Changes to the Office Holiday Party

Monday, December 4th

Some companies are making changes to their holiday parties this year in response to the sexual assault allegations that have recently been in the news. One suggestion went as far as to say men shouldn't be allowed at any open bar event. 


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Monday it's great seeing his name. On vacation when you're young Phillip yeah hello we have a brand new dirty work coming up for you like. And 30 this morning. With needs and that's your first line I know I'm really excited and I'm excited how are you nervous a little attachments I know the normal feeling yeah. To be just fine coming Vienna for 7:30 this morning but not as you get into law holiday. Party time and a we have ours coming up on Wednesday you know camp. It's going to change. Because of the recent allegations are. Of the number of men in power who have been brought down by sexual assault allegations. We we knew we were seeing these things happen to people who are celebrities. And extremely powerful people but we knew sooner or later there was going to be some kind of trickle down effect. Exactly I was just to say that the trickle down the ticket down Faxon. And Patrick about a facts. Could be. Taken place holiday party ES. I saw one. Company. That says. And response to this. They are eliminating. Having an open bar at the holiday party wow the they're gonna do drink tickets. You get to and then let's go through your sill managed just not alcoholics to us Steve nada I think that's a great great idea. Because. I was actually going to say when we were you know talking about this a little bit earlier I feel like. No when she got more than two drinks at an office holiday party there's no reason no reason do you think if that was the rule on anyone would go to lot of wholesale power. Yeah. Mean listen like if you're if you're just trying really gotten get drunk you can do that any time like your office holiday party. It's time to light you know have some fun with your co workers maybe still work. I'm not saying get. Bomb to mean obviously that's not a Smart idea and if you bat to rob a solid party you've probably seen that person absolutely I remember one and when you're Virginia Beach while one of the ladies that worked there with literally carried out of the bar all night guy. And it was embarrassing and you don't want that to happen but here's what bothers me about this and what makes me nervous. Is they're taking. Everything away they're they're they're essentially treating us like kindergartners. And holding her hands to make sure these things happen as adults. Isn't that frightening. It also does is it's it's creating this society where it's making us feel like every one is a predator. Well if you've been watching the news lately you'll see that every one Null element all of these well all of these people that you thought relate. Good guy he's good you know one not all of them I'd I didn't necessarily say the majority of them we rely. That makes sense. Right now I disagree I think that there are definitely been some people that it's badly. Our come on I grew up with Matt Lauer and like he's always. I heard whispers I OK we had whispered whispers like he was the first celebrity I ever match like when I went to The Today Show and I was eight years old he's a household name he's a father like huge shirt again. I feel like something. Like you said the trickle down effect something has to change because this isn't just happening in Hollywood this is happening everywhere it's. It's not put its in this what I worried about and I'm glad. Add that this has come around yeah obviously it's going to lead to good change but inevitably what happens these situations this this other example is we course tracts. But we over course correct it's making it seem like every male and everywhere it's some kind of sexual predator or rates and it's simply not the case. Well it's not the case that every man as it does it's it's a small percentage but. A tighter now as a man right now yeah it's not a rapists who was not a sexual predator. We feel like one. Yeah right right do you feel like you're being shamed for something you haven't had a pretty punished for something. And we are and we are terrified right now not stepped in it. Trust me when it comes down. This is like when there's an attack on a city best ideas never safer the day in the day after that attack because we are on alert for all tell. Tell you right up you got needs to have some kind of to drink rule men are going to be on their best behavior from here on out trust me. Right and unnecessary. And it's stated this kind of pathetic. No see I think you say that but then you get a little bit of that alcohol flowing in at every single office every single office has won. Guy that is capable of that one creep into whether you're an opportunist or predator like I think it's a spectrum but every office has that I. As a woman you know who's been in the professional field fur I've got an Alec five years since I graduated from college. I have Ben in situations not here but at previous jobs. Really inappropriate on uncomfortable things that happened and there was alcohol in those situations so you alcohol to the situation. And it gets real slippery real real clack. Nodding it's coming it's knee jerk and a I think it's it's is now I don't think it needs to happen I mean he could jump pickle the explicit text on six NE TT how would you feel. He went into work today and you got back you know you have your holiday party coming up. Let's say you know obviously we know alcohol served at our of that because of the recent allegations of all these celebrities anonymous actually. It's not it's not no alcohol it's just that it's a tutoring Maxtor. Which she be fair especially its liquor you don't need more than two drinks at work about. The crowd that's I think that's a different debate how I just don't like where it's coming from because again I I over correction. On an is not the problem or do men misty did you know be. Realize more what's happening I think we all are because because again we are all freaking terrified it's to have this happen to us when it's not truly our heart and we were actually you. To be worried about it happening she was on she didn't do anything so these guys that are all paranoid it's like if you didn't do anything you have nothing to worry about your fine you're good keep living your life yet. Well I they'll be nicer that was the truth I don't think that's what can and spotted out what's legal past two trades at about an outlet I bet it's gonna go crazy.