Bottled Water is a Scam

Monday, November 13th

Do you refuse to believe bottled water is a scam? Megan Carter made her case! 


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Carter in Horry on not eap XY. And let things that we get judged about this world. This new one and it's my list. Carter. That's why actually today brought it is it because we mercilessly made fun of Florida and Brandon we know. That's a forgotten the car but at. That's what you did vs the make bottom before it gets a front here bottle of water that cost. This was core hydration Lotta about it man. I apologize only gets asked bottled water is like a couple bucks. It's a couple dollars here and there nobody else and it's huge ally Dixon try to drink more water and it it's all a container and I'm gonna drink more water against how about. That's kind of sucks for it now gets research says for most Americans eat this stuff in a bottle. No matter how many Yates is these and attitude where hobby Gillette and then added to it or what have you. Is you know for you than the stuff out of your tap water in fact a recent report found that almost half. Apple ball well water is actually. Take it from the tap. But give it a few accurately. Safety tests for safety since taking tests and come on yeah even if if you were not a fan of bottled water can we all at least just admit. It takes. Dot according to this well actually they did a blind taste test Lena. About 100000 people and only a third of them could tell the difference now we bladder and bottled water apparently I exist in that third NBA yeah. Must have been extremely good pilots and it comes to water I don't know the difference between a glass of just from the tap that water on. Andy glorious. Shining bottle. On boss. Bought. Favorite. Black box so mine bought the four dollar unspoken and so. Water and it sample bottle you're paying for the I don't care at work that it like that ticket scam of the century and I know because a lot of my friends still drink bottled water might work pregnant friend next to me is she expects he says that truck. Yeah I pressed right up floor which is waiting for the apocalypse dad again. A lot of moderate rate up it. Sections of the role of course if you well if the journal lottery got to drink bottled water if you thought your ball you live in Flint, Michigan yes that's a whole other thing like that. Well water you gotta be on top here it is the most actually. In fact public plotters tested usually allot more than not and the lottery by tat because of sicker by the knowledge that because of state agents is actually. Well at times it's for cats to sleep or not. T when it comes down to incomes under one that simple thing happiness. It makes me happy holidays I yell he can call me a soccer team goal via ads. My money that. And I'm and harming my body by putting these things into it. Did you buy your buy it environments and it's also an extensive resource every process that uses crude oil and unlike other plastic materials plastic bottles you've seen this too reits and garbage cans and jumps up once and then disposed of for the most part. And actually. It effort all the bottled water drinking 2007 they had used 54 million barrels of oil. Woolley to be a little better about recycling that is for sure but I personally my goal in the nine almost always not gonna say all the time because. You know who does anything all the time. But mine go and recycling the mega bingo there. And it just comes onto it it's it's happiness and extra happy he met I think it's stupid but what I walked into the gas station what a block and a convenience store and a walk up to that. Beautiful giant cooler in his bottles of water pond water I have bought water. Based on display what it looks like. That who had done at least once Miller with some product I'm sure you've that would lying right what's the difference. The difference is that drunk. So at least my money's not completely flush down slope flushing your money on the side. I don't. Know I I use my money on things that make me happy and you can bottled water it. So little but I'm telling you nothing makes me happier and get ready for road trip and got a bag a bunch shows and that bottled bodies they make you happier than that. One of the joys in life got it dissent and.