Asking for a Raise

Thursday, August 10th

Before you march into the office of your boss, learn some valuable lessons from this story!


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Have you ever met in a situation. Where you sell it. Like you deserve to race company's 11 what you thought I'm putting in all it's worth I deserve to get pay increase. What you are quite sure how to go about asking for any. Or you were nervous about asking for I think it's something we all go through in our careers especially earlier on our current. And is it scary thing because. You know how your boss is gonna react. Yeah and I can't tell you how many times when I was younger. I think I kick myself for this still I I mean so many mistakes and I was younger ugly not speaking up. Yeah like I deserved something because EL a little dumb innocent Maggie and I. And sound and appreciate everything you got no legs no doubt engagement Nasr is. And I wouldn't wage you scared to do if you go back in time now be your biggest piece of advice yeah your former softly. Because I think is what happens a lot of time and if he he actually craze some resentment. In the office with who you and your bosses is you have that feeling like I'm doing everything asked me to do a going above and beyond. Is there were raised when you say and you don't see anything he don't ask don't you think. It eventually we'll build up into present. But the thing is. Your boss is don't know that later of course that I think and assume you'll always want more money but they don't know that's familiar feeling unless you bring up to them and ask them it's. This story now. Makes me question ads. Can people actually think this is. Super Smart yes so lie Elon Musk you know he's Teflon SpaceX billionaire David amber and her at the Christiana exactly. So there's him there's a book coming out about him. And in that book the author shares a story. Of how mosques long time executive assistant. Actually stopped working for them back in 2014. Seles how went according to the author of this on his book he says the assistant Mary Beth brown. Asked Moscow for a significant raised by the way she'd been working with him. For twelve years twelve years and never received jury so in response he told her to take two weeks stuff. And what he did in those two weeks wise. Is a way to assessed our responsibilities. And see whether she was actually critical to his successor not so what he is. And what ended up happening was when she returned two weeks later I told her he didn't need her ball. Is the nightmare that is an absolute nightmare but the way he did offer another position. At the company but I'm assuming she was probably mortified at that point and I actually never returned to the office after the. It is terrifying but to let you can't forget that that's always Smart see how critical you aren't. Let me see you actually deserved disgrace because what is every career coach tell you honored make yourself indispensable. Yeah and and it's a great lesson you can learn from this is to know your value and know what you bring to the table. And it. You know take fifteen minutes and even this thing about it what do we do on a daily basis even into Friday and done internally because when you go into that boss's office and last. Asked for a race you all the stuff ready to go I do this that he decided as I'd make you look good by doing this you need to plead your case essentially per. Absolutely and I I understand that tenfold doesn't everybody says make yourself indispensable because they can't live without you. Here is playing well. Beanie dispensable. So. It sucks. Fox still mad. When I was I mean even that long ago a B a few years ago. That's how I felt. I felt like oh I did a lot of things at work that nobody else. Was doing and that only I knew how to do and that makes me look I'm secure now in my job that makes me look I think if I ever wanna. Get more money. All of the phone calls. All day all night. Every weekend it was a weekend that I wasn't here at the radio station and like having to say. Sorry I can't go out catalog is in good nobody else knows how to do where I have to do this like. Just suck so bad I'm in the go to you for everything. As I was I had to do everything. And India and I kept taking on more responsibility. And not delegating it to anybody because I thought that's what we teach me in my job I thought that's what it. We may be indispensable and but also lost a lot of sleep a lot friends because I was originally working it yeah I was stressed out or. See it's easy delighted take over your life like that but I mean there's so going back how would you do differently would you be a better alligator X-Men I think. I don't really because I didn't howl and things have kind of shifted and we got a little smarter about. Teaching people how to do the stuff that I was doing to deploy it where if I don't get. An emergency phone call for like several weeks and only got. And if I didn't need anymore and he. Yeah involving. Of this actor to witness this can happen. You know Oakland. I feel now this like I don't know yeah you really can't win when it comes to that it's no that's that's when come on you the paranoia part of the. He is on me I think. You need to make yourself indispensable but at the at what cost. We. I am another method and this is something. That I had used in my career. Auntie it raises in the past. And I'm gonna warning if I tell you what it is it's uncomfortable. It's very. Very uncomfortable it is a date your thoughts are. Now we really ultimately now. Is this is something that I've done three times. And you talk about how you want to show your value. The company. I merged firm a company before I came here that now was notorious for under pain people that worked. So it was a fight to get ready so I feel how to do this isn't Hubert every. Your message if you improve your value the number way you can do it. Is to go find another job and get a job offer and go to your bosses and say. Hey and it would axe company they wanna give me X dollars. I like working here I'd love to stay here. Bomb bide. You know you gotta do some information I get you some leverage is because negotiate because so many times in our careers firm with negotiating. With rays and everything we have no power. Whatsoever that we are at the mercy of our company he was what ever they want because they know that we need them. More than you know more than they need ot. Her. And that's Smart but you gotta be careful you have to use that tactic why. And here and see how many people would have done and gone upstairs. Like when the seeds they shut the door and you're like hey. And opportunity across the street let's ask. Well that's an isn't so he would ask. And that's the thing is you can't you can't fake this like you need to find something you'd be okay with doing maybe you'll like is much of the job that you do have. But you need to be willing every single one of these other radio opportunities I had. And by a you know comical and kick rocks or they were gonna give me anything for a that I would have taken those opportunities. I was relatively happy were analyst. We didn't really like your job that when you don't know anyway. Best and that's the only tactic that's gonna give you leverage when it comes down to it because. You don't talk much proven what your value is like here is a dollar amount of what my value is to this other company and have made if you'll be more. You can give me some into and we can work. Yeah isn't culpable though because I didn't do it twice within like. Four months so there's nothing. They did not showing that gets lowered your bosses. In my last stop there may have been a gentleman's agreement but I wouldn't pull movies and and I offered this album. We're I'm glad it didn't work now right yeah and that's too terrifying for me I really. I just rather to the loss. Plus I think the reason it. Cool. Okay okay okay enough it didn't need to cool. Like C. To find out how did you play but it does. Ex wife dot com for more details.