Bouquet Toss Drama

Tuesday, August 21st

From people being too into it, to people hiding from it...the bouquet toss at a wedding can be a very dramatic activity. Little did we know how dramatic! 

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All summer wedding season and one of the traditions. And loves to see a wedding. Is the bouquet toss. A lot about a person. Of how they react. That okay tells the Alec how rapid they are and still wanting to get married sure there are are certainly a lot of love a lot of women out there hula they will they will cut you. For The Who cash yup. And they're not afraid. To make that. Very no upfront yes but they're also women like the one I heard about from a friend over the weekend. Into letting. And it's only about a bridesmaid. And you've seen this go down actually imagine this happening to you Whitney. A dead she gets dragged on for the day that's for another receptions going great ones out yeah out of its stand saying the DJ gets up elect whoever. Don't. Sound like a 1940s a radio call I didn't. That the deed yet of the decent I guess grown up grade. So there she is. Clearly not about it doesn't wanna beyond the dance floor for this doesn't wanna be apart it is okay tots but she's physically. Up there about either rats me. Obviously didn't like tapping into. This is me you're describing my life and mean again. I I think I really jammed. And you know that's. That's what happens. To get sports movie. He described it as seeing this go down in slow motion. The brides up there. There's the group of women behind her. She launches that duque up into the air. Lying gracefully through the air. That he's watching. That duque has decided. Who wants to go all of that may get turned. It is headed directly. For that woman who was dragged out wow now blower. Coming right Stuart now. And he's and it's. She added of diving all the way like it was odd thought are. Just. Slew of what all good to know and be a part of that at all. Is there any scientific. Evidence. Other statistics. Numbers that prove that if you catch the duque you act all. I get married. I mean I would I would assume probably not probably not there's probably been studies tradition in you know it's it's a fun thing I mean some people take it really seriously. The last letting that now is a grooms men and down. It was my buddy pat who got married in in his life can while still at school at. Her family unbeknownst to me yeah had decided that her brother was going to catch the garter. So the garter toss still thick smoke has got some cuts duke. Now the ticker task that they hold garter thing really no beards and ask for six years it's fairly you know quickly overly sexual. Whenever it's the same thing is the bouquet toss basically that the guys like going upper Reston grabbing it is steep. I wish you and Canada U she shot this one in the crowd same exact situation as. As the bouquet toss yup but did did they groomed facts yet probably can't see it was makes me comfortable either lack. Still same situation as again. The bouquet toss right yeah. So I get unbeknownst to me it was predetermined that her little brother. Was going to cats that because that family really monitor her little brother to get married next see you stepped in and you are the jerk. Well again. You know. Sports movie. Slow motion your life as a sports movie Tori my friend in slow motion taking the garter off his white flag with a Steve. Bail and then throwing it into the crowd. And just like that rides that I told you about. Nick Carter had a destiny. That Carter. It's bad for being really. Came right at me. And that's gonna happen again slow motion. I see it coming right for me. I jump in here to go grab that you know like the three inches off the ground ranking get mad. I'm almost to the peak of my jump when I think the feel of force pulling me back oh. What are the other girl was then. Grabs on its maiden. And the crowd. How light you look at that is aggressive like Al is live again and it felt plot return her call me. In the garter it's balls on me. And of course. I scrambled to go after it. It's that did the right thing I think the bride's little brother does the same exact thing we're going for it and again just like a bad job might feel. A Tug at my leg and that same grooms men. Ordered. Oh wait the harder each head and just out of my grass by seeing the bride's little brother. Larry. Humor that Carter I was like. 2340. Look like a teenager I mean I and he was a little shorter guy. So I guess he was just keep saying the little brother or little brat like men who is like 56. Side I I had a bit of the leaping advantage in scoops it elect. And he gets it in there I am just laying on the ground with a man holding onto my leg. He pretty much and I mean he brought up a little bit ago. Whitney is there any. No research behind. Catching the guard or catching the duque and actually being the next one to get married. Probably not. But I will tell you that's. That little brother is getting married in October. And when was the wedding again. It was like three years. With stale sound before me I seem though I was six and one half I didn't ask him what happens as a that would have been me I. And I got back Carter and well I have got Gloria from candle on the line and you can relate to the dangers. Of the wedding bouquet toss. I would bet my wedding and we are all getting ready for under that they. It didn't hit. And I'm reminded him on an island. And then. I'm older women and I hit that it would be a new hunts by eighteen year old eight. Texas. And read about the note that I had gotten. So okay so you got a lot it's this so with this like add and OK. Is in midair and she just thought like it was going to go to UN that was your best chance to get it. I. Don't use issues older woman how old's your talking year. Yeah guys and older for Scott Billy Graham on the yeah yeah that locker. Still so she punches you in the states. Did she get the go. Out. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. After that you get punched in the face your nose rings ripped out the duke has gone some of them there's a lot of everywhere. Yeah. After eating at that day at a older and that that act on it like it and the next they I had owed it I know. And that's ball and it's unbelievable. I'm shocked you didn't like fighter back and start apple and all. In the right. I feel like I I never knew that these duque tosses turned and like I CP concerts. It's Leary are. You. Being angry at neighbors sharing. And I hope that it'll go to weddings they had to steer clear of the crowd when the McCain talk up and.