Can we prevent gun violence with kindness?

Wednesday, February 21st

One teacher has a theory and some suggestions for ways we may be able to prevent violence - through acts of kindness. 


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Mean he acts why whit not Carter or Corey Mather yeah and other Carter scored today it is Whitney young and dad and say and we are. Still trying to wrap our minds around its last week's shooting it's been my counselor yeah I've been a week. You know what I think. Every time this happens. Well one understand like what was the motive why like. And there are so many factors. We have because obviously no one wants this to happen again so you have that you have to analyze these things. To try and prevent it. Right exactly and exile last week on Friday Corey and I had a psychiatrist come on and I you know talk about kind of some of the different things that go into this what what's going on in in a shooters. Greens and what leads them to do this and those things is social isolation which. We know that mean we know from previous shootings you know bullying is a part of it but also social isolation. So one teacher according to reader's digest has a strategy to stop. You just shootings in schools by preventing. Loneliness and social isolation in the first place and her students. You know and obviously today it's all very complicated like gun was and is so there's a lot to you it isn't. Yeah and by the way like just disclaimer we're not gonna have no early this morning and no no we're not solving that today so. Under an hour right meant that exactly. Yes so it is teachers theory. We could potentially stopped some of these kids from getting to that point of wanting. To hurt other people. Just through kindness and inclusion and likes you know starting at the beginning like. Making sure that they're not it's being isolated right getting to that point is actually. It sounds so easy it's easier actually it's easier than we think probably. Yeah just to do that shoot to you know reach out to people you know what there's a school or even need these things are isolated C schools at work people get isolated at work. I'll absolutely. It takes it and yeah they can in every day they sit alone they go home they feel like nobody notices badly there's so much of that in the world and it's your right it's not just at school and it takes three seconds out of your day to just reach out in the person. The murders like hello how exactly do you look nice today Alex yes done just acknowledging them. I mean you know I remember when I was in high school and middle school and elementary school I mean all throughout school of their work. You know there are the kids that sat a loan at lunch and so like Gloria you if you're in school if you see somebody sitting alone at lunch I mean that is just like. That is like the most that is the saddest thing to me you know so late Dennis it would Diaw right yes. IE I changed school systems so when when I went to rule my serve and high school yes I went from a wig onto it a Catholic grade school now it's my public high school. And that that would first. Now few weeks act of like just even deciding where to sit for launches that. Is the kind of terrifying all my guy is really he really is. And I was thankful that I had Mets and people that were really kind and generous and they had an extra seat of their table get offered me to sit at their table. Which looking back I think that was cute he's so these people the other one guy I'm in his wedding you know Lleyton and laughed out this year. And so reach out to random people not only could you be saving them from a dramatic you know it really is kind of dramatically kid you know. Som. Yeah yeah exactly well and and and going back to being like and you can't I. I went to five different elementary schools and I ears are in six years kindergarten yet just so happened I went. Yet now no we moved around a lot when I was a kid so you not like an army brat area I'm not I'm not I just it was like there were some. There were zoning typically like my school got rezone every neighborhood got resound at one point and then like moves and yet I was just. That's half Sarkozy and new kid on a lot at a very young age and fortunately. You know there were there were people who invited me to you know to sit with them and be friends but. I can't imagine how different my life might have then if I hadn't I don't know like that it's just. It's that it's you know appear in gym class and Sony doesn't have a partner and their standing there alone the knicks kind of looking around lake. You know I don't know I think that if if we could and this is not obviously like a like we said there's so much more to this than just like. Being kind didn't have but I put small things and all the things date exactly is a little angry hitting somebody. And not allowing. As many people may be to get to that point just being likes will better yeah and so hostile and. Yeah we tried that today if we all like to take five seconds seasoned one just you know. So I'll say hi yeah just go along went perfect exactly many PXY.