Free Packaging at local UPS stores!

To aid in the relief efforts for Houston and Florida!

Participating UPS Store locations in Rochester are offering free packaging for items going to aid in the relief efforts for Houston from Hurricane Harvey and Florida that is about to get hit by Hurricane Irma. There is still a charge for shipping but they will be providing free boxes and packaging (bubble-wrap, peanuts, etc.) for any items going toward the relief aid. They are not putting any restrictions or limits on the items that will be packed up, so long as they follow standard UPS rules (no firearms, alcohol, etc). Most relief groups are asking for donations of food but we do recommend you reach out to a charity prior to shipping to find out what they are in need of. This program will be in place until the situation in Houston and Florida improves significantly.

The locations are

2604 Elmwood Ave. Brighton

620 Park Ave. Downtown

3349 Monroe Ave. in Pittsford

2117 Buffalo Rd. in Gates

6558 4th Section Rd. in Brockport