Another Unique Argument Strategy

Wednesday, March 21st

After Megan Carter revealed the "argue through our pet" strategy that her brother and sister-in law use, Corey James shared another unqiue argument strategy of another co-worker. 


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Making Carter he opened a lot of people's eyes today to eight relationship and in couple fighting strategy. But I always fighting a lot of time regular conversation off by a cash and a little digs here and higher up. I'll laugh I've never seen bathroom aggressiveness. This club where. The waiting. The way to get away with it. Is to fight through. Here pat. Did it relics were ranked twenty vehicle about alleged as well. We explain how this goes I never noticed this before but now that it's been brought to my attention IC is. All the time with couples and my brother in certain logic to assert he cracks me up. To where. And they it will for a little digs at each other like. Three and the dog by talking to the dog. Leg at his cute little dog named Lola and it'll be like. Now I'm not seem a little tricky to. I love it it's in my baby talk jail half. Look again super late he needs to get out and clean yeah. What is okay can you explain to me how the other reacts when this happens is like this and I roll lord of the has pretended. I rolled out never quite. Yeah it's always everything is directed through Doug Doug didn't care Dudley. Brett are you feature we'll have a deal than the dog cares about his tone of your voice and talking like you talk to a baby that they think it's a big cuts. The super. Energy. Yeah I see. I never heard it says are you don't do this accord would say court you know we talk to our pats you don't talk through our pets summits are now because. I was thinking about it. Also a big benefit of you're able to vent a little. I got into trouble that part of unelected apology basically you can vote there to search now you PXY 70% of the people voted I've never heard this. They are now able now to say yes no which I'm telling you like and second I noticed it and it is not my brother and sister Andrea. Friends doing it my parents do we get the fighting through the pass. That's what it may be due to this that is it realized why. Scan books Amir bar to be highly aware of that but it's it's funny because there's so many different communication styles in specifically when you're in an argument. Argument styles. And that its new line. This is one that actually. Navarre Boston's uses. She fights with her husband. Through each island yeah app that tracks the app and I was like excusing what end they don't even talk about. Well OK so this all a big break it docs is actually is. Genius because think about when you get into an argument with someone. What is the most frustrating part of that argument. Not being able to get your point across because you two were just yelling each other bright and you're not listening to what they're saying because you're thinking of what you wanna say back to that. Sell doing it in email when they get to argue over something like the start to kind of like Dodik stop setting. In the and they lay out exactly why they feel way they deal. Com how it happened how can be changed. And it is exchange that you now and they wait 24 hours. They don't even talk about it at home. Late at that dinner table I did not like not even brought up that would drag me in seeking like when I'm mad about something I want salt then in the air and now. And they don't like collect faster and I am that person who will interrupt. Yell until it's done net. Beat it to death and so now the final stop of this strategy. Is once you have enough time to process what dissident there ML and respond with what you had to say. Many of all the time and then you actually bring up. And she said that this works so well because at that point everyone kind of understands that a person's coming from. So it's ax G is a big that it could never do that to wait that long like put our weight that line. Not freebie like milk and a.