Are you afraid to eat at a restaurant alone?

Friday, February 23rd

Debbins tried this and was super uncomfortable. Have you done it? Was it awkward?


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And are comfortable. Eating at a restaurant by herself that's the question its debt isn't quickly filling in for cart record this morning on an English guy in the morning good morning. And learning some good morning should now that's not. On Friday this Ali I'm so pumped up this was purely random thought the popular I had. On a one and how many people do this on a regular basis is going to a restaurant that maybe they wanna try. And there's no with them this go by themselves to teach united hundreds of phone number they gonna jump in for you can always text just 69822. Iron I've done this only once in my life. I didn't over the summer when I was losing my brother in New York City see we're okay is gonna say were you traveling I was traveling yeah. When you're traveling exactly he was working holidays I had a hold data killed. On but it wasn't it wasn't full blown alone. OK so it was one of those there was a breakfast spot which I feel like out of all three meals that's why it's a little bit more comic eat alone with Ali I feel like it is I. Argued at lunch is the most come to you think yeah breakfast is more functional for people. Can't really it's more rare vehicle ought to breakfast on the weekdays like Friday morning thanks. But so what full blown alone. And the other alone people there to further alone people are loners argument to voters waited so long comparable. OK I didn't know what to do and the reporting that want it. Is pretty chatty guy like I feel comfortable just aren't really you've elected yet we are great weird. I wanted to talk to the dude next to me but I missed my opportunity and it realized. Obviously I was hitting homers and and then I realized okay this is we are now I do it because it is one of those things or is like. And then he would move her some. It'd say it wasn't like weird it was so yeah you know and then as they. Now I can't. A more. That's sad. And right now you're just regulate you know be a little social butterfly could have been best friends Yang you missed out while it I actually ran a poll are running a glory now on Twitter at 98 XR Rochester and set 1% of voters said. I don't they're comfortable eating alone so that's saying I didn't think it would be that many people I personally. I can do it it's much better find like traveling like I'm I'm so much more independent and I'm traveling you almost have to be led by necessity but. I will say every time I've ever eaten a meal alone at a restaurant I have had my laptop with me so that's kind of like yeah this track. You had your robot companion and he's actually really alone that's what I'm one dream is. You have to have a piece technology or you have to have a book your your laptop you look like you're like reading a novel or something. Exactly everything the next American not yet knowing me like I was actually you know I was on a trip. In I was in LA and it is. Literally eat all of my meals alone it was very sad it was that it was a work trips home. Eating alone the entire time but I always had my laptop with me and so yeah it looked like. Now she's got stuff to do lake don't bother her she's in you had to like don't talk to face. Hair and the bond. You've had the glasses on it that way no I don't actually have any of those things going on about it that's what you picture. Malone that's all the space in the movies such as we talk about that we're. Everywhere right she has Alex so coming through on the tax line. 94 OT says I prefer. It's preferred issue eagle and I can enjoy my food and not have anyone bothering me when I'm trying to eat my burger. The act of murders. Birders fuel. More normal to eat it at duke is very common to get a burger and went down like I go to McDonald's and burger it's about myself. And no problem I'm talking about like a meal with the waiter. Where it's like I'm order glass of wine. And idiots and spaghetti yeah everything that deals if there's a table plot involved I don't wanna be right that feels uncomfortable. For me. And if you don't have a laptop and like what he juniors that opener and two today. Yeah I should not yell out did you see many wandering in the phone number my good morning here's why though. Are you guys are talking about eating on a bad. Yeah yeah that's. I would wager honor. I don't know how many years and I. Did. It meant and I didn't help break that balance buying. Appetizer. And then at Atlanta wherever and Boehner and. So it's gonna weren't they weren't anything like that. Where they where I'll have to my my my why is like if I go there and I forget to bring something like a book but I just hungry and want that food vendors like. Aimlessly like looking around people and the people are really catch feeling. Thank you Jean and Mike you know yeah. It was are we had people. At our. A lot of it is ugly ally in the back act and only in men have weekly. OPEC. And how they are where they got the best. Idea what. I'll probably add yet that's creepy stuff again. Every. And did you guys who were there by themselves trying to hit and you a lot as a woman. Yeah. Yeah a couple of bombs out you know I don't. Oh. Released its well. Yeah sometime sometimes the good.