Beauty on a budget: How to look extra without paying extra

Tuesday, January 16th

Between hair, makeup, and nails, women can spend a lot of money to look done up. Are there ways to cut back on these costs? Are some of these costs really necessary? And guys, do you even care? 


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Yeah. Dumped another episode just patrons their change as you get. With the class you did yes yeah I do the things he did all right. Our eggs that my name is Chris Evans no I think I am Whitney I mean that's Christa thanks. And should pay. About. Make up and hair and nails and all that good stuff but with a twist but it what's the twist twist me well. That sounds really weird file edit that out I actually. Went it was there. So we're out aim like how were all into this beauty stuff my ideals are big into beauty and like. On soaring and kids like all that stuff in the area there in the era of keeping up with the courage ash in the beauty bloggers everywhere. We. Want to look fly and fresh. More than ever kind of all the time OK it's not everyone yeah it's definitely more women are affected by this thing guys. Oh you're not affected by contract gets to know when and where do you see reported. As a body and it's it's. I let my entire wardrobe is probably under a hundred dollars at night. Well yes so we talked about like OK hey how much were spending how we can cut costs but also like. Why are we spending all of this money and we're doing for the purpose we women. Arguing for the purpose of attracting men. Sleep is this just women creating this culture. Right and that's the question so if you're a guy let's end this right now. You might not care about how much you know how to save only hair make up the nails right but the question is for us is. Do we really care about these things right or or is like the carrying. So minute when the project on us right so how much do we care how much is it actually matter. Exactly and this was inspired for me by a couple of different lyrics that have stuck with me over the years one of them is from day as hide away she says. Gross seemed like the boys on an out yet to sing it. Heck now. Seems like the guys I don't appreciate. Them money and stuff and that it's aches. You actions. Think not and they got knocked it taxing the other one know. So then the other industry expands series like nail gun fired and everything did nailed on haired and everything did. You fancy not fancy so there's talk about like being Sue Bird on up and how that's liquid guys whine so much money. Are we gals. Really spending to be fly and rational that. And I think we should start up with a couple of quick facts backs. On that yeah. You agree I do agree if married off a lot of here. He's like yeah I don't really know much about this topic so I definitely think that huge lead in this I'm curious on how much do you spend personally. And at the three things will focus on her hair makeup the nails yes bright Nils honored and everything to Brett everything did everything dad. So don't spend nearly as much as some women like I have friends that live in. LA hey especially dose New York who will really go hands on with this stuff. I spend the thing I splurge on is my hair I would say cut and color it's probably not 600 a year. But I dyed my hair and trimmed my own hair for like five years in college and stuff so I've played I've done. Look my grandpa you cut your hair. I trimmed he sets up a video cameras he can see the back of his head all night yeah. Jeff hill on the podcast I. Save money on it 600 bucks Cabrera that OK so I was trying to think of how much I spend on haircuts a year only about 160. I think it's higher than most guys maybe yeah united despite twenty bucks a haircut yeah putting tip. Like guys like a friend of mine site and as you know skimp. Of not. Yes 600. It's gotten coloreds the style that I you know the color that I go with only eyes is is a little bit crazier than like your great shot there such as yours here. Billy jaish. That we go into you make up where I spent media like a hundred a year I'm pretty good about make up I 90% of my make up I. You know Walgreens CVS and then I have a couple of specific items that I get from Mac and so forth but I don't I don't ran out of them often so it's not a big deal. Nails probably another hundred a year on and you know nail polish and 81. Summer pedicure and Ali due for an event or something like that I'm doing only nails bit about the okay it's a good way to say yeah it is to get rid of saint. In fact. The next thing we wanna talk about is where Kenyan you know how can you cut costs and still like to be extras they sentenced to Graham okay. I think I just reading how much you spend a feeling you could probably shave some of those costs down with the hair by shaving your head tell me how hot. How did it like Iraq that. Thought about it I thought if I ever go to Bali or India or. Something like got a one of those self discovery trips and a shipment you could be like Natalie Portman in brief rundown of exactly. Looks pretty good. Aren't so how we say toward that so for hair. If you want salon leveling their care like I do go style like on number eight. Where it's low maintenance because it grows out very gracefully and like the way your roots grow in its not like harsh and horrifying looking. And that we are not spending money on constant touch ups. Dear friends and your touch ups with like your actual Harris playing at more affordable places so super cuts are here zoo that kind of place. And finally. Again I had a really bad experience with super cuts so it actually I don't wanna I'm not trying to slam them but yeah. Be careful you know the people you go to train I'm talking about like on a girl's hair just a little happen in job kind of thing Clinton. About man's haircut right now know. This is like seventh grade and I wanted to you know the Justin Bieber Erica yeah. Instead of instantly you know make nearly beavers should this come across men had likable cuddling let Donna Summer. Oh my god Bono wasn't super cuts there was another one. It was another lake insert like. Here then my hair tremors early summer cuts you're okay for now yeah you're right average cut it was a lot of us on the terrible but anyways so be careful places like that yeah. And then if you wanna die your own hair the best highest quality prints are L'Oreal excellence cream or Perrier only we should get three to ten dollars a box and I did Lori L excellence cream that was how I color my hair for like a set about 545. Years. You know it's not your not gonna have the salon results but it it'll do the trick content and it's. We've got make up make up I mean beast like to make purchases you don't need like the fancy Mac so for us stopped for every single product designer stuff. You know stick with things like Meeks. Cover girl on the Lonnie Lori elbows agree drugstore brands that I use in the don't cost more than about ten dollars tops and finally nailed Stebbins it. And AL my favorite rich again like. Invest. And DIY with this invest in some quality nail polish I recommend OPI an ST. All the words that are early gibberish to me generally known as I know you're kind of you at this delays I don't fly right out the window yeah. If it gets to where I had the UST from the haircut ahead of seventh grade exactly. Yeah but like you know getting cubicle Trimmer nail filer and then just practice. And practice and practice and you'll eventually be able to be getting your nails like I am used to be home and I can do it and they don't like they would rather look fabulous great. Even the money you're gonna save. If you added up. If you do less of these things he probably will save time rate tonight bigger than yourself course not public. You have to do your nails and this is this is the guy in me talking the guy yeah right so. And this is kind of organ it's elect eight team noticing hills when he walked in here I'm sorry you can. Have you ever noticed really have you ever noticed that they're done. Like all like in an act of L Whitney like Whitney has nails that are usually die are gonna slap me am I different way I answer is no. That's not the answer is no and I don't know. I don't even know if you feel like I'll I don't have enough time to get ready in the morning like right. You were the mails if you can't you know make your budget than males here's the thing I actually don't care I enjoy doing my house I DA usually what's different than I usually do in the evening I'm like a Sunday and it's like. It makes me feel better right I like having nails that are done. But I don't always do that and then I don't know I think like I said IE. I'm not as all out as some women I I'm. You know they're just certain things that I like and I think you know having Manila Austin is one of those things but now we wanna get into you. How much of this are we doing for ourselves because we get and how much are we doing because we think as women that that's what will attract men. And like yes I read it there's a lot of conflicting data and that's it I Freddy's a research yeah and because I know for myself. I don't really care about that stuff right com. But and I like normal guys probably not I've never been described the normal. So IE you know like Google that and the article that said no that don't care and an article that said that I do care right right or your lying yourself in the say they don't. So that that there's conflicting data shows that there are at least a significant number of man. Who really don't care gap you know or if the if they do care it's not as much as maybe women think right on. And I think you got to put into perspective too if you are. Going out in the super done up and your checking guys that like. Really like that. It's kind of hard to sustain exactly now and do you wanna attract a guy. That really really cares about that right or just want you to be exactly I personally and and the girls don't give themselves enough credit for the natural beauty. Yes so yes women women are a lot prettier than that which is naturally when rate. I don't know I just yeah pretty like more feminine because I what I mean like just. I like guys are just naturally ugly if you're not true I and it's not I don't know I have described his team ready better features. Maybe more delicate to navy Dijjer I'm also straight guys so of course I'm attracted to women clinic I don't know right. I feel like. OK so I'm coming from you know I've I lived in New York City for a couple years I lived in LA for a couple of years and and it is a different culture in this garage it's like. You kind of do wanna look your best all the time to jump and we're gonna see in who's gonna see you and like all of that stuff that's exhausting it is an exhausting it is and but that's why like. You know. I agree that. I don't know that I necessarily he. I wouldn't want to attract somebody who. Like to meet only in my super super super done up like most on upstate because like he's exhausting calm it costs money. But anything it gets the energy like idols I don't cancel on plans to go out. Purely because they don't have the energy to get ready but I'm putting that on myself race because I don't have to do all that stuff that I duty click allow ignite like why. They out. Intermediate I have to I've told you this before I have to like go home to shower again. You know loader and my hair curly haired demon make public every all this stuff and it it just takes a lot of time. Lot of time it's like I'm it's almost not fair. What I don't like though is when girls like all I have to go all the stuff right here outside while slipped do you read it depends we're trying to attract I mean like when it comes to me. I'd rather see. A girl wearing either no make up like my mom wears no make up. Not sure is not lately no mascara no my nation not the hole lead to know you can't look no no make up Orszag like make up yes. If year very done up. I can't really picture myself like spending the rest of my life with him. Your ice can't tell me more about it what if you if you go to a bar. Or clever and ever and like you see it. This really hot girl but she does have like everything done. What are you thinking oh she she looks very gorgeous and of course right you know and and that that worked after the goes into it. Does make you look good he rivalry they're right but you almost it's not what I put almost unattainable. You almost seem a little unattainable yeah ray I standoffish what are not what I'm saying are not at all note just. Like Blake you should be a magazine in lake here just like not even on my level. You and I know they are. Are you love or not and I mean like higher up like yeah I mean like soul you doesn't seem real maybe yeah and Alia seem like a model. Which is great rice a gorgeous red I don't I'm not gonna marry a model Sony not NN. Approach. So yeah I think none approachable thing in a way around. Maybe maybe there. Maybe I don't know I will say you definitely attract the kind of guys that's. What you put out their track certain certain guys so for example. A friend of mine on her tender profile yeah she was constantly getting real easily easy to use the act that wearer like counseling lake hey shall we your boobs are like I. Everything and she she talked about this issue on the complained that all all manner garbage yeah why not tender and I've never said that you are mortified right. It's that will let me see your pictures. Or she Jameer pictures and you can see more from boobs and her feelings I. He's got a lot of make up our inches to wean ducks face the I was like OK listen in circles namely. This is usually you know right you know right so you know her you know the real very well and you like that person much more than this like presentation and she showed other pictures as that puts on these other pictures up there liked actually have more of your face and yeah or maybe you're smiling incident in the Donald Duck face then we have waited that it'd if you're dead duck do that why is it called duck fans I think that's just the way their peaks are. Now like they have like that I don't know. And I've lost sleep over this and nice candidates and ten cents that's why okay. List so there like she put the pictures were like she was like smiling and it was maybe more for face you know and we must move rich. And she stopped getting the creepy dudes because that's who she was attracting. Let the other thing like I've looked up you know two men prefer like a girl with like the smoke yet sexy smoky all our. Smoke yeah what's the smoke yet Billick black Karl had a panel look interest in. That you seem like. Celebrity yeah it's a sexy so I had a term that verses like just grown extra natural makeup and any any it really is kind of split down the middle where it's like we'll assault yeah of course is. Sexier. But then it becomes more about Saxon hook ups and that kind of things it's like. Yeah looks good but is that what you wanna attract. You know bright and I also I don't think that each gender necessarily knows what the other gender monster right on physically always and Perth for example on the other hand is. The phenomenon of had bod like the fact that like that is even like a I think is like why did I ever they get a gym membership yeah. Like duke last right right right but they all like girls liking the person I know some girls and like so you can see that the six and articles about goat dead bodies in Oz up. Yeah I know not for you I know I know I it. Face right now. But now honestly. Most of the guys so here's the view if you kind of look at it real life here and a. Compare her. All my single friends vs my friends were and are really getting married right now. Once you're getting married are probably not in as good a shape I'm saying what I'm thinking of like at least five guys. Saturday merit they don't have like rock heard have split there in a lot so yeah even current ads to be even took they haven't felt so so not. Right so this is in with makeup it's in the city seem yeah just looked there and you don't need to kick yourself up every night to grind someone who's actually gonna make you happy. And the funny thing is I IE I told you this story recently actually the one night that I went out. Like was literally dragged out by my friends to a bar afterward and I wasn't able to go home and do Michael getting ready processed. Was the night that I mainly the most profound connection I've made probably lighten in since college yet and this is a while ago and unfortunately it didn't work out because he's. On the other side the more lives on the other side of the world to my dad about. Now he he's. Does not I was hoping I was so I'm not a sober that he would you know may now but my point there don't validate I completely invalid just my dad got its pocket. When he appears that you should enjoy your money's like you and you don't have the guy right now enjoy that because you won't get rid of the doubt when she hit like forty. This is their forgot to say you're cinema be irresistible when Fort -- I doubt it I thought well I don't want you to be into it so god. Are so anyway the point is you don't have to see you you know spends. If you feel like compelled or pressured to stand all of this money. You don't really have to you but if you do like getting you do for yourself and it has nothing to do with men are attracting men. Like I said they're different ways that you can. Do it for less life has balance a threat yin and Yang. And would be do I think you. I'd be EID. Yet and I don't know. Yet what does that mean was being mean. Really gaining his religious sound more like again here yet and I'm yes I wanna think as a compliment from.