Hellllooooo friends. My name is CK (Chris Konya), and I’m the voice you hear every weeknight. I love talking about how “a new survey says…” and “the top things that…” I also love to lie and tell you that I’m friends with every artist that we play on the radio! I’m sarcastic and sometimes abrasive,... Read More

Corey James

Ginger and proud, despite the fact I've been told I look like Howdy Doody and Ralph Malph from Happy Days. SUNY Brockport alum. I absolutely adore my family, and my parents are my life role models. DJing is my side hustle and yes, I will play your wedding, but only if you promise I don't have to... Read More


Debbins...What kind of name is that? Yeah, that’s not my first name, that’s my last name. My first name is a secret…okay it’s Chris (dang it, I was never good at keeping secrets). Despite using my parent’s money to get a college education at Brockport, I decided to go into radio and throw it all... Read More

Whitney Young

Hi! I’m Whitney . You probably know me from my two-second appearance on an MTV commercial in 2004. I was named, in part, after Whitney Houston and share a birthday with Madonna, so a career in music and radio was written in the stars. My greatest passion in life is talking, and I get to do it for a... Read More