Being Asked Inappropriate Things While Pregnant

Thursday, August 9th

Apparently every pregnant woman has experienced this! 

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Qaeda itself is never speak to a pregnant woman needs some gel and don't ask insensitive questions about her body at her sex life that's X I I Nadia. It's great James Whitney Young gun missiles coming from defeated the story about. Could her passion and all that we are staying the people last year while in after being pregnant. What was the quote again. My vagina and it's past its president its future is none of your business. Get and it's very personal. High heel a problem with some of the things he's taking offense by it really offense that to say did you delivered naturally. That's just I keep yeah getting it that's OK well like I its offensive yet on the text line somebody just said. Somebody told them their C section wasn't actually giving Burr difference and put it is and why this is maybe why somebody doesn't want to talk about it is people have judgments. I've got to run through some of these comments on FaceBook yeah him to Britney said. I was about six months with my first child and had a customer at the restaurant I worked. Force stop me as I walked by his table and say so my girlfriend thinks you're pregnant but I think your fat. That's all right that's yes that's that Danielle said it's somebody said with this plan. You said I had a C section and it not showered and a couple of days and once I did which felt amazing. Somebody asked are you going to do your hair McConnell wants and finally it and finally Daniels said while I was pregnant with my first I had a woman asked. I was having twins when I told her no just one she asked me I was sure can there was no yeah I was that day and only having an okay these are all clear it is all about the Benson yeah. Look how this is I mean it's like everybody has the story because you know has pet. Pregnancies. New mom question that. It I guess is a big difference between the those kinds of things and asking how are you sleeping like bats that was my point. Clearly heard and seen men may be more like now I'm not I don't know what color I never know at the Kardashians. But what she might have meant is somebody being like oh I'm so tired not sleeping enough lately. The. I guess I guess like it's such off a little bit yeah it's not a contest though not a competition of who hired. You don't you know you just don't have a lot of credibility in the Mary Alex I've never been a pregnant woman well you know me well understand you know I don't gonna look advances in science. I felt that. Actually love to see you pregnant. Beautiful site who you did well and Arnold you glow you glistening with sweat so. I have a bunch of on hold on to talk about this TT TO 9800. Lindsay for Pittsburgh is team PX are you wanna jump on this. First of have you been asked them like a fence is and an uncomfortable questions. Yeah I wouldn't mind. It may end I think back about an hour here on out. I worry act there I Aaron. Acted it is no lack I was part you know. It was like that we thought and I think of our economic apple and the fact that it is an act of it and time again like I had a little probably in every. Lincoln. Why they just said what color you heard busier daughter son. Her daughter's mixed race. So that's international law loads astonishment yeah. That's how close minded about the little presumptuous act immediately jumping back in mind that line yes that's definitely that's. I never bat and has born. Pretty much Baird. Anything in and out. You don't because this is the one that early psych out in my mind is like it really is a big deal people asking like. Our hurry sleeping asking are doing do you deal not offensive. You can I think you are in a mother and first. I don't know a lot of I'm in the area. I don't think I think Chloe so this is from Khloe Kardashian I think Khloe Kardashian met people talking about what a great sleep they're getting her how greed there's I got a great actually last nightly kind of rubbing it in there and he's well. I think being that I didn't see it anywhere are out. How they got your neck but are. And yeah. It's about inspired. I think that uncle appreciate. Malia ever Pamela and good morning so did you experience. I requested angered aren't offensive questioning as a mom. And I went out. Like why. Aren't we aren't. A moon. Saying there will be nine days I get the little account look at their leg commenting on your. It's like you're saying you're not bad fat kids. I would love and had eight months pregnant eight and co. Right. You don't. Get on the. And rightly so observations about. Women's bodies when they're pregnant is something that needs to stop let me just not I don't know I just don't comment on people's bodies like that aids. I. And I love the article itself and expect when I see that that New York blowing today. And it begs the volleyball. Christina candidate you wanna dug in on this conversation and it stemming from clicker ashy and saying how. I'm all these awkward questions get asked why your pregnant in indirectly after being pregnant. Yeah I had you dead and about one of them are intent epic Democrat. Out the. Yeah they asked me a bit and I happen embed it at the other end. I was like putting your best friends or was this somebody like not not a best and by. Yeah it's somebody knows a little bit better but still. I would never ask a question I want it now I kinda yeah yeah it it would weird. I would not want my brother my sibling I don't have a sister but I would not want to discuss that would makes clicking pregnant or not happen. Yeah yeah look I'll never ask anyone calls this.