putting your right you had better are in the mile at voluntarily. Major but is it. You're going to relaying going into it what you went there that's completely understandable yeah it sucks and it's not your ball and you are messed up right now but the fact we still have a shred of Islip kind of feel bad about this that's a goods under yeah. Yeah yeah absolutely remove resolve that situation never speak to her again because he is nothing but trouble she sound. Is selfish champion at least sell and it's it's hurt her what she wants before anything else. Brown mentality remove result that situation. And try and move on a delight in trying to bounce back from this that all you can do. And don't. And just you know we don't feel guilty just you just got to move on that's I mean you got it at compartmentalizing is is kind of the the strategy and I know it's a big thing to cut compartmentalized but he got a drive that's that ultimately it is working out positively for you. Our. I mean you know take it aren't you want to that's that's you know that's my opinion. For tiger.