Can Halloween Costumes Be Offensive?

Monday, October 23rd

Should Halloween costumes get an "offensive free pass" just like they get a "skanky free pass"? 


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Did you not theater could be excited to explain it's exciting to choose a lot you the ridiculous amount of pollen in customs that I saw out about this weekend are so many parties like we are talking about doesn't Rihanna from a processor. On Friday. That and d.s is like the pre game weekend where you can test out how it goes over well Scotland Yard had their other custom content they are dead they did and I'll bunch a places that's Halloween parties you. And doesn't think he's FaceBook. For showing me that this. And Rochester. Not any better when it comes to offensive seek it's snowing I don't know what did you see. It's not clear data that nasty guys really did not your daughter but thank you supposedly the people snapping picks of like this relates to at least even. I saw it pictured at some boasted of a sexy border control agents know I got a bad thing I saw that on line before don't had an accessory with her don't know her boyfriend's. Who is dressed as a Mexican that she was dragging behind her she. I wish I market and up and then I also saw this from actually like a friend of mine I was like wow dude what are you doing he was wearing a Harvey Weinstein wrote. I was a white robe at hw and its pro friend let dressed with the side that's a hash tag meets. So Harvey Weinstein. I hit doubles loss at then get another chance low punch in the gut guy. Hey look I'm not personally aware it does costumes. Material should this be expect I don't know and I being like too sensitive my being a sensitive little bear thinking like. That. Tests. Yeah. But am I intestinal snowflake like everybody likes to come everybody's dance mega. I think when it comes the Halloween there's a couple of free pass rules to come and play one of those free pass rules is the free pass Foreman to dresses yankees they want TO free of judgment right evolve. That we've known that capsule right side this is the jury where you know it's gonna judge you but you know people are to judge it. All cities do you like this can't openly say to them anymore because it's now it's Halloween so I think it's called into the same category is. You can be as offensive if you wanna be. People finally judge you but you get the free pass to do it that way because you should expect it. Writing I can people sides but not when it comes to like the best rap thing. Advantage just because it's affected me personally. You know I I think that you. There are some people out there are a lot of people out there writing comments on a pretzel like this is a leader is about fed and other I think is as funny and I'm like I. How many of you actually. You or a loved one touched by assaults but no I am and how this story like rings surety and angst. Rocks your soul all I'll let you know I DNA. Maybe if you find it funny that's OK I feel like if you if you struggle every day with this and having to live with this because hockey or how to love when you're not quite. And that's okay does make a snowflake. Is. Make you value it does it's a few America grow up its just Halloween but you know you're reminded of that old time ball OK yes I certainly understand your coming from. There's things though in this world that everyone is literally founded by cell. Just because something that happens yearly just to Madras is up as tennis is an you know an extreme example some addresses up ads. Like a matchbox car like well when I when I stepped on what it really hurt my foot this offends me. Corey. That's ridiculous that's the most ridiculous analogy I've ever heard about tiger mountain giant but it is not. The same as being sexually assaulted and that it seems that when wearing a Harvey Weinstein estimated. This day. Did you take on face now exiting what happens as we see these things in the affect us personally so we we recall. How it makes us feel that doing this they're not doing it to try and make anyone feel bad they're trying to yeah. To try to make a reaction to remain at mission accomplished guy acts but I. Well crises and tax evident that up people were like you know what I've lived it but I choose to laugh I've cried at that angry enough. No assault is funny however dressing up as a person his all over the news for Halloween party. It's OK let's rest this chart is Charles Manson Hitler Q Hafner suicide bombers might not like I've never seen that. Had I not been on yeah I understand your point maybe it's a little too soon but life is too short to get anger all the time. Everything to me like honestly everything in a stroke can be a trigger for you in some way to make it a negative feeling if you try. I think that's a rat right now is. His people are kind of on edge obviously with. Given the climate network is dealing with so I the next ads and I'm not judging you fry you feel but I just think when it comes Halloween is not gonna take it faced nightmare. They are just being stupid they're just stupid that's Marlins are stupid that's an issue that's pretty serious to people it is I mean they're coming. Again you just mentioned some examples the example. The priest and altar boy you can test drives or I. That cast him I think it's an original and prosecute on that and you got that way to purposely shot people I think it's exactly it that's bucket early out there. It's something it's gonna offend people but how far would you go if you dressed up as Hitler now that's messed up do you collect that's messed up to a. That's hilarious let me take a picture with you undoubtedly win now but I'm also but I'd also like a lock up to them in the middle bar really view. Easily view I view would you really. Okay this an us. If your side uses solid red river is absolutely it does add a button like dude seriously come on blast at the front loaded it was a stranger to you still what does that have ruined absolutely don't. Don't need help melt the and it's like yeah I got a group here to exact. It's for melting. Down where you lie Eliza hobby once pristine custom have a bloody nose. I think it's scary there's an.