The Battle Over Holey Socks

Monday, October 16th

Why do men insist on wearing socks with holes in them?


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James it was awesome it was there was a lot of and it's very busy one went to Fashion Week on Friday it was fantastic battle I think they raised 700000 dollars this year. Your knees an unbelievable really lies and then worked on Saturday. And then Sunday at the summit that happens when. And I wanna kind of reverse engineer this and I mean it's like you that ending. Of what happened first. And work our way back. So currently. There's a pair of my socks. Somewhere in a trash can at east of wegmans. And morale and so there's a pair your son almost. In garbage can and yes it eased up like as cracked. So gas like yesterday. Michael came over because we had planned and doing all the fall activities. She was gonna take me to powers which then powers to its dirty. Ying go there and pumpkins to car. And take a photo in an awesome yeah I've never before either and apparently it's like family tradition. For for her family elders so we're gonna check that out. But instead it looked like it was gonna rain so we now for two. I woke up from that now. And still had to get pumpkins the car for that night so planned on not going to the east that wegmans and got some pumpkin didn't. The end she noticed. As I was putting my socks on. Something that stuck out about them. I swear to god Corey teams. Ire you know what they say it's a hearing on the problem near I can't believe. Future new girlfriend see. Your believer in Sox. May be can. Ari I am yeah. Look out for years and a library you'll hold murder and your stocks doubles and I'm just. Meg and they're still committed no I like they have yeah. And it can't believe you would like your beautiful girlfriend who wind is putting up review and possibly I. Actually that would be on my toes literally. Like careful about impressing her I need is legible Sox out there. On this one lead with cooling and meg and I don't hide my flies like this want them to be out there but this home and like OK I do all of some socks that are being every hole lead. That probably should be thrown out probably should be thrown around this pair. At first thought there was only one of them and it was on the top so I feel like that shouldn't even count. Ensure how that happened exactly who but on this this salon that turned into a bigger first half was an a contentious. Can tax our Cuba and she couldn't seem to wrapper around why would keep all these socks. I don't understand either Cory I really don't get it especially like there's nothing. More wonderful than the feeling of just thrash socked you know I feel about my fresh sack days. Thank you all attorney I did know about once every couple months I shot every nurse I have a way. And a bottle of fresh set sucks all look the same and they all match them not to worry about it one last thing. Well I don't understand why everyone is an important test it's different Criss Tommy district and it's an amazing trek up. And you need to get is why you gonna socks the different your quick is first a bike the latest gadget out of the Amazon or delete is like weird health things that you read about the bottom line that likes some like voodoo doctor made for you. But now you cannot seem to throw away a pair of socks that have polls and I'm Megan this because they're not they're not perfect anymore doesn't change is the one that. Exactly what you. Exactly yet. See it sounds it's like it's not her sin is that their whole Lisa look if they admit mega hit my cat nugget if you lost one of his legs I wouldn't discredit him. It's the S three lags he's still functional the works you're so it's not functional. But it is I cheaper things off your feet and if you have. Been yes they are no longer. Well you know what the funny part is as she has definitely noticed this before. Because. On a whim she bought me new ones already us concurrent. So I think that's be up to her Ashby up do you look at this I needed you launcher that's it came down to sell you know when you're in your launcher modes sometimes you gotta go with what you have Tori yeah excuses excuses. You know a lot of these saxons on net you if I guarantee I like how all those socks that you had on that your girlfriend caught you had giant old am I running and ever thrown Sox went to be honest for the. Yeah Sox could be twenty year results yeah possible he could be it'll mind and that is Augusta National on that it still staying on. I think all stretched out all link and link leg warmer in the late eighties like she needs until now. These are ankle and sun otherwise I probably would that's so gross of where they grave when these people act. And that's why. Not why I don't weigh to the big dose of slider which when he minute conversation about why have so many obviously this is what I wanna. The twenty minute conversation about. If you want to know how and imagine I was your girlfriend having put up with Matt and the bed at a Paris thing. Give me them. Given those socks right now. Sides it. Thank you for the pair of socks. And mention that that why do you want these and he says I'm gonna throw the knot with the garbage is right there and she told me no I'm waiting because I know what's gonna happen you know that. She just got sick even me you're just guessing yes yeah. New girlfriend or your girlfriend you what you do in a month yeah my little girl. You still be in B I'm trying to impress you know you still should be and like that that's sweet like going to ever wanted to see any lives yet best. That's no you should still be. And you've just given up I mean I just given about showing her to stop her via can be. Oh my god is never something that you brag about when it comes financially stable where the mean sure I could go and splurge on new stock split. On the however it's not just this. When Megan who stutter on in this one. It's that's she button but it's a little it's like inner Kurtz. And apparently dispose of them while we are legacy into states yet Jesus say sonic I can't believe you'd rather be I'd. Now he's I can't wait to go to east at wegmans and contract those records now. Know you're an. Idea now ready you know he's deadly and certain. Go and so. It yourself and you. I've got a feeling that Ecstasy pills and got a feeling the next time I see you heard there's an appeal law. You don't have to garbage pick for the turnaround she'll phone me in the you're sad if it coming like yours your socks high is everything from nine Megan mound they're not able are now belong to the grass attracts. Technically are no longer yours sentimental attachment we've been through a lot together though you have it. No you have to. You'll never back down amid never. I am so I have been so disgusted by your holy sites for years I am so glad now some of the finding your life I cannot wait until you get home one day. And just how you it's yeah it's not yeah Powell locked away. And your. Off you wouldn't even know what you would have no idea yeah now I now and by the way I can tell those used to be black and got. There replica of queries bluish gray now they just look like they've been like hanging having dinner for and got a new laundry blow to Rouse.