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Hey, it’s your girl, Breezy! Yes, like the wind. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that joke, I would basically be Bill Gates. You may know me as “Former Intern Breezy,” or “Current Hot Mess, Breezy,” on #TeamPXY, which both still stand to be true, BTW. 

I’m a lake loving, popcorn eating, nightgown wearing, CrossFit junkie from Canandaigua who is always down to party and have a good time.  Which works out great because we can party together EVERY night from 7pm to 12am and EVERY weekend (Saturdays 6pm to 10pm & Sundays 4pm to 8pm) via air waves on 98PXY.  Some may describe me as sarcastic, bubbly, and, dramatic at times…okay, all the time. I tend to make up my own words and catch phrases better known as “Breeze-isms.” My life motto is: Always late, but worth the wait. 

When I’m not on the radio or running late to something, you can more than likely find me at brunch, binging trashy reality TV shows, or trying to get my life that order.