Can We Still Use Technology as an Excuse?

Friday, April 13th

Is technology failing us the 2018 version of "my dog ate my homework"?


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Favorite time of the year. Chemical or exam since the yeah. And even more herself for height and his whole yeah minister economic or van. This had to be a panic moment in and schools across our area. All across our area don't press your state so apparently a few days ago some students that were taking multiple choice exams on computers for IB ELA exam for common core. Had a budget enters pop up as quote unquote a system error. Other schools couldn't log into the exams all the other morning. Other schools are parting having students were completely lost after mid major to examine the system crashed all. Problems based on various glitches from the assessment company that provides all this testing to New York State schools so the Education Department set. They recommended that they delayed the testing is lighter later in the day. Are you another day and that and Constant Contact with the schools more than one million students are eligible to taking the dams. The common course standards in the New York State. It's not that. I think it's arson conspiracy it just keeps precipitate dump common core. And I guess it tells me that yeah it's more fun speculative frenzy but. It is to be that as well. C student school administrators were bare. And so all these things happen salt students were not getting saved it because they still think that computer problems. Don't work as an excuse anymore in 28 seem like we've all used it and I don't think it works anymore. Yeah it's essentially V. My dog ate my homework of Tony eighteen Wright said exact date. It is little. At least that's it it's the most used excuse that's not accepted that is the most ruin excuse. I mean well and that being said. Dogs probably still do we don't work it does happen look stylish but no one believes you and you're like yeah. For the big project bonds and end up I know the deadline today but right shooter crashed. Believes that little. I mean backing college. Whenever I would I whenever makes recently did it all the time which ended. I whenever I use the excuse of my computer. Rose. Alex your your work late and I'm sorry could you just paper made an extension my computer froze and I can't get it up it drove it appears to. Eric how does of course absolutely now eating the same thing in the real world and twenty cheated it's like well didn't you black backing up on the clock. Well there is that there's certainly more latins are safeguards in place in the word back in the day but every. It does still happen you're right yeah. Yeah. Now she's completely unreliable for the most part doesn't matter how new year and it is there's always glitches as always bugs second screw you Latin. Again it's frustrating when that happens a minute it happened to all of us that aren't out there right nothing more frustrating to make it out of my control yeah. And we know how much you love can try publish it but this is all our own fault yeah because we have abused the my computer froze excuse for years and years and years now. When it didn't really happen. And now. People just don't believe it anymore lake we've run into the ground this is. It's not all in all pet society. Her lying in making excuses and coming up with yes examples of why you're getting a bad news us. Any lesson re all. When these things happen what is New York State was like our employers or our professors. End. We say. Up cones I couldn't get my English eggs and on my computer crashed a little bit what they like then like the AG GL OK sorry great saves and and ice dragged. Thank you can't or right you should did that it did them for being suspicious. How to talk. Economic times that people use that as an excuse before it's true like to do. Like art but does it enter your refused these technologies sucking as excuse to they have perfectly working computers all the time and if so I would love to know what they use. Who backs them. Up up on what I did arsenic at. Eagle or just like yeah I don't I can't lie at best I just fix it. I guess it's is because of the fact that you can't really prove that. Negate your war against some thing and then your computer freezes and it's gone. Notice there it is that the USI guess that's all the fixes you would need like videotape yourself all the time every time. Not that you aren't doing any project and don't worry the government working on that. Who gets what eventually why. I object and others watching T Tucci are not a hundred referenced that. Saying that half a computer crashed her blending technology and liars for getting it done is basically the 2018. My dog ate my homework. Which is barrel level for personal right now Tutu and you're not 800 good morning. Yellow belt might 89 and I'm. It actually did. If you get a cheering crowds and how does that suit but she definitely alert so I wrote a note and send an outcome. A they didn't stand a nice on the a couple of years ago. When he would still your clay I have no idea what to I don't think a I am a secret that's for sure. I live bug could try how old is your son. Do you encounter is now an engineer I staging but the computers can't go to Allentown incorporate them you've been experiencing all the tests. Just a lot lately like that. That are relevant again. Now what kind of dog is your job. It's album I'm. You can't feel it back there a 100% frequently gamma and Thomas we need to let you on things we picked up yet you can't recover some mild bills. Is that. Aren't I can't answer me Susie to collect or you're out there but now it bring it up straight and she's. Oh.