Another School Shooting

Thursday, February 15th

Corey James and Whitney Young shared their thoughts about the latest school shooting that claimed the lives of 17 people in Florida. 


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Money PX lie my name is Corey James of Whitney Young in studio with me and yesterday. A lot of us received an all too familiar. The education and our phones with the headline that we've seen so. Wait too often or times already this year another mass shooting a sign that a school in Florida Parkland Florida. Seventeen people killed fourteen others injured. When a former student. Showed up there wouldn't they ar fifteen style on us an automatic rifle multiple magazines. Gas masks grenades. At some fliers to trusted it's not just horrible absolutely horrible and I don't know I was thinking about this on the driving to work then Alice thinking about how I reacted to column by yeah. One of the won the first that really got a ton of media attention via a lot of high react to the sandy hook an elementary school smears goto. And how I was captivated. And it's totally it's could internally at the TV to solve it mean any it. When you watch the updates and things like this mean they're just saying the same things over over over and for whatever reason that it could pull myself lat. And I was stinking like I compared that's my reaction of getting. That notification. Yesterday there was a school shooting in Florida. And I saw the headline. And I shook my head. And I closed my phone. Didn't even look at the stock. And as you know the story at this point it's happened how many time how many times we've been through this before. And I mean I felt sadness for the people who lost their lives and families and Elvis impacted. But also this feeling of this being completely and utterly desensitized got it's because it's happened over. And Colfer. And over again the shock factor is completely gone and now it's just you just feel this and this is sad it is it's sad it's empty for a couple of reasons the fact we've seen so many times in the fact that I already know. What's gonna happen next right people are gonna restart the gun debate great people already use this for their own political gains in the push their own opinions. Annan's. Brisket go circles. He got in Baghdad on reform now is is trending on Twitter right I'll shocker so tell me how we can and so is our fifteenth. So so it's going to be immediately and these are all trending on Twitter right now the top trends how many times are we going to do this dance. Before so actually gets done. Because I mean this again and ease of what four. Mass shootings so far (%expletive) is this just twenty teen it's that you it's not it's quicker that you amity you think back to last year I think there was more than one a day. When you broke down ending mass shootings describe is is that two or more through working right race happens. Single. Day and look I don't know the answers I'm not so I'm not Smart enough to solve this problem. But there's got beat people out there who are right thing to link what are they doing. It circles circles again and that's it's all of this is that it's a dance all sick and tired of and it's it's. But he ultimately comes down to its corporate and the fact that I saw that headline yeah announcer accident I I've got a feeling there's a lot of people like me who had that reaction. Yeah I mean I have the reaction of again you know here we go again I also because app. My little brother's still in high school and so for me whenever you know when your high school shooting it just makes me sick to my stomach even more so because I have now. You put your round in the perspective of what if this happened to him what happens and I don't and all that and I understand. SO yet I don't know what the fixes by how many times weekly circles and do the stance of each other and and not. Except India have nothing come for the people who lost you know yeah. There is a quote that I do like to think of every time this happens and unfortunately am referencing and far too often recently. And it's a book missed a kind as silly semites is an example the Latin Ottawa's. And every time terrible things are set out when I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news. My mother would say to me. Look for the helpers you'll always find people. War helped. And that's the only saving incidents so true there's sides specifically for this incidents. There is it was the that's the football coach. I didn't. He actually was one he'd he was one of the those that were killed and he died. Shielding students from the shooter from it gives me chills. Yeah absolutely I mean talk about dying here and and and again I'd reference of every time this happens. It's very easy especially in the media focus on. The person who did this rank as we're trying to finance is trying to find out why. And again I don't care you know mode it is Cassini share. I just it's just when it does but it's another dance that we do where where we'd we never really get an answer now we down and it doesn't matter it does it feel like we should just be focusing on here in the situation absolutely so you end of the ones that are. But our help that was an outburst so again when these things happen. That's the homing. The only saving grace to it does is look for them answer it says so on. You know our our hearts are having once again a year ago when he eighteenth race and hate to teach you not a hundred we've got Jessica from an on on the on good morning. Good morning. Name and I completely out. Or could. I. Because we know it I mean this we know we know. And don't you. Like a month they're like it the war I mean what it. It's dry you know I can and everybody. You know to go look at both the media in the opening minutes of fame and that's exactly what I had not yet. I want to let that target and does breed copycats. Means for these people didn't even read it's terrible thing. Awful for him too because she must be inside a dark and terrible place even be capable of doing something like this like. That torture and he is going. Not to defend. And obviously he did is is despicable and an awful but Apollo. My cell and be pushed to get to that all these people clearly needed help a long time ago and and they didn't get it and that's why this stuff keeps on the congress again oh. It's a lot and I think that they want their fifteen minutes of fame I mean you look at America. Our runner they need to remember that hiding it well. It everybody. Needs and then they mean well. Or England and no I mean I Horry there an arm by a media and dot. I think that you know not a one way. Well not yet. I don't think you I don't think even meet the high end that no one. We don't want to get that and work. Right because you know that's what they. All they saw. Or. REI I think it. Happened and why. And that's you know that's not even get our people are so. Hillary. Can not only school. Out where. Mop the morning woke her up our our. It's heartbreaking. Yup now you know and it's like your art dropped a little bit and then you realize that the Airways. Now doing the community like we're here. Or at all again for any anyone I was feeling scared for anyone Leo like you'd drop the kids out today and tell anxiety. I mean statistically. Of that happening at York at school sell low. Solar solar stand in night. We got up on it and part of this like we have to live our lives in the bottom we can't even fear right. I think that that you know that's a part in the there there are rather it. And others there's a lot. A discussion of low what does it terrorist exactly these people are terrorists yeah I don't care at their front in this country or not it doesn't matter they are inciting fear and they're doing things to scare us and you know. They eat the art. Is they base their right there Robert. And that's how they. Art my art are worried that they are that the you end up on eight you need me I'll I'll I'll side of the ball and locked the door. Have. Felt that they are under but not me that they. I mean that the the world that you. I'll tell you they were teaching us that when I was in Ghana for real on wells. All right Jessica thank you checking in at thank you for your perspective we appreciate it.