Breakup Innovator or Total Jerk

Wednesday, March 7th

Corey James says he's never heard of a breakup strategy like the one a guy used to cut ties with his friend, have you!?


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The most genius thing you've ever heard of eight. You could say it's your move you've got to give this guy some points for being innovative when it comes to breaking up so tell me this story is that when your friends I was I was told this story last night. And I have and I. Lot of break up stories in my lifetime again and I have heard nothing. Like this before interest and that's crazy to say considering mission I dull as seriously I still one of my friends got broken up with. She's dating a guy for ten months and before he broke up with her like two hours before. He called her best friend. And left a voicemail. Saying he was going to do it that she was going to quote probably be pretty upset sixty this. You have got to be kidding me. Where it's all this law. Hadn't ever got to do. Are you serious. Young editor Fred it's real life well her friend. Didn't check the voice mail. For a couple hours so she ended up calling her by that point he had gone over and broken it off with there. My calendar really did ten months is that this wasn't like a little bigger it gets pretty significant relationship. So this. Guy. Told. His girlfriend's best friends. That he was gonna duck or actually. Yeah yeah so the batch hit eight. It felt like that I I wanna know how people feel about this is that what you don't feel about the death. Yeah I will make about thought Percy that was my I'll be honest that was my initial reaction. I had gotten it yet is. Key piece of crap but I thought about it more. And you can jump into about me if you've ever heard this anywhere doing anything like this because I think its product for some history it's happened teach you to 9800. The club be explicit text when it six NET UTO. Put them I thought about it. Is due ship the moves are Korean War is it kind of courteous. Her feet. And excuse me Matt and Arlene. I'm just that take my hand up and up thank you ma'am I'll bottle and that documents for an immigrant. He doesn't show it can only be about you want it he still at the break up so to Diaz. Let's painful as possible he doesn't want the angry folk outs he inherited even to shed our locale that's your theory that yeah. I see was gonna do breaking up for him yeah he wanted to her waiting in the wings. How to ice cream I sex in the city dvd that's and you had duke goalie got it I was that car that was that girl I. It's one of my friends boyfriends called yeah. Now again just what he give you a heads up to end. I'll let you know that I'm gonna W best at a two hours okay go. I. Would it. Listener voicemail given my car you drive to his house and language are now I opened the door hatch and his day got. With yell. At you manage your daily nine with a baseball bat. What's worse getting that we're getting a phone call which I'm sure you. And every woman listening has gotten from their best friends in tears because they just got broken up with you don't even know what they're saying the desert. A is that women found crying I'm like yeah that's that I envision. An awesome awesome but I thought that I like your. But I. Doubt Flickr it's preparing you know isn't I I actually think it's kind of genius. Only guide to shut up we first of all hey guys we need the preparation we've got his day on the how well I trade should get person thank you doubt it's like you guys feel a little work if you think that's okay to do. You have you have a good to go back a gut like how people public Europe there apocalypse to go back where it's far. I break up we got the extreme. We got seventies are helping over there to see that back. Sugar cookies and maybe some other things that are at San Diego. Still a classic of excellence six money team until people actually. They'd like to sign no way and actually shows he cares about her in general don't they actually seemed like a pretty nice thing to do you get support group ready to go for her. Boos but we don't need to be ready for I'll be ready rallying the troops then you know I think it's. I bet he's trying to get her pants. A sensitive yet. I'm just warning you about and I'm gonna dump your best friends I hope that by the way that we do in front. Now that would be a speech to the skeptics spoke I felt that and we'll.