Is Buying Bitcoin Stupid?

Wednesday, December 13th

Could this cryptocurrency be the key to you getting wealthy or too stupid to even be considered an investment?


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It's other important people from the city of Rochester got together for a off financial wellness and early minutes yet this is as say the past we do some good. It was basically just a giant. Boomer and lift. Yeah. Perry is that (%expletive) I'd sell up to register yeah do pretty they've got some good financial wins for 27 times over left bringing some positive financial impact. We hear her financial staff have. Yes especially recently like between now and all of a sudden this big big point phenomenally. Ali act. I can't believe that sorry seventeen and I'm still hearing about that points. Megan. I'm just past the stuff that I don't I knew that I have I know being new way. Animal medical worker locked into the studio yesterday I think. DJ CNB a relish the bridge and you want to yesterday and he was talking about. How he has invested some money in Tibet Colin for not aware this is it's public crypto currency. So a cot it sounds kind of crazy and like futuristic and Spacey in like not real. But it's a it's a real thing. So bitcoin was basically created. Com it's changed and then every two you could buy things up the black market and he had let the charter debts of the elect people used to leaders step. Yes it's untraceable that is one of the reasons. But right now it's it's facing. An incredible boom like unbelievable. You know how much just one because there's jerseys actual good the coins and in my outline for them. These digital coins worth over 171000. Dollars on top seeds why. Larry why. Every night the maid this fascinating people aren't sex with this audience going on in on an odd about that every time and slick. I remember you is cheap now is fan. And maybe eleven or twelve there music this bar and restaurant until that called colony. And it's. We should go do karaoke or actually went there with new politics after just like things mermaid. But at the wall that sent week's L. He then. I dual resurgent Mike. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard mixed. It going to do if I to flush that toilet put away the money out like that zone not you don't say we're an amendment. It looks. So from five bucks to you. Over 171000 a jump up at 171488. I had bought. War. That show up. Soon the year about several houses let's. I. I just for I want to HH one eat something nagging in and she'll cower in Newton joke. We've all experienced that like all of us the when Google first came Alec. We should do. She intestines Google thing and I are kicking yourselves like edit every single person. The reason they want time travel to be invented it's they can pull back and fix those raw he did not appear at the clock up. Hot but instead I could be. I get a could have been a 171000 other. I every time people try it this bit yeah do you seal which is going up easy and I just gone up. Scene much it's gone up sixteen onyx has gone up. But it. So I I tossed stupid I tufts to. I talked to my financial advisor about this because it's now starting to become valid enough for people actually certain I think. That this is gonna be good investment opportunity. Com and everything I've read and what he told me as that. As of right now is so incredibly unstable because there's massive Johnson a jump opted to 700012. Later it's down to fourteen and I don't know regulation. Yes at any point really lead the US government could come through and kick the door down and out in China. The I believe they've handed or they have a strong regulations on it so at any moment if you have money invested in this. They could have. This collect sell well my financial advisors said was do not treat this as an investment opportunity it's not what it is essential when you break this down. It's gambling. Like that's what it is it's his gambling you might as well go to the log out and throw a thousand dollars on you know on rent. Look at the stock market is gambling too if you look at it that way. Because yeah. He's got as good and that's a little more stable this is does it have what all experts describe this as is volatile. That's what they describe it and they're dirt kind of comparing it to a lot of the bubbles that happens to housing bubble that burst. Obviously it's not gonna have as many damaging effects as that did because. This is owned and an affect people that have inaugural Dyson put their money there are confused you too you don't need to buy like. Well one big corner to be you can buy like a fraction even put down whatever money you want to put on five dollars. And then if it goes up again you connect that you can make more money obviously I know I know people personally who have over the past month tripled their investment. Yeah but that's still wouldn't have been the amount of money that it would had a pipeline one inch. Monitor yeah all we can't go back and fix that but. It is actually came at a mosque or. That open Wiki PI hit and or the week honestly you guys have to be like yeah I guess in point an animal like Lleyton. Almost billionaires now because it to work on time travel and he got the money you got the resource is who girl loves his height one. Coins. Colony in south inch. He's doing an up or. Spend at odd bucks and splashing down the two probably in front of more than one beer you can about like can't point it once you know I mean I lost in the job that.