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Debbins...What kind of name is that? Yeah, that’s not my first name, that’s my last name. My first name is a secret…okay it’s Chris (dang it, I was never good at keeping secrets).

Despite using my parent’s money to get a college education at Brockport, I decided to go into radio and throw it all away. I wear free T-shirts to work and shoes are optional (management would disagree, but whatever).

It’s only a matter of time before I get fired. If you want to listen along and hear whatever it is I say that finally gets me fired and/or arrested, I’m on the radio 3pm-7pm on 98PXY.

I give things away a lot on the air, and I have a beard, so I’m basically Santa Claus.

Here’s a really inspirational quote that I like to live my life by…
“I do my best work hungover” - Abraham Lincoln

(**Abraham Lincoln never said that – The 98PXY Legal Team)

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