Bringing Meat to a Vegan BBQ

Wednesday, May 23rd

Laurie from Greece called into the show to ask if it's a jerk move to show up to a BBQ with meat if you know the majority of the people at the party are going to be vegan.

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Next there days looking absolutely. Beautiful. To get closer and closer to Memorial Day weekend Eckstein PX rely on not apex like retains Whitney Young against the Saudi texting the keyword jelly. JE LL lot to seven to 81 but the jelly on disputes that 1000 dollars of jelly on it jam cashed the wood Memorial Day weekend coming. When I just thought of something with that the keyword is jelly or jam. Casts. Jelly and jam what. And handle my goodness six. Let's talk come together and it does not actually and its need to distinguish right. OK that was act yeah actually I. Honestly yeah but with a Memorial Day weekend on the leg a lot of fun at all so. Etiquette. When it comes to you going to a barbecue going to party yes and that's why. Lori needs our help TT TU 9800 Lori from Greece is team PX liked the morning glory what can we help you went got some. Memorial Day Toronto. I'd like our aunt and eat it by a bit let them break apart began. And yap on Saturday at memorial. Crap a lot of us an eagle and barbecues I know John Negroponte Secord and I are gonna throw her Collison. There's a lot of party etiquette egos involved so there are lots of questions to be asked so what's gone. Like they didn't really don't work screwed up because I think even if I Turkey and now. The hit and these are the party. In the way and cracked aren't they are some people would all like it or use that's. I put this delicately I don't know there's no way to do it. I'll with a huge put OK Jack. Picnic I felt like it very neat being hit it. Every conversation and it up with him going on and on and on about how that game is and how EE. They that's the and there are a classic overly pushy V and I think we've all. We've all talked a lot of those in our lives. So yeah I'm writing in between Intel and point it became only buying begin. That's all canopy. And. Now what's similar reality you bring tools you can barbecue. I got our bigger picture pile and part of Czech keeper Chris. Well. I've never I've actually never thought this before because you would think Whitney if you're going to. A traditional barbecue it's going to be in other hamburgers and hot dogs and I kind of stuff in your view again. Then you would bring whatever you want. Well let's forget about the main dish just think about all the other stuff like you know potato salad macaroni salad fingers Manny isn't all about now. I'll add a dairy there's all sorts of you know open dips that's dairy. Yes civil yeah what are your what are your deal is up so argue of Egan is all I'm guessing not if your yeah. Are you at the lifestyle. A cart of course it's your barbecue. And a lot about it or all of that. So I checked out OK it is a limit to where. Because paper he dipping your burger became our ability felt like aspects. Of the order or effective I don't want and it might like and it. Need to think mortified to think I could it particularly at any it and put out. I work. I think it definitely okay well at Hilton garden of the current well should they get extra I have adopt for art and causes. I I don't know what you and I don't buy them on anybody else I don't really there aren't being added. Yeah I don't want that Peta protest. Etc. this. Pull up lacquered meat is murder. And yeah do. Other thought is is actually very interesting I think you do you find yourself and unique situation. You're Lori but it if I've got ideas. TTT 9800 especially if you're begin you have how you feel about that I can Texan to club. Six and eight YouTube. A lot of the way I see it. I guess because they've ghetto where around their ghastly nothing wrong with bringing what you wanna eat. Let me any kind of dietary restriction I would never be offended by that and I'm wondering like it you know is this a situation where you could just. Ask big guy here or have your boyfriend asking now. If it's okay if you. If you just if you bring your own in out cutting it kind of the ethnic the green light. Yeah you know the judicial I ask. Hamburg is an odd stuff yeah. Looks now at you know what began ought to be in person would think about this because I've never this I've actually never come across this issue personally is dec. Gloria and or mean. I'll bring whatever I wanted to eat out bring extra to beat does have a cooler. This decay rate guy couldn't because you don't wanna go and have all this potential drama and then you end up bringing up for you and then you're not the V you're not the car were jerked here's the jerk that breaking up for other people. It don't want that to happen you there's opt out of outback coolers bring a bunch just in case. I'm I expect every other people on the same note. Site dying per per hour. Yeah this is probably yeah how funny would that be the view the video department you just it's completely taken over by it but you know. Carnival on the other hand on the other hand doesn't really he would you know it really Killian and not have a burger or not you specifically Lori but. In general you know is getting Killian and out of a burger for one day. And on the more they weekend yeah. Yeah I think in my account guy. You you do not 800 brave from Canada egg is team PX lie to morning. I. EI AA. They are at a lot. I have I good bye Artie. Oh. You really when you're going to bury you you're going to get of people like I did it at that. Are in term eating right. You know battle you don't bring whatever it is like Mexico are up a break what you buy. It there. There is a lot of. Okay like people make out like bad olive oil that was the but I Munich is at it. That I wouldn't chart are up. That I would be OK and then they where it happened. It. That prevent. You don't think other he begins you know there would be offended that they brought. Meets. I don't hurt Ali diet and I have heard of it pretty you know I don't like every night at UI. Cheaper. And Carter are oil. That. Bit about a pastor. It and whether it here and it hit a bad about it. Thanks CN. ET TU 9800 Ricky is team PX lime Rickey or you column from. He almost the Batavia what you got man. She showed up at that party would meet. That guy probably got Abbott now. I think because he's not even I don't want them. But it's growing perpich thought you'd bring. You should probably bring them started the fight that aren't. Quote yeah probably bring up they added a blow the policies are. And yeah. Tiger has apparently like I I prepare food for people and at all and what I'm doing GAAP IE eight bed and bought out I hate and I. Prepare the food before. You know the people be more error than people. Getting some buzz as the jacksons Michael the explicit text line six and ITT arms in this one pop up a lot it on the stop by McDonald's on the way meant stony under the so but I. Got.