The bad part about warm weather = the bugs!

Wednesday, February 21st

It was 70 in Rochester yesterday! But with warm weather brings little critters and Whitney had a terrifying start to her day. Also, Debbins may have radioactive stairs. 


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Once again Carter glory on this. Apply here that's not good. So now hey but he gets why dozens and win. On the morning show. I like I what you said yesterday when I bet you can't so I would not Carter or. Carter North Korea are here today everyone's got its presence weak side of people on vacation our boss is gone too which is why we figured why not do the morning Joseph yesterday he'd. Isn't in the states to fire us a little now. And I'm sure he doesn't have like that I need to excite app or any day it's a lot and you could quit he's got unplug it and he's got an application. So Whitney came in this morning and she told me some team. That happened to you weren't we nice yeah she wouldn't tell me tell me now please I. I started that yet it was very ominous and like something bad happens in your like. Oh that's that's not gonna admit oh I know the and I can't tell yet. OK so here it is what happened. The way other. Has been warmer rightly I guess it was crazy is the leeward seventy degrees yesterday at my car was clocking in at those wild it was wild or well now. That's great the problem. Death sentence is. Coming out spot yeah like crazy the bugs are coming out there everywhere and this morning I come downstairs. And making my oatmeal and I copy and getting ready so leave your routine every day a new coffee exactly and what do ice seat. Crawling around unlike the law all the great BioWare and prepping my food Hong. Big like one of those greenish yellow like big house spider things rule yeah those colorful ones yeah double there I think it's called yellow sac spider. A weird name I'd look to got a yellow sac. He's yet as that sounds diseased it does. But that is what was crime around right it was like I have like knives like on the smack me on the wall it was like crawling around does it is very poetic but I think it's kind of funny. So if you only did you immediately Kelly urge you are running high did you not have breakfast this morning to you were too afraid of this fighter. Fortunately I was almost done and I just was like that I'm nearly met. I'm just Italy I usually don't I can't I can't kill them I have to get laughs I guess I have to get like my parents are dryers and eighteen I know strong independent woman I've chillier months fighter defense minister or not I cannot kill spiders and back you accidentally K I know you're up. So come on over. Later told us sweaters a one bug won't kill and we talk about this before where so. Spiders eat other Boggs and I'm almost I'm here I'm mock execution always used to say issued today us fighters works for me. Surely there's a splinter there if there's a spreading here means a lot of other smaller bugs around as a despite the McCain ranch. By eating other bugs now only don't kill sweaters unless there's like a whole horde of spiders can't leave one left to do my bidding for my. God here's the thing now. I don't mind the other bugs the other bugs the only other media a silver fish on the silver fish freak me out I don't like that now sees a silver fish don't bother me at all. I don't like beyond the stink bugs or whatever ability that they look like bill McDonough. They're cheating the stink bugs there but the superpower relate you can't really kill them because they get your posts you measly lake. You kill an analyst and also laid it right after putting in the cup. Economists the same problem yes yes not what's fighters but. In my house where tunnel flies with which sounds growth and help what's weird is they're all in this team. Section insulate. And it was really really concerning Celek. I have in my house there is like a curtain my stairs so yeah go up and then it stops and turn of the wrecked by a accidentally landing into our area. I noticed as I was going upstairs or daily to just like dead flies just like Joan that. And okay well and so I was really tired to the wanted to Tanasugarn all you guys are dead and is gonna take you after after an end of the host Matt Brett. Gonna wake up from an app and there's another one there like die he. Dad twitching and Mike what is it about lake. It's looks like radiation. Like in my stairwell there touches like killing these flies at why the dying and there is there something dead in the stairwell. That's crazy come under the boards like on my house for last year so there's a lot of things I don't know about it yeah freaks me out so view if you're looking for me I don't show for a while I check my debt well. Could that could totally be the spot.