All Parents Should Charge Rent

Thursday, May 24th

Corey James says the 30 year-old who just had a judge rule to kick him out of his parents house is a perfect example of why all parents should charge their adult kids rent. Do you agree with him?

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Are you all parents. Need to charge red snow and Gloria this so just sweeping generalization that does not play everybody and I quite frankly don't have. Rashean security able bodied person who can work you need to make money union job and you should help. Somehow. Lies and it turned this guy this thirty year olds who is now being evicted from his parents' house where he has refused to leave. It took its goal to root us Supreme Court the State Supreme Court to get this guy to leave his parents house and he's still getting a spot away. I'm not a burden to them in the home they don't provides laundry or food. It's it's really a moot point. For them to seek need to be rejected. No one wants to this is all that's. And that's chromatic lean practices this to them to seek to meet to be ejected them to seek to have me ejected would be right I think. Grammer is the lead in the point as police to discuss problems here's the thing as a millennial who has moved back home I you know I've kind of and kind of the the original ideals that that's that's that's been back yeah. Ends for you like I've been out on my own and then I've moved home and moved back to Rochester from New York City and it's. After living in New York City I gotta tell you it very hard to save money there's no I I came back and I've been living at home. An and very close at my family I do contribute to help got to get groceries that Philip the car OK I decently that. Laundry things like that so I'm helping out. I don't pay rent don't pay rent glory now what does it pay rent I don't. Mile OK it's just a marker research at C willow like what a normal part of the neighborhood. I'm in a month yeah. Can being what ever you can contribute but to contribute something of I got this again this man this dirty old man from near Syracuse. He lived in this parents for eight years he never helped out financially that's a long time and never did shores yes eight. Ears is a very long time yeah I think also though it depends. It depends on why you're looking at homes that give any kind of health issue physical or mental health issue. I you know and you can't contribute in that way and I don't think you should have to not think it depends on on your parents. On how well lock your parents are in my parents' case in fortunate our my family is fortunate to not need. My assistants financially you know is so why and and if they did idol I would. Absolutely can tricky course yet but. It and I don't and I think it's missing the point a little bit with that. That not they need it but I think it it's about fiscal responsibility and if you are still having to pay rent. You were still in the habit of having to do that it again doesn't yeah he doesn't immediate Holland. But something contribute something I naturally. I did well I contribute like ascetic contribute in the form of groceries they're like you know really isn't filling up the cars that parents cars recently things like that. However I will say my parents would much rather me be saving my money this sooner I saved us sooner I'd get out so I. That's really the crux of the argument and parents here it's like. Save and you can get your own place sooner than later. By the way if you limit your parents do you pay rent you can check into two to 9800 medical PX message text line six and AT TO actually I saw this move. It's not apparent block because this is a thing well that a lot of parents talking on again what is brittle nails look at home with a pair it's a lot that it's a large portion. And I love this I love this idea and if it's a situation like with your parents where they don't necessarily need the money to help pay the bills and things like that. This is something you should do so they charge threat to their kid. Lots. They're putting all that money into savings account. And then when they move out they give that money to the child to help them. Kind of restart a way to look at that say about moving costs and things like that what I love this idea and he's the blog I read. They did tell their son or their daughter yeah that's what they were doing it was just. Kind of so the principal of the match exactly how that I guess like well like I'm saying in my situation. Instead of the the going around in circles there though whatever of the you know of that like all. You're paying rent and I really can't bring it into a savings account. My parents are just transparent about it like hey put all of your money in savings the sooner you can get the hell out of its immediate. As aggressive. They want me to be there as long as I want or need to be there and I I'm always welcome. At my home my you know my parents' home. But I Nina did is that instead of wasting money. On that quote unquote rent to live at home with my parents and they don't need my help then and it's just. It would kind of be a waste it's like they'd rather I'd be putting that toward building a future on my own. And I think that you know and set my parents needed if my parents were struggling in the least or. Whatever you know like a situation where they really could use my how absolutely. Absolutely I would be helping. A couple that's why it's kind of the best of both worlds then if it's what I suggested that little trick of an -- little actually given to them once they do move out. It may be let them know that well and beyond that next line is that the parents have to do is we'll Hekerob now Nate yeah they're under a lot. Wanted to be a network without yeah I thought I had my accident happened iPad I. Travis TJ tune ID 800 Vick from lie and his team PX line if you move in when your mommy and daddy paying rant of some sort. True or false who who hit. I end. Un and further loans at birdie. In the media all yeah. You ought to go via phone usually movie work it and welcoming it. And you didn't make it look like CNET taking advantage of every event know thirty know even their own and he's there now apparently there's ridiculous. Rios at all. Right but you have to consider it maybe if somebody is living at home at that. Age you know there may be other factors whether it's physical. Arm you know mental health conditions early. Oh that's okay see specifically talking about just appear currently thirty slushy anchored. April got eighty can work and you can make money then he well should be contributing at least very. Do you contribute in other ways like. I know you do the laundry for the whole family here you make dinner every night at things like that. And you read your parent. Who are grown did you do there. And any landlord to visit I'm gonna cook for the building or Mary Carrillo let me live with you for a little while all right. We got a mama on the line Elliot from Batavia team PX like morning Kelly good morning Kelly do you think that all parents charged rant. At pollute and I haven't I haven't won your. Anyway olive. We data in a couple times is that sitting with me at all I ask in these days any. How old a and he would work around how about sport you don't eat most belong and what not in about why you live under my. Did you ask for this or did he volunteer. Now I was part it was a bit and are into. They won't. Okay. What do you think in response to Whitney's point. By charging rent that it's kind of delaying them moving out because a net not a not they might get out. You're Nam era aren't gonna. All. I put it could soon it's gonna take him longer if they don't have that extra money laying around in savings to get out sooner. No I mean he's paying a lack Paramount been he would in normal rent to build saving money. These opening up this mountain don't have money to do every. He's got to own pirate don't our payment. Now are you gonna are eager are you to pull this move this is something that I read and it was a situation where the money isn't nest this necessarily needed. But again it's more about teaching fiscal responsibility. Scrolling that away putting into its own account and then removes out giving and the money is that your plan. Now this is how. In at about 00. Well if he's listening start to get its oats up.