Is Braiding Hair a Turn On?

Thursday, February 16th


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How men listening out there. Know how to do hair. Own hair right like a being like a hair style I'm talking about a woman's long luxurious hair. OK okay and not like you think he's got a limb and say probably not many of us to professionals. You know I think there's more out there than we reckon I'm glad that for every dad got to do their daughter's hair over that school and yeah. How old is that he's that like the mom's job. Pour into. After Amman. Seven and I'll Micah and everything every dude out there who mean awesome French braid her is currently for trading this morning at Le Carr and I have. It's live with Carter gore and not HE XY and I love. This in Daytona Florida deal that they had a salon the daddy daughter hair factory. Well look she is mad and how did you their daughters. Are right that's a cool idea and they actually did a competition on Valentine's Day 88 operating competition for dad and it's with so keep an up and maybe big. Did something like this means to tap her on in Rochester has a look they don't knowledge about our focus now I don't know this thing is you can't Cindy daughter look at what I. Best to school. There are so many men out there who watched YouTube tutorial. And learn at every acting they should be required. For every every bit elementary school to learn about it. Do you a little bit hair as did IL IZZ on the dad toolbox. Absolutely and I need to marry a man who knows how to bring care each day. I don't my Porter mother tried to teach me for years not operate my hair but I was such tumbling. Like. And now kicking myself. Is that not a leg get buried myself so miners Ollie stop that's but. If I ever had little girl I'm not a critter. I watched I didn't really knew you editorial this. On a sad thing about it is that it. This is cool idea because that's. Any way to bond with your kid is is awesome and this in Ghana I does that and envisioning in my head out as the dad like feverish yeah. I do get the greats correctly out what am I friends actually Al Al the other night he was like what's this hockey. We pulled out and it's of people either. Trap that was from this morning announced a spot is an off. Amber and I can't get out it's not at this adorable pets. And this is that we got a letter and I actually aching it's kind of a turn on Brinkley. I airlines like hit on me allergies is only had a French bread in this community thing like you guys out of the car paint wanted to breed your hair bribery your hair. Lafayette and like I say out on him so Michael on nearly Fabio I'll. Yeah. Last year at the deal with guys bachelor auction our good friend shipped all that I've forgot. Are different just amazing but the bachelor last year and for his talent I mean you lock down these guys. Course bachelor's walked down the runway they do their thing so number two and push ups and some aren't I sweet dance moves out ship brought a lady on stage. Senate chair. And proceeded to French breed her hair. That's because he has what he has yet little sister Cindy doesn't do that we'll see it for. What what's a bigger turn on a guy who knew more push ups or a guy who can do a French for it to refresh rate in the hands down. All of it feel. This sex could be XYZ text like six nanny teach you when my boyfriend braids my hair I lose. I feel like. A guy who couldn't read your hair is the guy who can multitask in many different my home my job I. And I didn't go to my anger out maybe not and I go to that's on my yeah. You know him today and from my. Yet while I was Carter and glory is on. PXY.